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"Please read carefully before using!"

Cansema Salve used on a 6 year old Nova Scotia Duck Toller with advanced squamous cell oral cancer Originally Cansema was used almost exclusively for the removal of skin cancers in humans. This use was based on the readily confirmable fact that it works for skin cancers in better than 98% of all cases. Over time, based on successes reported from clinicians and end users for cases other than skin cancer, the number and types of applications for its effective use has been greatly extended - (though with a success ratio that varies and is generally lower than with skin cancer -- and in the case of advanced internal cases with significant metastatis, substantially so). A wide variety of successful reports have come to our attention in the veterinarian area - though the veterinary testimonial section is still quite small relative to the pages devoted to human use. The animals which have received the most attention are domestic cats, dogs; and horses. This page provides veterinary guidelines for the use of these products.


--- (1) CANSEMA SALVE ---

The application of Cansema Salve to animals is fairly straight-forward and the same User Instructions would apply. The same cannot be said of the internal versions: Cansema Capsules, Cansema Tonic I, and Cansema Tonic III, so please read the dosage information below carefully.


Cansema Capsules The standard human dosage for Cansema Capsules, printed clearly on the label, is two capsules, twice daily -- a total of four capsules per day. This is a recommended "baseline" dosage. Many people with advanced cancers will take nine or more capsules per day, knowing that the body will let them know if they're overdoing it - (i.e. general nausea will set in, even when capsules are taken with meals, accompanied by excessive fatique... the symptoms go away when dosage is cut back to a manageable level. We do not, by the way, recommend that you exceed the "baseline" dosage unless you are under the care of a naturopath).
Most animals will use far less because of smaller body weight. To create uniformity in dosage, we are recommending that 160 lbs. (72.5 kg.) be used a baseline with animals for our standardization of dosage.
Prorating from there, and taking into account that a single double-O Cansema Capsule is 750 mg., the following values would be produced for smaller animals (usually our pets: cats and dogs):

Cansema Capsule Dosage for Cats & Dogs
If Animal Body Weight if ... Then Daily Dosage Is...
5 - 10 lbs. (2.2 to 4.5 kg.) 1/4 Capsule (about 180 mg.)
20 lbs. (9 kg.) 1/2 Capsule (about 360 mg.)
40 lbs. (18 kg.) 1 Capsule (750 mg.)
80 lbs. (36 kg.) 2 Capsules (1500 mg.)
120 lbs. (54 kg.) 3 Capsules (2250 mg.)
Over 120 lbs Email us.
Horses: The use of Cansema Capsules with horses (and this is true as well for our other internal products) is limited. We have had users reporting pouring the contents of 15 to 20 capsules into their feed and seeing success, but our opinion is that the number of cases is too limited to draw useful, reliable dosage recommendations at this time. We invite veterinarians and end users to provide input. The same recommendations should apply with horses as with smaller animals: make sure the animal is taking Cansema with a meal; be sensitive to any sign of nausea (i.e. signs of stomachic sickness, vomiting, etc.)

--- (3) CANSEMA TONICS ---

There are two versions of Cansema Tonic -- the original version (Cansema Tonic I) and Cansema Tonic III. The usage instructions for both are quite different.
Cansema Tonic I: Unlike Cansema Tonic III, this product contains alcohol, so you should consult your vet prior to usage to ensure that there is no problem taking the product OR simply "flash it off" in hot water prior to administration. Using one Tablespoon (or 3 tsp., roughly 15 ml.), as our baseline, we have calculated that you are safe by giving your animal 3 drops of Tonic I for every pound of body weight, or roughly 6 drops per kilogram - daily.
Keep in mind that you may break this up to ensure that you can safely hide the product in their food. So, for a 10-pound cat, you would give your animal 30 drops daily; however, this could be 10 drops, three times daily, or 15 drops, twice a day. As long as the aggregate daily dosage is the original 30 drops per day.
The daily human dosage for Cansema is about one teaspoon (5 ml.), so an equivalent dosage for pets would be one drop per daily of Tonic III per pound of body weight, or roughly one-third the dosage level of Tonic I.


There isn't one. If there were, we would drop the other products and stick to just one winner.
We have testimonial letters where the pet owner swore by Cansema Capsules, and other letters where the owner indicated that Cansema Tonic I was the better product. This should surprise no one remotely familiar with pharmacology, or the narrower field to which we devote our attention: phytopharmacology. Any PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) contains many alternative medications, so that if one does not work, the physician has therapeutic choices for his particular patient's need. The same goes for supplement products, such as Cansema.
Based on our most recent information, we are recommending Cansema Capsules or Tonic I first -- and then we are shipping Cansema Tonic III free of charge (except for the small shipping or mailing charge) if, for whatever reason, the original product fails to provide the intended result.

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