Cansema Salve - Deep Tissue Cansema Salve - Deep Tissue

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Introductory Note: This version of Cansema is sold only in the large "clinical-sized" jar (102 g. net). It contains half the potency of Original Cansema®. Please read below for particulars.

This product (introduced September, 2009) was created for those who want a less aggressive formula than the Original Cansema® formula. It contains roughly 50% of the Original formula with fresh aloe vera gel to assist in the healing process. (The balance of the formula is primarily 18% calcium carbonate -- an inert base that works to provide proper consistency.)
For years we had been advising customers that if they found Cansema® too aggressive to go ahead and dilute with 50% aloe vera gel (available at most health food stores). This formula provides the user with a trade-off. It costs less than half the comparable size of Original Cansema®, but then (1) you need to apply it more often to get the desired effect, and (2) you'll have less pain response because you are extending the timeline of the escharotic process.
Whereas the use of Original Cansema® brings about the initiation of an eschar formation when applied to a cancer . . . with one -- sometimes two -- applications, users should expect that they may need to apply this product a half dozen times or more over several days to accomplish the same thing. Additionally, the stages between eschar formation, drying out and contraction, ejection, and decavitation, will be extended, as well. Again -- the entire timeline of the escharotic process is being extended to minimize the pain response. (The stage between decavitation and "heal over" should, however, be roughly the same).
If you have any questions about this product, please email us with your queries or concerns prior to purchase.

Ingredients: Wild-crafted aloe vera (gel), calcium carbonate, zinc chloride (ZnCl2), chapparal (Larrea mexicata leaf [contains active principle: NDGA (nordihydrogauaretic acid, 17% by weight)]), glycerine (used as a humectant, to keep the product moist), graviola leaf extract (distilled water, Annona muricata), oleander leaf extract (distilled water, Nerium oleander), sanguinaria root powder (Sanguinaria canadensis), and methylcellulose.

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Which To Choose?
We realize that this is the fifth Cansema version to be introduced, since we began selling escharotic preparations to the public in 1990.
That some users -- and perhaps even practitioners -- may be confused by the choices, is understandable. Below we provide here a quick summation, in brief, of the versions now available, their functions and differences, and links to more detailed product pages:
( 1 ) Cansema® Black Topical Salve (Original) -- This is the original Cansema® formula -- with trademarks prior to 1995 including HerbVeil 8 and Formula G. For the vast majority of skin cancers, particularly of smaller size (less than one square centimeter), this is the product to use.
( 2 ) Cansema® Salve Deep Tissue -- Growths that are not on the surface of the skin or are deeper -- or whose entirety is below the epidermis, should be treated with this compound.
( 3 ) Cansema® With Iodine -- The variation provides a deeper action than the original version with the added anti-microbial action of iodine, but not as deep as "Deep Tissue." It should be used where the ambient environment of the eschar may be subjected to a higher-than-usual presence of pathogenic microbes. A good example would be an eschar on a waste disposal worker at a community hospital.
( 4 ) Cansema® Salve for Cats, Dogs & Horses -- This is a variation for veterinary use. It is a variation of "Deep Tissue."
( 5 ) Cansema® Salve with Nuwais -- This variation (also introduced Sept. 2009) is designed for use with oral cancers.
( 6 ) Cansema® Salve with Aloe Vera Gel -- And, finally, this variation -- best suited for larger growths, instances where pain management is an issue, or where the user wishes to otherwise extend the timeline of the process.
A complete list of ingredients, along with more detailed information, can be found in the answer to Question #200 in the Cansema FAQ section.