Cansema Salve - Deep Tissue Cansema Salve - Deep Tissue

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August, 2008 Update: All original versions of Cansema® are now available online. This Deep Tissue variation now comes in both the original 22 g. (net weight) container and a larger 102 g. (3.59 oz.) jar -- both available in our store. The ingredient declaration for this product, along with the questions to many other questions about Cansema® is available in Cansema's FAQ section.

This product is virtually identical to our standard product (Cansema Black Topical Salve), except for the addition of emu oil and pharmaceutical-grade DMSO (USP), the later added at 15%. This product is the result of two years of experimentation to increase the transdermal properties of our regular Cansema for applications where greater depth through the dermal layers is either desireable or necessary. The use of transdermal agents is not at all new... Compound pharmacists regularly combine DMSO with various drugs to either create a better penetrating topical ointment or to allow a particular drug to penetrate through the skin where other methods of delivery are not desired (via oral, IM, or IV).
Although there is only a $1 (USD) difference in price between this and the regular Cansema Black Salve product, we do not wish to infer that this product is necessarily better. Not all applications require deeper penetration. Growths which are on or near any layers of the epidermis (stratum corneum to stratum germinativum) or dermis (down to the reticular dermis) should still be treated with the regular Cansema product; growths which are found in the hypodermis or underlying tissue will probably require the enhanced transdermal character of this product to produce favorable results.
All other information, including User Instructions and the bulk of material in the Cansema FAQ pages will still apply.
Given the newness of this product and its incomparable capabilities with anything else on the world market with which we are now aware, we invite any inquiries from any of our practitioners or end users.

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Requiring Depth

We encourage our users to continue to purchase the original Cansema Black Topical Salve, which is slightly cheaper, for most skin cancer applications.
This product was created for cases where penetration became a real barrier to the successful completion of Cansema use. Also, there are certain areas of the body - in the palm, ball of the foot, etc., where the epidermis is thicker. This formula will work better for those deeper cases.
Another area that has presented problems is on the veterinarian side. We have had cases involving cats, dogs, and horses, where repeated applications of the regular Cansema were required to remove a cancer growth. No one should have to try that hard. With Deep Tissue the usual dosage (one to three applications) should be sufficient to get the job done.