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Ecomed Electronic Normalizer The idea of a swallowing a metal pill that generates low voltage electromagnetic emissions as it travels the length of the GI tract sounds almost "sci-fi" to most people in the West - but it most simply describes the function of a new breed of "Russian Zappers" now entering the market.
The emerging role of 'electronic medicine' on the forefront of health care is not lost on anyone, as we point out in our introduction to this product in the August, 2002 issue of the Ashwin (our monthly ezine).
However, as we point out repeatedly on this site, legal and political impediments, driven almost entirely on the perceived market threats by the entrenched Medical Industrial Complex serve to block a timely, rigorous development of 'competing' technologies in the West. And this is particularly true of electronic medicine - which will, in time, compete against powerful pharmaceutical interests. (The most celebrated case in North America is probably that of persecuted cancer researcher, Royal R. Rife, whose therapeutic technique for killing cancer cells - discovered in 1933 - was totally suppressed by a full court press executed by government regulatories in the U.S.).

Russian scientists and manufacturers face no such politically-motivated resistance.

Background on Our Involvement
(as reported in the 8/02 Ashwin)

Ecomed Electronic Normalizer Our interest was peaked with the discovery of an internet distributor in Dublin, Ireland - which was reselling one imported version of the device for $99.95 - catering mostly to U.K. and U.S. consumers with previous knowledge of area of 'electronic medicine.' So we purchased a half dozen units and began experimenting on our own. Very early in our investigations we noticed the appearance of small orange stones and other unidentified debris appearing in the stool of test subjects. One astute practitioner in Ohio (USA) reported back to us that these stones were nothing like the soft, green stones from the liver and gallbladder which result from a liver flush - and, in fact, he hypothesized that these stones were most likely dropped from the pancreas. Moreover, even in those subjects who included worm-killing vermifuges in their supplemental diet and were models of good health, there was evidence that the zappers were expelling parasites.

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This lead us to deal directly with research firms in Moscow and Tomsk (both in modern-day Russia) which appeared to be on the cutting edge of this area of 'energy medicine.' . . . Much to our surprise, not only did the researchers interviewed have a full grasp of the medical potential for their devices, but in the case of one manufacturer, Ecomed - the components of the technology were found to be covered by a potpourri of worldwide patents (in 16 countries in Europe, Asia and the U.S. (PCT/RU 96/00023); the device itself was "registered" by the respective Ministries of Health in 10 countries as well as by the U.S. FDA (No. A920518), and extensive clinical testing has been conducted to validate a variety of specific medical applications. It was also apparent, both in dialogue with Russian researchers and in examination of some of their promotional literature that they understood the power of their technology to upset many phamaceutically-based therapies.

Ecomed Electronic Normalizers have been clinically tested and proven to:

   1. Glycemia 1.4 times   10. IgE 1.9 - 4 times
   2. Glycosuria 4.9 times   11. IgA 1.2 times
   3. Testosterone 2.4 times   12. Estrogens 7 times
   4. Cholesterol 1.9 times   13. Triglycerides content 2 times
   5. Intensity of allergic inflammations   14. Tonus of sympathetic nervous system
   6. Antineoplastic activity of phagocytes   15. Juice acidity 1.6 times
   7. Contractile ability of gallbladder 1.2 times   16. Lipoproteins of low density content 1.6 times AT THE 
   8. Stability of affective-emotional sphere   17. Lipoproteins of high density content 2.5 times
   9. Prolong remission, to relieve intensity and frequency of asthma   18. Cure constipation in 93.9% cases
  19. Work capacity 1,5 times
increase       decrease
Prepared by:

Professor G.A. Pokrovsky
----- Deputy Director, State Scientific Center for Coloproctology
A.P. Tupikova -- ("Candidate of Medical Sciences")
L.F. Pokmarenkova -- ("Candidate of Medical Sciences")

Complete Information
----- Protocols, recommendations, contraindications -----

We have been working with Russian authorities to have Ecomed's recommendations for product use translated from the Russian. The results still need some refinement, as of this writing, but the work is quite readable and lucid, even in its present state.
It should be pointed out that this work is still "in progress," and more material on the Ecomed Electronic Normalizer will be published as we continue our work.
Since the Ecomed unit is available for sale on our web site, we should point out that Alpha Omega Labs' staffers have used the product, as has dozens of close associates - all with positive results - we do not make any medical claims ourselves on this site, but are making the unit available for research purposes.

Our observations and additional comments:
  1. Reuseable? - Since the Ecomed unit (and similar devices sold in Russia) will operate continually in the 2.2 to 4.4 volt range for as long as 150 hours, there are reports that people are simply wishing the units with hydrogen peroxide after expelling them and then reusing (i.e. re-swallowing) them. Because of the hygienic implications, we cannot possibly condone such a thing, and, in fact, the manufacturer does not encourage this practice.
  2. What Can I Expect? - This is the question most people have been asking prior to trying the unit. In chronological order: you first swallow the 'zapper' with a glass of water or juice, much as you would any capsule. The unit is about the length of a normal 'double-o' capsule, but it is decidedly thicker (dimensions: 11 mm x 22 mm, weighing up to 5.5 g.). As it travels through the body, you will have 'feel' the vibrations inside you, but not all the time. Everyone has a different experience, based, in part, on where there is "atony."
    This concept -- atony -- is something you hear repeatedly in Russian medicine, but it is almost completely ignored in the West. Briefly stated, Russians believe that the internal muscles of the body, even those lining the GI tract, must be exercised and toned for the body to function optimally. We accept in the West the need to exercise and tone the muscles of our extremities and torso - our empire of gyms and workout centers is a testament to this. We accept as obvious that the muscles that govern external mobility functions must be exercised and maintained, but somehow this line of thinking has been lost when it comes to internal muscles and organs of the body: but not to Russians. The concept of 'atony' is woven into the fabric of Russian thinking on optimal health care.
    This having been said, you will 'feel' energetic charges in areas of 'atony' or weakness. One staffer went on for two hours where his right leg just kept pulsing and 'jumping.' There are as many different reports of body sensations as there are people who use the device. It should be reported that none of these sensations has been reported as painful. There was a general sense among users that 'something good is happening.'
    If you are a person with a healthy colon (and if you are not, shame on you -- you haven't been doing your Liver / Colon Cleansing), then the unit will come out in roughly 18 hours - the approximate transit time for foodstuffs travelling through the GI tract.
    Some people have reported longer transit times - some as long as 3 days. In those individuals, larger than normal bowel movements have been reported. Some users report signs of parasites in their stool, others stones (quite common), and reports of larger than normal bowel movements are equally common. Reports of feeling 'energized' and more aware subjectively are also common.
  3. Can it get stuck? If it does, please let us know -- because it will be a first. Although transit times will vary from person to person - (as stated above, people with healthy colons will see a faster transit time, generally) - the unit always comes out - sooner or later. Always. If you do not see the unit come out in your stool, then you missed it. And that's perfectly okay .... far be it from us to recommend that our customers go hunting through their spool to spot the latest zapper expulsion.
    Although we continually beg our customers to submit their pictorial testimonials in conjunction with our topical, medicinal ointments, do not expect to receive such a request in conjunction with this product.
  4. How often do you repeat? We recommending taking the Ecomed unit at least three times, back to back. This does not mean having more than one unit in your body at the same time. It means taking a new unit as soon as the current unit is expelled. After that, we recommend repeating the cycle at least once every six months.

To U.S. Users: This device has been 'certified' but is not 'approved' by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; nor should it be viewed as a substitute for the timely examination and diagnosis of any specific ailment by a qualified, licensed health care professional.

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