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Emag machine
Experimental Plasma Frequency Generator:
An Introduction | Operator's Manual

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FINALLY, a Rife-type device that allows the user to select between a large electric OR magnetic field -- all from the same control panel.

For years we have monitored the electronic medicine field, including the many devices that claim to be descendants of Royal R. Rife's work, inspired, as were many thousands in the alternative health care community, with the now famous monograph by Barry Lynes. (If you are unfamiliar with Rife and his work, please read our Rife Primer).
We have, along the way, encountered scores of devices, the vast majority of them using VHF frequencies for healing purposes expounded by Rife protege, John Crain.1
Energy Wellness device - click to enlarge The quest has been marked by repeated disappointments, both by developers and promoters all too eager to make claims that, at best, are clearly exaggerated on the one hand -- and food and drug officials (particularly in the U.S. and Canada) on the other who have no problem throwing out the baby with the bath water. Some have been closed down by federal agencies, and quite deservedly. But others, in a tradition of travesty that extends back to Royal Rife himself, have been ill-treated simply because the dominant governments in North America have declared war on an entire applied discipline in the healing arts -- at the behest of their large corporate clients who could lose billions if technologies already fully developed, and successfully tested clinically, were brought to market.
These are dangerous times to be seekers of Truth . . .
Last April (2003), serendipity intervened and we encountered an electronic engineer in the U.S. who had been researching Rife technologies for many years. We discovered that he had put together a prototype of a new machine based on pulsed electric field and oscillating magnetic field studies ironically published by, of all sources, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration! 2, 3
What was far more astonishing, however, were the sheer number and gravity of the testimonials that the prototype had managed to garner within just a few months of testing. For legal and political reasons, we cannot, at this juncture, publish these reports. (A separate "user group" site is being developed that will be used so that end users and practitioners can share experiences.)
What is important at this point in our introduction is to share what makes Emag+ so different from competing technologies and products:
  1. E-Field Power -- The Emag+ delivers one of the largest E-fields of any device available. The standard Alpha Lab Tri-Field meter measures 100KV per meter at 1,000 Hz positioned 5 feet from our double bubble 6 torr helium tube. Any comparative measurements should be made with an identical meter and at 1,000 Hz. Given the law of squares we can estimate the power at the surface of the tube to be around 100 million volts per square meter.
  2. Magnetic Field Power -- The Emag+ delivers 100 milligauss at 1,000 Hz positioned 12 inches from the magnetic coil. Magnetic readings vary at different positions around the coil.
  3. Selectable Field Combinations -- A three color LED allows the user to see whether you have chosen E-field only, Magnetic field only, synchronized in phase transmission of both E-field and and magnetic field. The toggle mode is speed adjustable and controlled by the pulse rate oscillator. These combinations provide a myriad of testing alternatives for the experimenter.
  4. Frequency Bounce -- The Emag+ includes a unique feature that allows selection of what we call "Bounce." Rather than driving at the standard selected frequency, the "bounce" selection will blast multiple frequencies surrounding the basic selection. This feature is very valuable when going after microorganisms whose projected resonant frequency may have mutated to a slightly different size.
  5. Pulse Rate Control -- The basic frequency can be pulsed "off" and "on" from a selectable frequency varying from approximately 0.5 Hz. to 100 Hz. The pulse mode can be switched "off" for frequency measurements or for low frequencies below 20 Hz. where continuous operation may be preferred.
  6. Duty Cycle -- The Emag+ automatically adjusts incoming sine or square waves to a powerful 90/10 duty cycle. Very few devices offer this feature without requiring manual adjustment for each new frequency. Not only is this pulse width achieved with automatic phase lock loop tracking, the 90/10 duty cycle maximizes power to the tube and produces a strong source of upper harmonics. Testing has shown subject sensitivity at both the 3rd harmonic and 3rd sub-harmonic. The 90/10 duty cycle is also responsible for the generation of very narrow pulses, which the literature indicates, is an important part in the deactivation of microorganisms.
  7. Optional Back Plate Jack -- If required, a grounded back plate can be attached to the Emag+ to compress the e-field intensity around a test subject.
  8. Frequency Source -- The Emag+ comes standard with a frequency stable MP3 CD player with standard and optional CD frequency selections. Most CD frequency sources do not offer the stability found for all frequencies in the Emag+. Expensive signal sources can also be easily interfaced into the Emag+.
  9. Input Power -- The Emag+ will run from both domestic (110 V 60 Hz) and foreign (220 V 50 Hz) without modification except selection of the actual wall plug itself.
  10. Cooling System -- The Emag+ uses both an intake and exit fan for cooling, however care should be taken to provide free circulation to the top and back of the unit.
  11. Tube / Coil Assembly -- The Emag+ uses a particularly ergonomic tube and coil holder that allows a test subject to easily place the assembly on any portion of the body or position next to plant or microscope research.
  12. Anecdotal Testing -- Remarkable anecdotal test results have been reported in many categories.
For more information, please read the Emag+ Operator's Manual.

1 - John Crain -- One is almost tempted to say "alleged protege," because one of the greatest anomolies of Rife's life is that he could have been surrounded by assistants and admirers who were quite familiar with his work, and yet no one, following his death, was able to duplicate exactly what he did.
2 - See U.S. Food & Drug Administration document, entitled Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies Pulsed Electric Fields.
3 - See U.S. Food & Drug Administration document, entitled Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies Oscillating Magnetic Fields.

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To U.S. Users: This product has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, nor has any of the contents of this page. This product is, therefore, not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This device was first introduced in our June, 2003 issue of the Ashwin.

Display of Emag components
Emag Components
Click on the photo above to see an enlargement of the components that comprise the Emag+ system. Each is detailed below.

Emag's 'Main Box' - right side of front panel
The 'Main Box'
This is the heart and brains of the Emag+ system. It converts the digitized sound from the CD player into electrical and magnetic wave components (which are transmitted from the helium tube and bottom half of the mini-tube stand, respectively). The photo above shows the right side of the Main Box (click to enlarge); the bottom photo, the left side. Also, see Control Panel Descriptions for a pictorial overview of what the controls do.

Emag's 'Main Box' - left side of front panel

* * * * *
Double Bubble Helium Tube
Helium Tube
The Emag+ provides for separation between E and M fields. The double bubble helium tube acts as the medium for delivering Emag's E-field component.

Memorex MP3 Player
CD Player
The world is now awash with cheap MP3 players. We know. We've experimented with a good many of them. We chose this particular model of player because it showed good stability with all frequencies used in the Experimental Emag+ Frequency Set. Most units did not. [Click to enlarge.]

CD Holder
12 CD's & CD Holder
The Emag+ comes with 12 CD's and an attractive CD Holder. The Experimental Frequency Set CD's are clearly labelled: (1) Fungus/Mold, (2) Cancer, (3) Candida, (4) Cold Flu, (5) Fibromyalgia, (6) Food Poisoning, (7) General Wellness, (8) Muscles/Pain, (9) Mycoplasma, (10) Parasites, (11) Sinus, and (12) Staph/Strep. Each CD contains 5 to 23 distinct frequencies, which we very clearly delineate. [Note disclaimers made in these of these disclosures. Our representations to the public are always framed as "experimental," and purchasers will be required to Disclaimer Statement.]

Emag system