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ombucha is one of the medical marvels of the last millenium. It has proven to be effective in accelerating the healing of cuts, bruises, and burns; raising the body's T-cell counts; relieving inflammation, particularly for arthritic sufferers. Because Kombucha is a powerful sequestering agent of heavy metals and environmental toxins, it works wonders for improving many conditions for which these foreign agents act in either a pathogenetic capacity (i.e. they create diseased states), or as a pathogenic contributor.
Kombucha is also a microbial predator. Once you drink Kombucha tea, you unleash into the bloodstream millions of Kombucha organisms (these include bacterium xylinum, bacterium xylinoides, acetobacter aceti subsp. xylinum comb. nov., bacterium gluconicum, etc.) These organisms literary attack and devour such human pathogenic beasts as candida (yeast), viruses that contribute to arthritis, herpes virus, etc. Kombucha is used extensively within the Russian health care system to cure or relief many chronic and/or degenerative conditions. These include chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, sleep disorders, general dermatitis, most yeast infections, ulcers, and general stress. Many subclinical conditions are greatly aided by Kombucha as well. Users report improvement, sometimes dramatic, in clarity of thought, better memory, increased vitality, etc.

General Instructions

Good Kombucha, even ours, has the taste of apple cider, but the smell of vinegar. It's strong smelling and acidic. To make it a pleasant experience, the best technique is drink the tea quickly without smelling it. Then follow it up with a glass of water. The water not only helps gets rid of the "sense of smell," but is a good idea anyways: Kombucha stirs up and gets rid of a lot of toxins. Water helps flush these by-products out of the body. How Much Should I Take? About 2 fl. oz. should be taken in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach) for general health maintenance. For certain applications, however, the more taken the better. Arthritis sufferers, for instance, are advised to take 8 fl. oz. per day for 60 days, followed by 2 fl. oz. per day.
Why We Sell the Smaller Bottle: Some people use Kombucha to accelerate the healing of cuts and bruises, as you'll read in articles below. For this application, you only need to apply the product topically with a Q-tip or swab. Our 8 fl. oz. bottle works fine for these small, topical applications.

Our Kombucha Articles

The articles below are designed to cover the many facets of Kombucha tea. Despite the extensiveness of the material herein, if you have any questions, be sure to email our technical staff. Also, you should know that there is an extensive amount of literature available on the market which substantiate the claims made herein. These books are listed to the right of this column and are available from either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com. (The images at right are small thumbnails which link to large 600-pixel wide pictures of the respective paperbook editions of these works.) Since we have abstracted from these works, and so many other sources, in the articles below you might find these purchases unnecessary. But, if you want them, they're easy to purchase.

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In the Mainstream

THE BOOK OF KOMBUCHA by Beth Ann Petro, M.A.

 TO SAFETY MAKE AND USE KOMBUCHA by Betsy Pryor & Sanford Holst

 by Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac.

 by Diane Minden

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