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With so many "electronic medicine" devices flooding the market -- (particularly 'Rife machine'-type products from the U.S., which seem to promise everything under the sun, despite being made and sold in the most bureaucratic and rigidly anti-alternative health care police force on earth) -- it is important to differentiate this uniquely Russian invention from the current pack -- (not that we are the only internet concern marketing this device -- we are not.
The information we have on Prologue is so extensive, that a separate Operator's Manual is viewable from this site, explaining the function of the Prologue at considerable length. Interested readers should consult the this Manual, and if further questions arise, address these via email.

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Recent Testimonials
As I recall, it was sometime in my late 60's that I started having pains in my legs. I attributed the pain to my aging and accepted it. As I reached 70, the pain had steadily increased and reached the point that I would wake up at night and message my legs for relief.
I took a trip to visit my son and his family and told him about my leg pains. He recommended that I see a naturopathic doctor (who is an Alpha Omega customer) and made an appointment for me. The doctor administered two treatments in one day on both my legs using "The Prologue" apparatus.
I was amazed.
After the first visit the pain diminished to almost nothing. After the second visit, I had no leg pains at all. I couldn't believe that it was that simple. For the first time in years my legs were pain free. I purchased a Prologue unit of my own which I now use about every three to four days. The pain very slowly returns over that period.
I am grateful to have found the Prologue and for giving me pain relief which I never thought possible.

Los Angeles, California
Postmarked May 27, 2003

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To U.S. Users: The Prologue has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, nor has any of the contents of this page or the accompanying Operator's Manual. This product is therefore not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How The Prologue
Is Used in Russia

Just a few of the common clinical uses for the Prologue in its native Russia, where it has full government approval, include:
  • pain reduction (and often complete elimination), often on connection with arthritis, bursitis, muscle pain, etc.
  • insomnia -- or otherwise treat sleep disorders
  • improvement of blood and lymph circulation
  • depression -- improve and stabilize mood
  • stimulation of the immune system
  • regulation of appetite
  • and use of the probe to increase transdermal penetration of pharmacological agents.
Physician Testimonials in Russia: We travelled to Russia (Jan., 2003) to discuss clinical results of the use of Prologue with physicians. Two informal videos, both taped in Moscow, came out of these discussions, the first involving a general practitioner specializing in electronic medicine (30 years experience). [View this interview in Part I and Part II]. The second involved an interview with Prologue developer, Dr. Dashko (M.D.). Note that these videos are non-rehearsed, informal, and involve translation dialogue between the doctors, who are speaking in Russian, and the best extemporaneous comments of the translator in English.