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"Skin cancer," though successfully treated nearly 100% of the time with escharotics such as Cansema, are quite varied as to type, etiology and development.
Physical structure: Skin cancers manifest as a small ulcer, pimple, or mole.
Color: They can be red, brown, black, or white in color, largely depending on type.
Invasiveness: They can be localized, or they can spread into blood vessels, lymph glands, and connecting ducts, metastasizing to other organs of the body.

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Skin cancer is one of the easiest conditions to treat with alternative methods. Nonetheless, it should not be taken lightly: in the case of melanoma, the growth or "neoplasm" can quickly metastasize and invade vital organs. Read our section on Cansema, our black, topical salve for treating skin cancers, regardless of type. For skin cancers larger than 1/2" diameter it is recommended to use our anti-tumor device. For those who might have thought they had cancer, but were told by their physician that their "mole" was benign, see our section on Bloodroot Paste for non-cancerous moles and warts.
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