"Perhaps the greatest immune-enhancing supplement known to man." (Dr. R.McCraw)

Beta 1,3-d Glucan

Code 560 -- Beta 1,3-d Glucan - 60 x 200 mg. - $14.95

(Each capsule contains 200 mg. Beta 1,3-d Glucan / Immuno Adjuvant Lysate blend,
with 3 mg. pure Beta 1,3-d Glucan, 7.5 mg. organic zinc, and 100 mcg. organic selenomethionine)

Code 561 -- Beta 1,3-d Glucan Plus - 60 x 500 mg. - $39.95

(Each capsule contains 500 mg. of pure beta glucan -- making it one of the best bargains for beta glucan to be found anywhere on the internet.)

[Price Change Notification: The price of beta glucan from raw material suppliers has gone up over the last 60 days ... please note increase.]


Beta Glucan - 60 Capsules Beta 1,3-D Glucan (normally abridged to "beta glucan" for convenience) is a powerful immune booster. Derived from cell walls of yeast (Saccromyces cerevasiae), it triggers an immune response in the body, creating a system of defense against a broad range of pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasitic and neoplastic invaders).

How It Works
Beta Glucan activates immune cells called "macrophages" - responsible for finding and trapping foreign or invasive agents that threaten the body. When activated, these cells initiate a chain of events that cause the body as a whole to be alerted and mobilized. In this heightened state of alert, the immune system is better prepared to repair damaged tissue, help other substances such as antibiotics, anti-fungals, and anti-parasitics. In this state, the macrophages are also better able to recognize and destroy mutated cells. This is an important supplement for those with degenerative diseases, such as cancer, because the disease itself suppresses the immune system. Beta Glucan helps to reverse this.

Why We Carry It
Many of Alpha Omega's formulas, particularly Cansema, particularly in its internal versions, and the CanSupport formulas work in conjunction with the immune system. So immune boosting adjunctives can actually make our key products work better.
Secondly, in some countries, such as Japan, Beta Glucan is already being used clinically as a distinct cancer therapy. Given the focus of our work, it would be inconsistent with our policy of bringing the best cancer support products from around the world to our customers if we were to overlook this important supplement.

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To U.S. Users: Beta 1,3-D Glucan has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.