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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal version - Amazon Tonic III), which carry both human and veterinary applications. See also animal use) and related products. The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs in 2017. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years.
As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

Case #012217: Cansema® & Skin Cancer

[Editor's note: This testimonial starts off with comments about HerbVeil 8 -- a variation of Cansema® that we made during our collaboration with Richard Ross and Lenex Laboratories in the early 90's. This is discussed in Chapter 3, Section 1 of Meditopia.]
In the '90's I found HerbVeil 8 in the Bahamas and then allowed to buy in Jacksonville, FL. It worked. It was scary. My nose especially. My mother went every 6 weeks to a dermatologist from age 45 to age 90. She joined my regimen when she was 70 and never needed another thing treated by the dermatologist. We found a dermatologist who accepted my plan. I felt a twinge between my eye brows that went towards an eye socket. I treated and fixed it. Used it as biopsy, so never knew what, but thereafter NO melanoma biopsy ever. She never saw the issues in the creases on the sides of my nose. My face was ugly at times and the working product was hard to look at. I didn't experience pain. It left minor scars, and they look much better than the ones left by the dermatologist.
As you know at some point the product disappeared and I read all the negative nonsense used against it. I begged them to help me get more, but it was too late. Now I have Medicare and they pay my dermatologist a fortune, and I don't trust the care I get. Every year the dermatologist finds a few spots to biopsy and finds most pre-cancerous, but some get burned off and some get surgically removed. I have a big dent on my arm to show for it. He doesn't look everywhere and always in a hurry.
I am so sorry that you had to go to prison, but I am glad you have found a way to bring this back. A sincere thank you. I would like to know more about what happened to the maker of HerbVeil 8 and your work as well. I am deeply committed to the efficacy of the product if it is anything like or as good as what I used to get.
I did have the experience of using it on others and some responded well. Others said it hurt like hell and removed it before it could work.
Thank you.

Pam Barlowe
Rec'd : January 22, 2017

Case #012517: Cansema® & Skin Cancer

We do so very much appreciate your email and the firm's product/s. We and two of our friends in NZ now have one each, after experiencing great results from the 7 ml little pottle a friend shared with us. We are all close friends and family.
We can only imagine why authorities come down hard upon this product, IT WORKS and brings relief to those who suffer with this muck in their bodies. Bless you all for keeping on!
All the very best and cheers and again, very much appreciate your contact.

Kathy and David
New Zealand
Rec'd : January 25, 2017

Case #012917: Colon Cleanse & Liver Flush

[Editor's note: Our staff doctors often recommend that our Liver/Colon Cleansing Program be utilized either concurrently with or prior to taking Amazon Tonic III. Below is a testimonial related to its use. The reference in the testimonial to epsom salt is in connection with the third stage of the protocol, the liver flush.]
Hello. I followed your colon cleanse and liver flush. I was a bit skeptical, but I SAW and felt results just as you described!! I'm taking a 2 week break but plan on repeating it, as you suggest. Also, I purchased some clear gelatin capsules to fill with the Epsom salt, since that was the worst part of the entire program. You may want to suggest this to your customers.
Thanks for making these products available to us. It's too bad the (U.S.) Federal government is against natural remedies.
Rec'd : January 29, 2017

Case #013117: Cansema® & Skin Cancer

Some weeks ago I ordered your Cansema Deep Tissue topical salve and a jar of your regular Cansema Salve, due to having a strange lump growing at the base of my thumb's fingernail. The lump didn't hurt, but my fingernail was growing in with a strange dent right where the lump was, and also, the nerve in that hand really seemed to be negatively affected.
I applied the "Deep Tissue" on the lump, as well as the area below it right up to the knuckle. Wow, did it burn! and below the lump I had a lot of itching. I had to take ibuprofen at night just to be able to get any sleep due to the throbbing pain and swelling, but it was worth it. After about 2 weeks, the lump scabbed over, and it looks like it is only a matter of time where it will be coming out on it's own along with the lump attached to it. Also, inches down from that lump where there was a lot of inner itching, the Cansema® dug away at some tissue there, and it appears there was more malignant areas near that lump on this thumb than I was aware of.
I'm using a flexible large bandaid to cover it while at work, so that I don't gross people out and have my co-workers insist I see a doctor. The horrible pain seems to have stopped and the scabbing is coming along nicely. I can see fresh new skin under the one part of the scab that is prying open. I've been using hydrogen peroxide on the entire area, and washing with only non-toxic lavender or tea tree oil liquid soap. I purchased Lugols Iodine to also use it on this, as well.
Even without the Cansema's reaction, I had a gut feeling it was malignant due to the way my fingernail began growing in with that dent. Also, some years ago I had horrible poison ivy all over that hand, and to alleviate the itching, I dunked my bare hand in hot water treated with toxic chemicals at a laboratory I worked at. At that point, the poison ivy itch was so horrible that I didn't care what was in the water. So I didn't use protective gloves, as I should have. Now I know I am paying the price, but thank God for Cansema!
These days I am much more careful even with the kinds of hand cremes I use on my skin. And I will always protect my hands from now on.

For first photos :
You're so welcome! Here are some photos . . feel free to use them wherever you would like. Thank you for your advice . . . the escher fell off where the main polyp was last night and I used the iodine full strength. Ouch, that hurt! Next time, I will dilute it as you suggested.
For second photos :
This side view shows more activity below the original eschar where something malignant appears to be surfacing, which is why I still have Cansema ointment on that part of the thumb, to draw it out. That part was unexpected, but I knew something was up when the skin began to itch and burn in that area on contact with the Cansema ointment used for the first polyp above it. That first polyp just fell out last night - and it was rather deep! P.S. --- Even though the "crater" left behind from the first eschar is deep at this point, it doesn't hurt whatsoever. When the eschar was falling out, there was no pain. The only pain is in the beginning stages as the Cansema attacks the cancer cells or tumor in the skin tissue, and the fact that the lump was rather deeply embedded in that thumb. I was very impressed with that :-)
Thanks so much for all you do to make these healing plant based products available for us. God bless you!
Hi Cathryn!
Right now the three eschers came out of the thumb and scabbed up afterwards. The "craters" slowly but gradually narrowed and scabbed up. Lots of dead skin peeled off and now it is scabbed as shown in the photo, and gradually healing. The scabbed area is thick and very tight. I think it will eventually all peel off as it continues to heal. The thumb was a bit inflamed around where the eschars were, but the swelling is now gone, as well as the eczema that resulted. I'm very allergic, so I wasn't surprised about the eczema.
On the other picture with my palm, I also used Cansema ointment on a small raised mole that looked suspicious . . . (not a melanoma mole, but it looked more like a squamous cell mole). The Cansema immediately got to work on that mole, and caused that whole area of the palm to blister up and then heal and peel off. Now there is new skin there without any raised mole.
I am very pleased with the results and am thankful you guys have made it possible for us to purchase Cansema here in the U.S!

Lisa Augustine
Rec'd : January 31, 2017

Case #022017: Cansema® & Probable Actinic Keratosis

[Editor's note: This testimonial comes by way of an associate of Alpha Omega Labs': retired chiropractor, Dr. Bill Easley. The reference in the text to "yellow salve" deals with a variant of healing salve preparations that were popular in the U.S. in the mid-to-late 1800s, used primarily for wound healing acceleration . . . part of our ongoing experimentation with older, traditional topical preparations.]
Hi Greg,
OK, I've been going through this treatment regimen with the black, then yellow salves. Not sure if that was a actinic keratosis on the back of my right hand, or some relatively slow cancer. I have a diet that would nearly stop cancer anyway.
This whole treatment has been going on from before Jan 29 but that's when I started taking pictures. We already know that Cansema works, and that's not an issue here, but how well the yellow salve works. I am attaching about 10 pics with dates so you can see what's been going on with me . . . In (photo) #6 the cavity is about 3 mm deep. The last pic was taken today. The time between the cavity on the 12th to the last pic is 8 days and 7 days to pic #9. I think (yellow salve) speeds the healing process. Let me know what you think.
Dr. William Easley (D.C.)
Alberto, Canada
Rec'd : February 20, 2017

Case #031217: Cansema® & Sebaceous Cyst -- (w/ updates)

29 Dec 2016 -- I have had a sebaceous cyst for several years at the T4-5 area very close to the spine - asymptomatic until about 4 months ago. I developed a severe pain at T4-5 at the beginning of September. At first I did not attribute the pain to the cyst. I thought it was a T4 Syndrome as it was radiating pain to the shoulder and tingling down the right arm --(I am a chiropractor). Spinal adjustments abated the pain only mildly. After 2 months of little or no relief a chiropractor friend suggested it might be the cyst causing the pain. I immediately started with a drawing salve . . . This reduced the pain gradually over a 4 week period until it was almost nonexistent.
The size of the cyst did not change and if I did not apply salve for one day I could feel some discomfort returning. I finally received your black salve and started applying it and within 24 hours noticed something seeping out. Day by day more and more came out. A big scab/eschew formed. We are now at day 21 - (3 weeks) and the scab continues to grow. I am experiencing a moderate to severe pain (it fluctuates). It is a very itchy pain. Soaking my feet in Epson salts foot bath gives me some relief. I am including some pictures. [see above]

Update: 09 Jan 2017 -- . . . the eschar finally fell off today (Sunday, Jan. 8th). Ten days after I stopped applying Cansema. I tried Arnica at first for the pain, but that wasn't doing the trick. Several people suggested I try cannabis oil. So I went to the local legalized cannabis dispensary and procured some CBD oil to take internally and some emu/CBD oil for topical use. The combination seemed to work nicely, it has made the pain a lot more tolerable. The last 3 days the pain has been mild. The diameter of the eschar is 2.5 inches. The weight, one ounce. The underneath of the eschar we see in the middle, a white, firm, rubbery feeling substance. The same can be seen on my body . . . For almost all of the last 10 days, we have been changing the gauze twice a day due to a lot of discharge and also spraying some hydrogen peroxide . . . Following are some pictures of the last 10 days. [The pictures related to this Jan. 9 update are above.]

Update: 22 Feb 2017 -- It has been 45 days since the eschar fell off; healing has gone well. The last piece of debris fell off today. Following are some pictures taken approximately one week apart starting 45 days ago. It looks like new skIn grew under that debris . . . [The pictures related to this Feb. 22 update are above.]

Update: 12 Mar 2017 -- It has been 14 days since I started round two of applying the black salve to the debris of the sebaceous cyst. It has gone well. Lately there has been a lot of discharge, therefore, I have changed the gauze 2 or 3 times per day. Following are some pictures 3-4 days apart. [The pictures related to this Mar. 12 update are above.]
. . . continuing . . .

Case #031517: Cansema ® Unspecified Skin Cancer

I have been using your topical black salve on a few places where I had red shiny "bumps" on my shoulder and arm. Mostly the salve causes my skin to itch, and accasionally feel sore. I apply it twice a day and have done so for about two weeks now. The bumps have become dark and are rising up out of my skin, gradually.
I do feel that these bumps are skin cancer, and I do feel like the salve it doing exactly as you said -- drawing it out and starting to have it "pull away" from surrounding skin. I would much rather use this product, even with occasional discomfort (which so far, has not been that bad) then to see a dermatoligist cut it out and then try getting me on chemo. And I believe there is so much corruption, and so much money to be made, by the FDA that they don't want us to have real cures for our diseases.
Thanks for making it possible for people, like myself, so have real options.

[name withheld by request]
Rec'd : March 15, 2017

Case #053117: Black Salve ® Basal Cell Carcinoma

[Editor's Note (G.C.): Rarely do we post a "testimonial" in connection with some else's product. However, because we provide free medical consultations and none of our competitors do, it is common for people to contact us when they get in trouble using other people's product, they don't know what to do, and they need expert medical/naturopathic advise. Also, it should surprise no one that there are good products out there now, given that we posted YouTubes on making effective escharotics more than 14 years ago (in the summer of 2004 prior to my being reimprisoned) -- as evidenced on our YouTube channel (entitled: Escharotic Preparations). This is an interesting submission, so we're posting it.]
I used what I thought was your salve to treat a local infection on my back that did not heal for 3 months. After two visits to the clinic and a test the second time I finally got a diagnose of basal cell cancer. I had just received the salve and as the operation was 3 weeks ahead in time I applied the salve.
I made a photo documentation of the process from day one May 12, every second day until today May 31. And today I checked your website to find this mail address. That was when I understood that, according to your warning, and the exact copy of your text, the company I ordered from was a copycat. However, the salve worked anyway. The eschar came off today, and tomorrow I'll visit the clinic. I look forward to see their response :)
Thank you for your work.
Followup on 7/3/17 :
The results from the surgery just arrived. No cancer cells in what they removed after the black salve made its work. And (surprisingly) the doctor wrote in the journal:
"Cytology / Pathology - No residual tumor rest. Only the ulcer floor with granulation tissue. The patient seems to have had an effect with his" Black " Salve .....".
I shared this on Facebook and immediately had a bunch of likes and interests. So there might be folks from Denmark, Sweden and other places who will order some salve from you . . .

M.H. Wendt
Rec'd : May 15, 2017

Case #063017: Cansema® & Misdiagnosed Skin Cancers

Hi, Dr. Cathryn!
I wanted to share some photos from start to finish for several spots I was treating on my neck. My dermatologist is terrible so I took matters into my own hands after she would condescendingly tell me spots on my skin I was worried about were normal (which they weren't). I started looking up pictures of questionable skin and started using the Cansema. Being an alternative health care practitioner I figured I'd be a good test subject before recommending anyone try an alternative therapy to the well traveled and barbaric route of cut and remove that most western medical doctors take. I started the fist application in September. I should have added the picture of the keloid type scar on my neck. I might look for it and send it. I used cinnamon essential oil diluted in almond oil and rubbed that into my scar multiple times daily. You can see the skin flattened and depigmented (but looking amazing if I might add)! I also used the danger de drago and the Tonic III while treating the spots on my skin. I have had nothing but great experiences with your stuff and thought (if you wanted more testimonials) I'd share the pictures from start to finish of the largest area I treated. I have more on my face and body that had the same great results. Thank you!!!
I have recommended friends, family and patients to your products and they've all had wonderful experiences, too!
Thank you again for what you and your husband do.
With deepest gratitude,

Rec'd : June 30, 2017

Case #073017: Cansema® & Breast Cancer

Hi Catherine,
I'm attaching the latest thermogram. Thank God and thank you for your wonderful products!
My breasts are now considered at low risk with significant improvement in the right breast after Cansema application for around 9 months. My heartfelt gratitude to you & Greg for your compassionate work & support!!
I'm thinking of continuing to salve in the areas still showing 'hotness' around the chest area. I've just started taking a teaspoon of Cansema every morning . . .
Thanks so much, Cathryn, for helping me out on my journey. You are a legend!!
Much Love,

Rec'd : July 30, 2017

Case #121317: Cansema® & Skin Cancer

Dear Cathryn,
Here is a series of pictures to show progress. Most of the active "cancer" seems to be gone. It took three major salvings to get a last persistent spot (the deepest lesion in the original pre=treatment picture). Initially the reaction was across a wider front than visible lesions. The area is still itchy and sensitive, and I do expect to have to use Black Salve again.
I think it is a very positive result but I would have benefitted from an experienced practitioner had one been available. Pain control and treatment of the entire area more boldly than I did, I am reasonably sure would have produced a faster and better result. Sometimes I did small applications with water-diluted BS to minimise pain and I don't think this is a good idea for a widespread lesion across skin variations? Please can you copy this to "panacea" website that promotes good information re BS. I do have the pictures in higher resolution if you want.
Thanks so much.

Rec'd : December 13, 2017

Case #121717: Actinic Keratosis / Amazon Tonic III,
Botanical Support / Blood-Lymph, and Cansema® Capsules.

I've been drinking Amazon III, Botanical support-Blood/Lymph and Cansemar® Capsules for almost a month and I can see an improvement on my skin. The redness caused by solar keratosis on my face is reducing now. Thank you for your wonderful products. I have no words to express my thanks.

Rec'd : December 17, 2017

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