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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal versions - human use only, see also animal use), as well as our Botanial Support products (formerly called CanSupport). The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs in 2011 and 2012. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years. As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

[ Note : Original media testimonials on this page have been moved. ]

"Simplified Chemosurgery" : Proof That Orthodox Medicine
Uses Escharotic Medicine But Calls It By Another Name
One of the most frequent claims made by sycophants of conventional medicine is that escharotic preparations don't work. This is certainly the position of Dr. Stephen Barrett (of Quackwatch fame), who was systemically debunked in an Ashwin article we wrote in 2009.
Every once in a while an article will surface in a professional medical journey that reveals the lack of sincerity of this position. And nothing acts as a bigger testimonial to our work when it does.
Recently BOCAF/Panacea -- a research organization in Australia -- passed along a digital copy of Skin Cancer, a professional, dermatological publication out of Lisbon, Portugal, specifically Volume 23, Number 4, October / November, 2008, of which the majority of its 85 pages are devoted to "simplified chemosurgery," which -- on close inspection -- is nothing more escharotic medicine represented using a different term.
Stranger still, you will frequently hear proponents of orthodox medicine claim that zinc chloride, a metal salt that is contained in all our escharotic preparations, is dangerous. They say it will burn holes in healthy tissue. Not only does this article defy this position, but the preparations used therein contain percentages of zinc chloride (45 to 50%) that exceed those used in Cansema® by not less than ten percentage points.
As we make perfectly clear in Meditopia, the early work of Dr. Frederick Mohs (after whom Mohs Surgery is named) employed an "enucleating paste" that was quite similar to Cansema® . . . So the question remains: why do they publicly denounce it when so many dermatologists worldwide use it privately? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Cansema® can be self-administered -- something that is anathema to physicians worldwide who see this as a competitive threat? Could this be about economic and political considerations and have nothing to do with what constitutes good medicine?

Cansema® & All Skin Cancer Types

Australian Nirvana Anderson produced the videos above and below, and on the basis of factual information that medical authorities didn't like, she was closed down.
So much for freedom of speech.
If you have been helped by our product, please sign her petition below.

Case #020412: Basal Cell Skin Cancer - Cansema®

This info was sent to us from The YouTube embed above is just the first of five YouTube videos which Ken Murray produced. Like Greg Kraft's, it is quite well-done. His initial post reads: "Just wanted to kick off this thread, to express my personal thankfulness to the makers of Cansema - Black Salve. It has saved my life. Over the years I have used Black Salve, containing Bloodroot, Graviola, Chapparal, Galangal, Zinc Chloride and DMSO, and it has removed all my basal skin cancer outbreaks.
I am currently successfully treating over a dozen such Skin Cancer outbreaks, using the Cansema formula version of Black Salve.
All 12 outbreaks have been expunged of the basal carcinomas and I have now started doing a series of YouTube videos documenting my experiences, this time, in removing these life threatening Skin Cancers.

Ken Murray

Case #062412: Basal Cell Skin Cancer - Cansema®

[Referencing the same page, we received the following:]
Hi. Check my results of the great success in removing my basal skin cancer from beside of my nose, I post photos of my treatment (at):
(Hit) Page Dn and check for raulrosado. Thanks.

Raul Rosado

Case #060612: Unspecified Cancer (Nasal Cavity) - Cansema®
Someone in New Zealand put me onto your Cansema Black Salve . . . I'd also mentioned that I had some suspicious things burnt off my face but that several had returned, if they ever went away.
Thanks to his advice, I got some Cansema and applied it to the thing at the base of my ayla, where my nostril meets my cheek, and after a few days things bubbled and festered and where there had been a little white knob with a stringy root - not anything like a whitehead - was a clean hole. It has since closed in and I find nothing to locate it. I then applied it to several other suspicious things - some disappeared and some did not, and that was reassuring, too. Now I've got it on another little erupting stringy thing further up my ayla, and it is getting itself out of my body. I describe the tingling and pulling sensations as my body's being busy healing itself, putting things to right . . .
Thanks for having this available to us.

Helen Opie
Eastern Canada -- Email received June 6, 2012

Case #051212: Unspecified Cancer Types - Cansema®
I ordered 2 jars of Cansema from you a couple of years ago and had not just great but 100% success with myself and a number of friends. Thank you.

Fred Little
Email received May 28, 2012

Case #052312: Breast Cancer & Cansema®

[The above pictures relate to an emailed testimonial sent to Cathryn] . . .

Please find attached some photos of the removal of two breast tumors using your Cansema deep tissue salve. What you and Greg and your team are doing is amazing, the world will be a sad place without you.

[Name withheld]
Paphos, CYPRUS --(email excluded)
Email received May 23, 2012

Innumerable Skin Cancer Cures in Australia:
A Political Campaign to Petition Corrupt Western Governments
[Editor's Note: We've passed on hundreds of testimonials over the years, but this is the first and only time we've reported on a political campaign to petition Western governments to stop the nonsense and legalize Cansema®. We became alert to the campaign from the following email.]
You may want to provide this link to a Cansema petition. [Note: 3,200 people have signed the petition so far.]
See her related video above.

Nirvana Anderson
Email received May 28, 2012

Case #043012: Unspecified Skin Cancer - Cansema®
[Editor's Note: Testimonials come in all sizes and flavors. Some people provide us with physical, clinical test results -- which make them the most useful. Some people just call on the phone and express gratitute, which we always appreciate, but can hardly use on our websites. And then there are the unusual testimonials, which are non-specific, but provide a strange mix of gratitute, anger, and humor. Check out the "cut and paste" below. We have omitted the sender's identity for reasons that become readily apparent.]

Your Black Salve WORKS.
F'n FDA!

Dear mainstream medical establishment:

FU! You LIED to me about my own health. My skin cancer spot, almost the size of a dime, is gone. No scar. No trace. Worked perfectly. Hurray!
Thank you."

[Name Withheld by AO Labs]
Email received May 28, 2012

Cansema & BCC's, SCC's, Breast Cancer, Ewing Sarcoma, etc. (Aug., 2012)
[Editor's Note: This testimonial comes from Panacea-BOCAF in Australia, previously cited on this page. This testimonial entry is reproduced verbatim as it was sent to us.]
"Panacea's records, experience. and research with Greg Caton's Cansema / Black Salve prove that where the correct formula of Black Salve has been applied, it is safe and successful in treating BCC, SCC skin cancer, breast cancer, Ewing Sarcoma and many other cancers. Our first volunteer to reinforce this is Peter James. Peter is a nurse and an alternative energy researcher, who presently works with hydrogen-on-demand technology. Peter was diagnosed with a "TERMINAL" SCC cancer. Here are the photo's and medical records of Peter's SCC and successful treatment. Medical records are proof that count in a court of law."

( 1 )
( 2 )
( 3 )
( 4 ) Here is the end results

Case #092512: Cansema & BCC (Sept., 2012)
"THANKS! I received my order and after three days treatment with Cansema and three days rest, the BCC has sluffed off my lower eyelid. I'm so glad as the Doc was saying a large wedge removal would leave a life long scar and cost 100's of dollars. Thank you, chaparral."
Very pleased and unscared,
Mike Miller
Email received September 25, 2012

Case #093012: Cansema® (Type: Unreported) & Lugol's Iodine (Sept., 2012)
[Editor's Note: Depending on location and cancer type, we do not recommend Cansema in all cases. Our Lugol's Iodine -- a powerful oxidizing agent -- can often remove small skin cancers in areas where the use of Cansema® may be ill-advised.]

"I realize I'm late in reporting back but I wanted to let you know that the Lugol's worked wonderfully once I followed your instructions.
The cancer on my eyelid was completely and safely removed. No trace of it remaining, and no visual scar!
Thank you SO much!"
Valerie Coffman
Email received September 30, 2012

Case #100112: Cansema® & Undiagnosed Growth

[Editor's Note: This testimonial was submitted by AO Labs' customer, Jackelin Jarvis, on behalf of her grandmother, Lucy Deane, of Derby, CT (USA).]

"My grandmother had a growth for seven years on her cheek. It crusted white sometimes; other times, (it) was just red and felt burnie. We used the Deep Tissue Amazon/Cansema®.
It was gone in two days. Now after a few weeks, there is no detection of it. Thank you."

Jackelin Jarvis
Received: September 30, 2012

Case #102212: Cansema® & Undiagnosed Cancers
"I just wanted to tell you that I used your Salve under my nose on one occasion, on my chest another, and a third on my leg ...... all three were healed thanks to your product ...... I am telling everyone about it ..... God Bless You both.... "

Marilyn Malone
Received: October 22, 2012

Case #102312: Cansema® Tonic III & Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

[Editor's Note: We decided to post this testimonial because it is involves an indication of which even we were unaware. We have never claimed that Tonic III -- or any of our products for that matter -- should be taken in the treatment of an obsessive-compulsive habit or any behaviorial irregularity for that matter. In fact, this is not our area of expertise so we generally avoid it. Therefore, this unexpected submission has been entered here in the interest of further research.]

"I want to take a moment to let you know that taking the [Cansema] Amazon Tonic 3 [AT3] has had the remarkable side effect of doing away with a life-long habit of biting the skin off of my lips and cheeks. This was what I think of as a nervous or obsessive-compulsive habit that was akin to nail biting.
I was unable to stop it, much as I tried, prior to taking AT3 to assist in getting rid of a many years' standing wart on the bottom of my foot (along with using Bloodroot Paste). In addition to getting rid of the wart, lo and behold the lip/cheek habit vanished as well. Whenever I feel the urge to bite again (it happens infrequently now), I take 1/8 teaspoon or so of the AT3 and the urge vanishes within a minute or two. This has been quite a miracle for me, so I thank you deeply for your wonderful product. I am now 58, so it cured a habit of 50+ years' standing."

Wendy Brown
Received: October 23, 2012

Case #102512: Cansema® Deep Tissue & Merkel Cell Carcinoma

[ Click any images to enlarge ]
"I was raised in Nevada and exposed to constant severe sunburn, high arsenic levels in all the water and nuclear/radiation contamination. I had dramatic weakness with no apparent findable cause and low body temperature. I generally felt like I was dying...and I was.
About a year ago, I got Cansema Deep Tissue salve for some spots of skin cancer I had. Since I had some left, I put some on some pesky bumps I had after I pierced them with a pin. Due to the response, I realized I had something other than skin cancer. I have Merkel Cell Carcinoma.
While rejecting chemo, radiation and cutting out of the cancers, I have successfully killed (by far) the majority of my extensive cancer. And I follow as closely as I can the GERSON THERAPY.
I have marked improvement in my immune system health, muscle flexibility, extreme skin dryness, baseline body temp from 96 degrees back up to 98 degrees, chronic nasal congestion / sleep apnea and sweating normally again.
It is true that Cansema breaks the disguising membrane around the cancer so the immune system can see it. It then attacks and kills it! People need to know that Cansema is a real option for Merkel cancer. It is saving my life and giving me health back."

[Editor's Note: This was preceeded by the following introductory email]:
"I need to tell you that your Cansema Deep Tissue product kills Merkel Cell Carcinoma.
I have killed at least 80% of mine with it and I have/had a very extensive batch of it. I have all the photographs.
Merkel Cell Carcinoma is (according to U.S. medical people) extremely rare and extremely deadly. I have my own personal facts on that but it can be killed without chemo, radiation or cutting it out!
I have photographed and carefully kept records of my journey with this cancer over this last year. The outcome has been miraculous.
POINT: I want people to know this can be an option for them with Merkel Cancer. I want something put on YouTube. I want people to know . . .
I have lots more to say about this. Can you help with posting information on it?
The things I personally watch on YouTube about cansema and cancer is why I found out I had merkel cancer, why I learned how to kill it and why I am alive today. This internet medium is life saving and I want merkel cancer and cansema to be there for people to see."
Thank you. Please advise me. Attached are a couple of the photographs...
Ms. R.R.
Goleta, CA 93117
Received: October 24/25, 2012

Case #110212: Bloodroot Paste & Sebaceous Cyst
"Thank you so, so very much for your help and the amazing product Bloodroot Paste. I used it for a week and a half on a sebaceous cyst on my scalp and then stopped applying. A week later the scab fell off and with it came the cyst. I could see inside the little cyst packet the infection/pus, looking something like dried up, yellow, mini curds of cottage cheese. It was 3/4" in diameter. I was so, so amazed! After living with this for maybe 25 years, it is GREAT to be rid of it! I am going to treat the others I have now and am so excited for the coming results.
My daughters have started using it for warts and moles, and are now seeing them fall off in the same way. They are very excited and amazed at how it works.
I will be ordering more Bloodroot Paste soon and also some of the Lugol's Iodine my husband said that you recommended for a mole or cyst on his eyelid."

R. Peterson
Received: November 2, 2012

Case #112812: Cansema & BCC
"About 3 months ago I used your stuff to take care of a huge BCC just above my lip. The center had gotten so very deep and the surrounding area looked like an upside down mountain range.
They send me to the surgeon, one of only two in this area that did the Mohs procedure. After his examination the office manager took me by the hand and walked me next door to the plastic surgeon. He only does his work out of the hospital, even small stuff. I have to pay for all of that.
I called the surgeon and told him that I am 66 and don't mind stitches. (If) I have to pay for plastic surgery, I'd would rather not have that. Well, in that case, he would not do this Mohs procedure.
That is when I started looking and came across the Aussie with cancer on his nose who did a great story with pics and all. That was great. So I did it myself. Today it has healed over almost 100% and looks better than before. My pharmacist could not believe it when I told him. My psychologist friend, the same. But most just curse and tell me I am crazy. Curse all you want, but you will come to see me if you have cancer and have to pay for it yourself."

R. Kokmeyer
Received: November 28, 2012

Case #120513: Video Testimonial -- Cansema® Black Salve
& Multiple Non-Descript Skin Cancers on the Mandible and Neck Area

"I'm your newest posterboy. Please check out this 3 minute video!
Tumor Number One is out, and I do the victory dance!"

Tom Fox
Received: December 5, 2012

Case #012613: Cansema® & Non-Descript Cancer

[ Click any images to enlarge ]
[Editor's Note: This is an excellent pictorial testimonial as the path from escharization to decavitation is shown clearly. One small note: normally, we do not advise that customers attempt to push the eschar out prematurely, even if it "lingers" longer than anticipated. Premature ejection increases the chance of post-decavitation scar tissue, even if it worked in this case.]
"I thought you might like to see the pictures of my husband's tumor that came out last night. He finally pushed on the sides of it, and it popped out. It hadn't done anything for a week to 10 days and that fixed it."

C. Price
Received: January 26, 2013

Case #020313: Cansema® Black Salve & Non-Descript Skin Cancers
"Thank you for even answering my email. The Cansema is working wonders with my skin cancers. Don’t even bother seeing the skin specialist every year now.
Blessings to you all."

"Giselle" -- Australia
Received: February 3, 2013

Case #020413: Cansema® Black Salve with Aloe" & Non-Descript Skin Cancers
"I would like to say how much I loved your formula of (Cansema) Black Salve with Aloe. After 2 months of using another formula with many difficulties, I purchased Amazon with Aloe. It worked better, picked up even more cancer cells, and went deeper & didn't cause the allergic reactions, rashes, and itching. It might be less intense, but not less effective.
It's a rich and fluffy texture that is easy to use. I just loved it. I have tried two other formulas that are even less desirable than the last company I used. People often ask me where to purchase black salve so I am sending them to your site.
Keep up the good work, you are needed. Thank you."

J. Huffman (USA)
Received: February 3, 2013

Case #020513: Cansema® Black Salve & Non-Descript Cancers

[ Click any images to enlarge ]
"This last fall I used the Cansema Black Salve to remove a tumor from my back . . . what looked like a small pencil eraser on the surface was the size of a McDonald's® Quarter Pounder® when it came out. I have attached pictures. I am so grateful that you persevered after your abuse by the U.S. government and medical mafia -- as I call them. I have attached a couple pictures which you can use if you want.
I have a very dear friend who opted to go the medical route because they scared her out of her wits. She had two brain tumors. One they removed, but the other one was inoperable because of its location on her brain. So, they put her through chemo and radiation . . . with some "new" treatment. They said if they did nothing she would have about 18 months.
Well, now it's 15 months, the tumor has "become aggressive," and they tell her there is nothing more they can do for her, and (then the) doctor makes the stunning statement to her that "there are alternative therapies you can look up on the internet, but I can't tell you about any of them . . . "
Thanks very much!

[ Name withheld at discretion of AO Labs ]
Received: February 3, 2013

Case #020813: "Cansema® Black Salve with Aloe" & Non-Descript Skin Cancers
[Editor's Note: This testimonial came with no pictures, no video, no medical reports or supporting radiological reports, but it is probably the most inspired testimonial we have received in our 23 years of working in this business.]

"Thank you for your advice and encouragement this morning.
As promised, here is my testimony: The summer I was 9 years old, I had twelve boils on my body at one time and one rising (larger than a boil but not as large as a carbuncle, I was told). I had acute acne by age 12. The only method the dermatologists had to treat it was x-ray, and I had the maximum amount allowed. If I had had any more, I would have run the risk of looking like a mummy. Never was diet mentioned! I am now 70; and through the years, I have had numerous basal cells [BCC's] removed by dermotologists. When I told them about the x-ray I had as a child, they "apologized for their profession's mistake," literally.
In 2012, I had two places on my forehead that were not getting any better. I heard about Cansema®. The night before I planned to start the regimen, just before I awoke, I heard God's voice in my spirit . . . saying, "Take a lump of figs."
I was immediately awake, and I knew it was a scripture (2 Kings 20:1-11, esp. verse 7; and Isaiah 28:21). King Hezekiah was dying from a boil, and God told Isaiah to "take a lump of figs . . . and lay it for a plaster upon the boil, and he shall recover."
Immediately, I had peace in my spirit, which I had not had beforehand; and when I opened the jar of Cansema®, I realized it looked exactly like the middle of a Fig Newton®.
I am so thankful for the results of using Cansema®, and I appreciate the support staff's kindness and thoroughness.
Keep shining,"
Carolyn Vardell
Received: February 8, 2013

Case #021013: Cansema® Black Salve / Tonic III & Breast Cancer
"I'm a happy customer and thanks to your Black Salve and Amazon Tonic (III), and a few other natural remedies, I am cancer free. At 30 years old I was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts and I wanted to naturally heal myself, which I did.
I called your U.S. number many times with concerns & questions as my tumors were coming out of my body . . . I always talked to the same lady [Cathryn] and she was wonderful and so helpful . . .
Anyway, since then I've been able to help others on their journey of natural cancer treatment. They all order from you, I even have a few local herb shops sending their customers to you. But my problem is, I can't help everyone. So I'm in the process of writing a book about my journey and available treatments. I would love to mention your products and your website to send people in the right direction . . .
Thanks so much for all you do!!

Amber LaBounty
Received: February 10, 2013

Case #021313: Cansema® Black Salve & Non-Descript Cancers
"Thank you, I love your product, the (Cansema) Salve. I know it works; my entire family system has purchased some. I have used it and have taken tons of pictures to add to the success stories! I have told everybody I meet especially with a band aid on my nose, I have found is the best time to just bring it up and show them. I will be posting my photos on YouTube and Facebook to help those who have never heard about this . . .

Ms. S. B.
Received: February 13, 2013

Case #030713: Cansema® Black Salve & BCC's
"I have used your cansema black salve successfully on five of my BCCs now and I'm very pleased with the results . . . "
Ms. A.F.
Received: March 7, 2013

Case #030813: Cansema® : General Use Testimonial
I am a remote area nurse and student of herbal medicine and naturopathy. I have seen too many amazing results from Cansema not to believe in it.
I would like to make it more readily available to people in the remote communities where I work, and wish only to provide your original unadultered product.

Susie Wilkin Australia
Received: March 8, 2013

Case #032413: Cansema® : Melanoma
We live in Australia and use Cansema regularly (and so do more and more of our friends!). A friend with Stage 4 Melanoma has had very good results using both Cansema and Tonic III (still some way to go but it's looking really positive and thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful work and product) . . .
Thanks so much for your help and support.
With warmest regards,
D. Bailey
Received: March 24, 2013

Case #032713: Cansema® & Skin Cancer
I just want to report that the last problem I had, which had been positively identified as a cancerous lesion by a dermatologist here in Mexico, has completely cleared up, thanks to the customary Cansema routine. It took just under one month.
This item had really concerned me as it was about an inch under my right eye, small, but nevertheless there. I do not want to get into how the dermatologist said he could get rid of it, incision, stitches etc., but the next time I visit him, he will surely wonder what happened as there is not even a scar left. I don't think I'll bother to enlighten him, as he will simply retort that I should not use "home remedies" unquote!
Many thanks Cathryn for your invaluable help on all this.

P. Macgowan
Ontario, Canada
Received: March 27, 2013

Case #041913: Cansema® Unspecified Cancer / Upper Lip
I appreciate your efforts in helping people.
Friends introduced me to your products and I am currently using the Black Topical Salve. Two weeks ago, I was told by my doctor to visit a plastic surgeon to remove a skin deep spot from my top lip. When I said to him about trying the Salve, he said, "Give it a try - while you wait for the surgeon to contact you." [Editor's Note: Few doctors will say anything positive about natural, effective alternatives. So this is a rare comment.]
Thanks to your online application instructions, the spot is now well on its way to disappearing. It is a far less cruel method of skin cancer treatment . . .
Thank you so much.
Arch Muntz
April 19, 2013

Case #050213: H3O & General Analgesia
I have been using H3O for years. I had so much pain in the arms and legs I could barely function. After one month taking two ounces per day, diluted one ounce per gallon of distilled water, my arms and legs felt wonderful. At age 70 I can run upstairs these days. My dog had run into something and nicked herself in a way that had her limping on three legs. The vet could only offer expensive pills. H3O cured that and gave her energy, too. I now mix 8oz per gal. I will use it forever.
Your product is amazing!
[Editor's Note: This testimonial was submitted by Mr. Turner from his YouTube Channel in connection with a comment to an interview we did in 2001 with Dr. Tom Bearden.]

Charles Turner
May 2, 2013

Case #061513: Cansema® & Skin Cancer
I wanted to write and give my testimonial and praise of God’s healing using your Amazon Black Salve. I have had this cancer on my arm for over 1½ years. I tried all kinds of natural remedies. I even froze it off with dry ice two times, but since I couldn’t reach the root, it came back. I tried Curaderm ($128 for a small tube) with zero results. About 7 weeks ago, I read some of the testimonials on YouTube about people having success with your Black Salve. So I ordered some.
I started using it right away as directed. Mine was about the size of a silver dollar. I know you recommended not to try it on one so large, but I had to try. I daily applied it and covered with a bandage. (The latex on regular bandages bothered my skin, so I ended up using a paper towel folded, and clear packing tape. That worked super!) Every day in the shower I would cleanse the area using a soft brush, and that removed any loose salve or towel that adhered to the area. Then I reapplied it with new bandage.
I never was in any pain. Several days, there would be a dull ache as the cancer was being pulled through lots of muscle, so I took aspirin or Tylenol. The “scab” on the top got quite hard, and some days I would pick some of that off before applying new salve. I wanted to be sure it was getting underneath.
During the fourth week, I was going out for lunch with my Mom, and it started bleeding quite heavily - I had bumped my arm that morning so no doubt it pulled the scab loose. That could have been when the root pushed through a blood vessel or something . . . I got the bleeding stopped, wrapped it up, and went out to lunch. No pain again, just a lot of blood.
On the end of my fifth week, as I was cleansing the area with the soft brush, this entire mass came out! It was the root as well as the top of the area where the dried salve was. I WAS SO THANKFUL AND AMAZED! It’s a little gross to see something that big come out of your arm! There was very little bit of bleeding, and nice, pink, clear skin underneath! I had a “crater” about an inch across, so I kept Vitamin E on the skin area and kept it covered while it healed. After only two days later, it looked much smaller and the area much reduced in redness.
Now, two weeks later, the hole is completed healed. I don't have to wear a bandage which is the first in 1 1/2 years! There is still a bit of a dent in my arm, but that may all change with time. I am so very grateful!
This stuff is awesome! I won’t hesitate to recommend it’s use –

Melody Tintle
Pennsylvania (U.S.)
Received: June 15, 2013

Case #071313: Cansema® & Melanoma
You can use these pics if you need to. This happened in 8 days from start to finish, ending 3 days ago. The tumor was biopsied as melanoma. I used the Cansema Deep Tissue Black Salve. 2 applications. Thanks!
[Editor's Note: Click on any of the four images above to see enlargements.]

"Alfredo in Miami"
Received: July 13, 2013

Case #080613: Cansema® & Non-Specific Cancers
Thanks Cathryn . . . The salve worked great on my little spot last year (top of right arm) . . . also top of left leg . . . I have a small one on the left side of my neck and another one between my nose and top lip on the right side. I admit I have put these two off for over a year . . . fear of the unknown, but also knowing the unknown. I wouldn't trade this stuff for a Dr. on my worst day . . . I know when the spot is gone, it is gone. There is no "Did the Dr get it all" . . . I know I got it all!! So far, NO SCARING . . . the worst part are the band aides . . . they leave red marks that take longer to go away . . . even the latex-free ones. I hope all is well for you and yours.
Thank you for being there always!!! . . .

"Bev" (U.S.)
Received: August 6, 2013

Case #081213: Cansema® & BCC's
Have used your product formerly labeled "Cansema," 10-12 times for basal cell carcinomas. Worked in all cases exactly like the website described. Followed instructions diligently. No scarring on shoulders or arms where used. If I get sun on those areas (which is probably why I developed the carcinomas in the first place) pigment is absent so I see a lighter color. No problem compared to a couple of friends who had their friendly dermatologist remove same type of cancer from their shoulders/arms and got huge, terrible looking scars as a result. Several of my cancers were larger than theirs and I have no scarring . . .

Phil Tallman
Greeley, CO (U.S.) Received: August 12, 2013

Case #082413: Tonic III / Graviola: Various Cancer Cell Types
[Editor's Notes: This "case" is actually a running testimonial commentary from a customer in NSW, Australia . . . ]
Just had a text from a mate of mine in New Zealand. A friend of his used Tonic III and Graviola changed his diet to alkaline -- also having Ajo Te. He’s survived brain, lung, and throat cancers -- thanks to your wonderful products that I sent to him some 3 months ago.
The very best to all of the dedicated people at Alpha Omega Labs.
[ . . . and then this follow-up email received on January 8, 2014 : ]
Some time ago I treated a man for prostate cancer . . . before this, I read some testimonial on a man who had had prostate cancer for 10 years and used your products and an MRI scan showed the cancer mass had completely gone!! Well, I sent your products together with an alkaline organic recipe, fresh organic only, to this man that lives in a place called Raglan in Northern New Zealand and had prostate cancer for 15 years, is 80 years of age, and his family members say that his activity has made very big improvements. He is out playing golf and chasing wild pigs through the bush with his gun and his dog. I learned this from the man's brother, as the man is a bit of a recluse . . .
Kind regards and thank you so so much for your wonderful work always . . .

NSW, Australia
Initial email rec'd: August 24, 2013

Case #082613: Cansema® & Skin Cancer, Non-Specific
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the Amazon Cream. In only 8 days it took away a large spot of skin cancer off my forearm. I am in Canada and had to drive across the US border to Oroville, Wa. to pick it up! Two hours from my home, but it was worth it. I have shared it with my daughter, who is suffering, as well. Thank you so very much for providing this wonder salve to us.
[Editor's Note: Note sure if the customer was aware of it, but we do delivery to Canada. In other cases, we find that Canadian customers often choose to pick up their health care products in the States, now that Health Canada is competing with the FDA to eliminate as many natural health care products as possible with grotequely overbearing registration requirements.]

B.C., Canada
Received: August 26, 2013

Case #092013: Cansema® & Carcinoma (Wrist)
[Editor's Note: There is something deeply wrong with our culture . . . and the psychopathic elements of the medical establishment appear to be just one part of it. "When it doubt, remove it," seems to be a major mantra in orthodoxy.
Remove the reproductive organs, the gallbladder, tonsils, colon (Crohn's), and a kidney for good measure . . . whatever wets the surgeon's appetite that day. Fifteen years ago, we posted the story of Kent Estes, whose doctors wanted to remove his tongue, jaw, and upper pallet, turning him into a modern-day version of The Elephant Man. Kent refused and is cancer-free today, with all body parts intact . . . In a similar vain, meet retired USMC member, Ralph Whitley, whose doctors wanted to remove his hand. Granted, this would probably be a little less debilitating than what Kent Estes' surgeons would have done, but let's face it : given the choice, the majority of us would rather get rid of our cancer without losing a hand . . . or a leg . . . or the majority of our face, a la Kent Estes. When we spoke to Ralph by phone after his cancer was cured, he related an experience we hear of often, although the VA doctors in Florida openly admitted that they "couldn't believe anything cured me that fast," they absolutely did not want to hear how it had happened . . . more proof, boys and girls, that modern medicine has nothing to do with curing anybody of anything . . .

The VA [Veterans Administration in the U.S.] cut across the 1/2 inch high growth of CANCER. (After) it stopped bleeding, (they) sent me later to the SURGICAL SIXTH FLOOR SOUTH to get (operated on). But (the surgeons) never came for 4 days, so we were sent HOME. There I ordered CANSEMA and once it arrived started treatment which HEALED AREA as inflammation was from their BACITRACIN salve.
Entire GROWTH fell off onto floor and when VA doctor saw the CURED AREA, he set me up FOR SUTURES over this area rather than wait for me to cure open (area) where the cancer was now gone . . . thanks to CANSEMA BLACK SALVE . . .

Ralph C. Whitley, Sr. (USMC)
Tampa, Florida
Received: September 20, 2013

Case #110313: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancers
Just an update: We received the Black Salve, and I have 4 spots working now, none large, two on my left arm, and two on my upper chest, above my right breast. I knew they were something that was wrong. Have also used it on 4 other family members, who were scared, but curious, and it is working on them as well! VERY PLEASED! I TELL EVERYONE ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE!
Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Received: November 3, 2013

Case #112113: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancer on Head
I talked to you almost a year ago. I had skin cancer on my head. Your Black Salve completely (eliminated), it just the way you said it would.
Blake Wilder
Received: November 21, 2013

Case #112413: Cansema® & Actinic Keratosis (eyelid)
[Editor's Note: Two points here --- first, we've changed the name of the submitter's wife, to protect their identity as a couple. Secondly, this is a case of actinic keratosis, not skin cancer. Nonetheless, at certain points the terms are used here interchangably.]
. . . I am glad to clarify the source and history of this very effective natural remedy for the type of skin cancers that have plagued my wife, Judy, for over 20 years.
We first learned of Cansema, oddly enough, while vacationing in Italy in 2001 and connecting there with an old friend at Lake Como. Prior to our trip, Helen had developed another lesion, but for the first time on her eyelid, and had scheduled an operation with her Kaiser doctor to surgically remove it upon our return to the States.
Our friend in Italy had similar problems and recommended using Cansema, which he had much success with. He even gave us a small sample to use right away.
On returning home, we made some inquiries, one to a registered nurse who had used Cansema, and decided to follow her directions and apply the sample we were given in Italy.
Cansema reacted quickly on her eyelid, and went thru the expected phases of reddening, crusting and expulsion of the cancerous tissue. Needless to say, our Kaiser doctor was not happy when Judy cancelled her operation and chose an alternative solution.
Since then, Helen has used Cansema over a hundred times with consistent success in resolving her skin cancers, which are technically called "Actinic Keratoses", often in a matter of days.
Thank you for persevering in making this valuable product available to us, even in the face of so much regulatory obstruction.
Jon H.
Northern California
Received: November 24, 2013

Case #112713: Cansema® & BCC (nose)
This involves the application of Cansema on a serious basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Was extremely surprised at the selective nature of the black salve. Hope you see the picture at right after those babies fell out (thought it was just one). The darker shades in the spots are where it actually went under healthy tissue leaving it intact.
This mark is the result of one single blob on the cancer location. Felt like I got smacked in the nose with a two by four for two days, but it apparently eradicated a whole family (of cancer cell clusters). It's surprising how it seems to rooted them out. Mine didn't show up as just a divet. It looked more like a splash. Amazed me. That's why this came at you.
Thanks a lot (was gonna be big bucks to fix it another way).

[ Name withheld by request ]
Received: November 27, 2013

Case #112813: Cansema® & Trench Foot
Hi Greg. Sitting around the Thanksgiving table yesterday with sixteen close friends and family, when it came to my turn to say what I was grateful for, I realized that, along with my beautiful son and wife, I was also deeply grateful to you and your beautiful wife.
And then it struck me that I have been thankful to you for the last twenty years or so because back then I was able to use your Black Salve on on my two year old border collie who had been given two months to live by a vet who wanted to put her down then and there. Fortunately I was able to find an animal nutritionist who advised me to use the Salve on her tumors. I did, the cancer fell out, and she lived very happily for the next thirteen years.
Last year when I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma, I think I went into fetal position on my bedroom floor for about a week before my wife remembered that I still had some Salve left over from the hound rehab. I wasn't sure if it would work after twenty years, but I figured it was certainly worth a try, especially as I didn't have the money that it was going to cost to remove the cancer that was all over my chest.
On went the Salve and eight days later, off came all the cancer and within another ten days, all the holes had healed over and looked and felt great. I think it was at that point that I called you in Ecuador and ordered more, newer, salve just so I could be prepared as the need arose. So the third part of my story is this:
About twenty eight years ago, when I was 18, I went on a three thousand mile bicycle ride around the coast of Britain with a group of friends with the thought that it would be good to see a good chunk of our own country before we set off to explore other people's lands. It rained about a third of the time we were cycling and as a result, I ended up getting a pretty good case of foot rot or trench foot or whatever you want to call it. It ate away areas of skin from between my toes and the bottom of my feet. The smell was so bad that I had to sleep with my feet sticking out of the tent.
So for the past twenty eight years I have seen doctors who have given me creams and pills, all of which have had no effect. My feet have constantly felt sore and tender and I guess I had just had to come to terms with the smell, although I could never accept a dinner invitation to the homes of people who expected me to remove my shoes at the door. Three months ago, I decided to soak my feet for a few minutes, dry them off and then cover them with (Cansema) Deep Tissue Black Salve. I left it on for the time it took to watch a movie and then washed it off. Nothing seemed any different, except they didn't smell anymore but I had just washed them so that wasn't a surprise. I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning my feet looked like they had been tattooed black. Everywhere the foot rot had been was black as night, but there was no smell!
At that point I happily decided that having black feet was a small price to pay for getting rid of the stench. Ten days later, all the black skin started peeling off in sheets to reveal the most beautiful, clear skin I've ever seen! My feet are now in perfect condition and I'd like to tell you that they smell like roses, although that's not true, but they do just smell like the rest of me, which my wife assures me is a good thing.
It doesn't sound like much but it is such a joy to walk around with bare feet.
So, thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this wonderful, life-giving, Salve.
Thank you for continuing to provide it even after all the horror and upheaval that you and your wife have had to endure in the name of doing the right thing, and I am sorry that it has taken me twenty years to say thank you. My parents raised me better than that so I hope it is better late than never. My deepest gratitude.

[ Name withheld at our discretion ]
Received: November 28, 2013

Many people who get talked into Mohs don't realize the invasive nature of the procedure. (The picture at left was taken one day after the Cansema testimonial submitter below underwent Moh's surgery). Carefully review Tom Fischer's site for more information and read the testimonial comments below.

Case #120813: Cansema® & Skin Cancer (Unspecified)
Dear Alpha Omega Labs,
Thank you so much for your Amazon Black Salve [Cansema]. I've been using it for 3 weeks now and am amazed by the results. I had Mohs Surgery on the left side of my face 8 months ago, and am still healing. After the first couple of scabs have come off after using your Black Salve, I am totally impressed with your product. I have a page on my website showing the results. You can use any of the information or pictures if you like.
God Bless you for your dedication and saving people from a lot of heartache from the medical profession.
Here is the link. [ ]

Tom Fischer
Ramona, Calif.
Received: December 8, 2013

Case #121113: H3O & Eliminating Grey Hair
I am after information on the benefits of the calcium sulfate [hydronium concentration or solution, which we also call "H3O"]. I have been taking now for 6 months or so and my grey hair is disappearing and I am interested if there are other benefits.
Could you send me any information you have or where to locate the information?
[Editor's Note: We gave this submitter the H3O product information page; however, as it relates to "grey hair," we should note that this effect doesn't manifest unless one takes the product regularly at least at the 1:128 dilution ratio . . . It's an incredible product. No wonder the FDA went after us for it in the States.]

[ Name withheld by request ]
Received: December 11, 2013

Case #122013: Cansema® & Skin Cancer
Just a quick thank you....
I purchased/received/applied and applaud your Black Salve. The stuff worked wonders on two tumors on my left arm. After doing the research prior, and after . . . you guys are doing great work.
From what I gather, you guys (or your original founders) were basically kicked out of the U.S. For what? Helping people. Crock of shit. Your product works (and has for 100 years) . . . and for me to have to shop outside my own "free" country for medicine that works is lame as hell.
Anyways . . . I thought I would give a shout out. You guys surely aren't making tons of money off this stuff . . . so the only logical reason I can think you guys are still producing your salves is to actually help people. And help one you did : )

[ Name withheld by request ]
Received: December 20, 2013

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