The Duna 'Sputnik'
Code 1227 - The Duna 'Sputnik' ("Silver Tablet") - $39.95
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Reads as 'Duna' from the Russian - pronounced  DOO'-NAH The "Sputnik" is the sixth in our series of 'Russian zapper' introductions, represented by our third Russian manufacturer of electrostimulators (after Ecomed and NIIPP, State Research and Manufacturing Enterprise). The manufacturer's name is Duna.
The 'Sputnik' has an interesting history, made in Tomsk through certain joint agreements with NIIPP. It is marketed heavily in Europe as a treatment for the elimination of intestinal parasites at half again our price - in addition to allergy symptom relief claims, which we do not support, for lack of clinical data. (Our own internal findings are that the products of all three companies yield similar results, if you set aside the eletrophoresis effects of the NIIPP units - those with zinc, chromium, and gold coatings).
Sputnik - back of package, instructions for using tester The "Sputnik" is well-made, consists of a stainless steel shell, and emits a constant 4 volt current over a 150 hour life. Although we hear repeatedly from end users who carefully wash and sanitize their units and reuse them, we do not (primarily for liability reasons, if cleaned improperly or incompletely) sanction or encourage such activity.

The Sputnik Another important point has to do with the use of the "tester" that comes with each package, (this is discussed on the reverse side of the package, which appears at right - though in original Russian text). When tested by placing the electrodes at each end of the Sputnik, both red and green LED lights with emit, showing that the unit is fully functioning. (This is a departure from the simpler, single LED light that emits during the test of the NIIPP or "Tomsk" unit.)
The Sputnik is easy-to-use, reliable, and produces tangible results. It is best used, from our own research, when taken in tandem with a strong herbal vermifuge, such as Old Amish Dewormer, during, or just following, a good liver cleanse.

To U.S. Users: This device has not been 'approved' by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and the information you see here is for provided in your country for research purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; nor should it be viewed as a substitute for the timely examination and diagnosis of any specific ailment by a qualified, licensed health care professional.

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