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The first 33 questions below deal primarily with Cansema® Salve, Bloodroot Paste, and the principles of "escharotic" preparations in general. Beginning with question #235 below, the internal Cansema® products (including Cansema® Capsules, Cansema® Tonic I, and Cansema® Tonic III) are dealt with in greater detail.

200. How does Cansema® Black Topical Salve remove skin cancers? What are the current ingredients in each of the different variations of Cansema -- and what is their functional difference?
200*. You use the term "escharotic" liberally throughout your Cansema® pages. What exactly does escharotic mean?
200a. I've been told that escharotics like Cansema® Salve will cause a scab whether it's applied to skin cancer or just healthy skin. Is this true?
200b. Why do some doctors warn their products about "Hoxsey-type" products, saying that "all they do is burn the skin"?
200c. 201. Will Cansema® Salve remove everyday non-cancerous moles?
202. Is Cansema, in any of its forms, approved as a cancer therapy by the U.S. FDA? If not, why not? If something works as well as you indicate, wouldn't a major drug company jump at the opportunity to get it approved, and then manufacture and sell it?
203. What studies have been done to prove that Cansema® Salve is a proven skin cancer treatment system?
204. Who invented the Cansema® line and what are their credentials?
205. How many years have you been selling Cansema® Salve? And under what other names have you sold it?
206. What are the side effects of any of the Cansema products?
207. Can I take internal Cansema® products along with other prescriptions, or even other medicinal herbs?
208. Why do you tell users to take Cansema® Capsules or Cansema® Tonic I on a full stomach?
209. Can I still use Cansema® products if I'm using my own local physician to treat my condition?
210. My physician told me that bloodroot is dangerous, and some of your products contain this herb. Is it dangerous?
211. Is it painful to use Cansema® Salve on a larger cancer?
212. Will the internal Cansema® products create eschars that impede circulation?
213. I'm not sure if I really have cancer. If I apply your Cansema® Salve to normal tissue, what will happen?
214. Because of Cansema® Salve's ability to discriminate between malignant and normal cells, why can't it just be used to diagnose my own cancer(s)?
215. Does Cansema® work on melanoma?
216. Does Cansema® Salve work on actinic keratosis?
217. To what areas of the body should I never apply Cansema? What cautions do you offer on larger tumors? And why do you tell women not to use the product on breast cancer without the assistance of a physician?
218. What is your success rate with internal cancers?
219. Does the user ever experience pain when using either of the Cansema® internal formulae?
220. How is your product different from the topical salve they use at the "Hoxsey clinic" in Mexico?
221. What pain killers should I use in connection with the Cansema® Salve?
222. What is your success rate with skin cancers?
223. Does anyone ever take you up on your money back guarantee?
224. I have Cansema® I bought a couple of years ago and I want to use it again. Is my Cansema® Salve still good? What is its shelf-life?
225. Can I have my eschar biopsied after it comes out to "see what it was"?
226. What is the best way to take out a larger skin cancer growth with Cansema® - pain management issues aside?
227. Can I get the 'applied area' wet while bathing?
228. I applied Cansema® to one place on my body and then an eschar appeared in a different place. How is that possible?
229. Cancer runs in my family, so I am concerned about preventing cancer before it occurs or is diagnosable. Can I use Cansema® products as a general preventive -- and if so, how do I use them?
230. How do you know when to add a second, or even a third, Cansema® application to a target area?
231. Can I use Cansema® products if I'm pregnant?
232. Does Cansema® Salve leave scar tissue? What do you recommend to minimize scarring?

More Cansema® Questions:
The Internal Versions

235. How many internal versions of Cansema® do you now have?
236. Why does the Tonic III cost more than original Tonic (I) when it is half the amount?
237. What is the relative strength of each internal version?
238. On what basis should I pick the internal Cansema® version that is right for me? After all, I don't want to buy something that won't work.
239. What causes one of your Cansema® "internals" to work for one person, and not another? It seems odd that Cansema® Salve would work so flawlessly in over 98% of all skin cancer cases, but internal versions appear less reliable.
240. What do I do if I purchase an internal Cansema® formula and it doesn't work for me?
241. Will you be coming out with other internal versions of Cansema?
242. Are there any known synergies between the internal Cansema products, or between these products and the CanSupport line?
243. Why, of the internal Cansema® products available, was Tonic III chosen to be in the bundle?
244. I am very impressed with the results of Cansema® Salve. Which internal Cansema® product is closest to the salve - in its composition and in its internal, escharotic action?
245. Chapparal leaf is one of the ingredients in your Cansema Capsules and both Tonics. I have heard that chapparal is dangerous because of its effects on the liver. Is this true?
246. Although it takes hours to go through the testimonial pages for Cansema® and the CanSupport formulas (not to mention the veterinary or Bloodroot Paste pages), is there a reason why you don't have more testimonials on the internal versions?
247. Are there any of the kind of pain management issues with your internal Cansema® or CanSupport products, the way there can be with the use of Cansema® Salve? (See Ques. 211 and 221 above). What kind of sensations might your internal products create?
248. What body sensations or other responses might I experience to tell me that the internal Cansema® or CanSupport product I'm taking is "working"?
249. How long do I need to take Cansema Tonic or CanSupport before I know that treatment is complete? When can I stop?

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