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Often recommended in conjunction with: Andrographis

WARNING: These internal versions of Cansema contain herbs which are mildly "abortifacient" (can induce abortion) and should NEVER be taken by a woman in pregnancy. Moreover, both versions are "emetic," meaning they can cause nausea, or even vomiting, if not taken on a full stomach. They should never be taken on an empty stomach. Any emetic reaction means the user should the usage level down (start in halves as you can always build back up). Also, the Tonic is more emetic than the Capsules, but the former is also stronger and faster-acting. LASTLY AND THIS IS IMPORTANT: Whether you intend to take the Capsules or the Tonic, you should still read both sets of instructions below so you understand the difference and know you have chosen the right product.

Instructions For Use: Cansema Capsules

Cansema Capsules We advise that users take two (2) capsules twice a day, or four capsules a day - always with a meal and never on an empty stomach. But there are a variety of circumstances that can alter these instructions. First and foremost is the issue of stomachic tolerance: Cansema Capsules contain herbal ingredients that are "emetic," meaning that in sufficient quantity, the product can make you nauseated. Beyond a certain point, they can even make you vomit. This is always a sign that the user is overdoing it and intake should be reduced. Many users start out right away at one (1) capsule twice a day, and build up to two (2), twice daily. However, in more serious cases, we advise as many as four (4) twice daily, or eight a day. To make tolerance easier, many users take 3-3-2 (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), which still adds up to eight, in order to blunt the stronger effects of this herbal combination.
This product should not be taken with other internal products containing either bloodroot (sanguinaria) or chapparal (any of five species of North American plants of the "Larrea" family).
If you take four capsules a day, one bottle constitutes a 30 day supply. So, naturally, we are asked how many bottles a user should take to "get rid of (my) cancer." There is no way of knowing how many bottles a user should take; however, we make it clear in all correspondence that Cansema Capsules are potential cancerolytics and were not designed or formulated to be taken as a supplement or palliative -- swallowed daily, month after month. Both Cansema internal products are designed to do a specific job and then the user should discontinue use. However, as a general rule, few users need more than two bottles of capsules to take care of their "problem." This general rule finds exceptions as the mass of cancer involved gets larger, the degree of metastasis is greater, and the stage of development is more progressed. We have had advanced breast cancer cases where the user needed to take Cansema capsules for upwards of two years, which would amount to 24 or more bottles. But these cases are a small minority.

Instructions For Use: Cansema Tonic

Cansema Tonic is considerably stronger than the Capsules above. It's a liquid (with some remaining ground herbals), but the formula is faster-acting, bitter (which is why some people prefer the Capsules), and our first choice as we are dealing with more advanced cases (many of which have been turned away by their physicians as hopeless cases).
The molecular weights of the components vary considerably, so you should always shake well before each use. Since grain alcohol is used to break down the herbal ingredients, as well as a preservative, some users prefer to heat the product and "flash off" the alcohol before using. If you are on any medication where "alcohol" can produce a contraindication or is otherwise not advised, you MUST flash off the alcohol before use. We realize this is a minority of our users, but it is an important warning. Always beware taking any herbal or other product containing alcohol if you are using NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Again, you'd want to put the product in boiling hot tea, flash off the alcohol and drink it that way.
We now recommend that users start out "light" and work their way up. Begin with one teaspoon twice daily. Again, with a full meal - never on an empty stomach. If you find yourself, at any point, getting nauseated, back off on the usage in halves, starting with your next dosage. If you can only handle one-half teaspoon at a time, that's fine. Just take that. We consider two Tablespoons to be the upper limit as to dosage, but most users will get nauseated if they attempt to use Tonic as a dosage that high -- which is very aggressive. Under no condition should you ever force yourself to a higher dosage level. If you feel yourself getting nauseated, ALWAYS back off to a lower usage level.
You gain no extra benefit by taking Tonic and Capsules together. Pick one or the other. You can take one and then the other, but don't take them both together at the same time. You can take either of these two internal versions along with Cansema Salve, if your condition calls for you to use the topical version.
Our comments on the duration of "treatment" is the same here as for the Capsules above. This product is not, as a general rule, intended for long-term use. You want to use the product to specifically treat your problem and then discontinue use.

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