November, 2020

Picking up from October -- this is the tenth month we've been following the Great Hoaxes of 2020. First, it was the CoVid scamdemic, then the highly orchestrated BLM / Antifa social unrest, now we're facing the results of the U.S. 2020 election and its immediate aftermath.

"People Are Still Having Sex -- 2020 Upgrade"
Here's an entertaining 7 minute video
that summarizes what 2020 is really about.

Coronavirus® & Other Scams of 2020
News & Developments for November

his is now the tenth month I've been maintaining this 2020 blog. This month, the focus is on the election on November 3rd and it's immediate aftermath. It just may be the most chaotic in the history of the United States -- if not the world.
If you've been following so far, you realize that there really is some kind of global awakening taking place, as more and more people realize that the year 2020 is bringing is the greatest, global psy-op in the history of our species.
I ended last month summarizing developments: most people now know that the mask wearing is all about human subjugation and control, since they do absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting a viral infection, and, in fact, they do the opposite. Specifically, they impede your ability to breath properly and expel CO2, cellular debris, and other toxins. Strangely, as more and more people wake up to this, calls for more stringent measures to make mask-free human living illegal only grow louder from the Deep State.
More and more people also realize that what we are witnessing is nothing more than a great battle between --- as Archbishop Carlos Maria Viganó of the Catholic Church puts it -- "the children of the Light and the children of the dark."

November 30, 2020
November 29, 2020

The United States military deployed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (above, left)
to the Persian Gulf in order to provide cover for withdrawing troops who are leaving
Iraq and Afghanistan, according to CNN. The Nimitz is seen left passing the
Strait of Hormuz on September 18, 2020
November 28, 2020
November 27, 2020

This is how those who shame you about wearing masks and
social distancing spend THEIR free time! Wake the hell up.
You're being played for an idiot! Read article below.

November 26, 2020
November 25, 2020
Don't worry about the election.
Trump's not gonna win.
I made fucking sure of that!"

~~~ Dr. Eric Coomer
V.P. of U.S. Engineering
U.S. Dominion Voting Company
November 24, 2020 -- Afternoon
November 24, 2020 -- "I've had better days."
November 23, 2020
November 22, 2020

The Real Time, Online Raid and Arrest of Dr. Andreas Noack
Look at it. Look at it good and hard. It's under 2 minutes.
Look at it because this is your future if Biden and his fellow
satanists take over the world. This isn't speculative. It's a certainty.
It's a promise they've made to you, and they will not disappoint.
Read article below to get the context of this raid in Germany.
And get ready: if Biden wins, the U.S. is next.

November 21, 2020

November 20, 2020 -- Afternoon & Evening
November 20, 2020 -- Morning
November 19, 2020
  • This has been circulating from Canada. We'll see if it's true. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see things like this as "the empire strikes back."
    "I've been holding on to this for weeks now and what my wife told me won't leave my thoughts. My wife works for the Liberal Party of Canada, and I need to speak up at this time or I won't be able to live with myself. On or around December 2nd the entire country will receive an emergency broadcast message regarding military deployment to all metro centers with Canada. A 24 hour curfew will begin and will last until June 15th, 2021. During this time, you will not be able to leave your home unless the reason is an emergency. Local police will have checkpoints set up where they expect considerable civil disobedience. If you and your family need food, it is a good idea to buy it immediately as the emergency orders will not allow you to go out for supplies. The only thing open will be hospitals, police, and critical infrastructure such as water treatment and utilities. Once military is set up on the streets of Canadian cities, they will be given orders to engage all citizens as a threat. Mobile containment transport buses will detain citizens to CoVid 19 isolation units where they will be monitored for the virus. Orders have been given to move swiftly on anti-masked individuals and those resisting lockdown orders. During the Christmas period a breakdown of society will begin due to starvation as well as degrading mental health situation. Canadian Forces have been instructed to use deadly force. . ."
  • You better damn well hope that this is a psyop, otherwise, anybody living in the U.S. is screwed
  • Surprise Attack! -- This is a follow up to the previous post. It's about it being mandatory that everyone gets the vaccine.
  • Schwab Advocates Putting Chips in Our Head so Government Can Read our Thoughts? -- These are what those who stole the election from you have planned for you next.
  • "Drop and Roll" -- How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump (Video) -- The entire fraud in one easy-to-follow video.

  • The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy -- Schwab explains with excitement how upcoming technology will allow authorities to "intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior." I can't think of anything more demonic.
  • From Freedom to Tyranny -- The World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" -- Not one area of life will be left untouched by the World Economic Forum's Great Reset plan, which aims to end human autonomy and place all aspects of life under central control. Digital technology and artificial intelligence will be used to take control over money, energy, the production of artificial and GMO food, health care, real estate, policing, and how people interact with one another."
  • Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is "The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public" -- "Noting that he was also an expert in virology, Hodkinson pointed out that his role as CEO of a biotech company that manufactures COVID tests means, 'I might know a little bit about all this.'"
  • NY Times Says "Great Reset" Is A "Conspiracy Theory" On Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It -- On the same day that the World Economic Forum heralded "The Great Reset" as a positive way to build "future resilience to global risks," the New York Times declared the entire thing to be a "conspiracy theory." [Pressing the limits of outrageously fake news, are we?]
  • Watch: Trump Campaign Legal Team Exposes "Massive, Well-Funded Effort" To Destroy American Democracy -- The Trump campaign legal team detailed allegations and evidence surrounding claims widespread election fraud responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of votes from Donald Trump. [And the thing is: the level of fraud is so great, we will never know the real numbers.]
  • Sen. Kennedy: Media's Soft Treatment Of Biden "Undermines Democracy" -- "...the toughest question that Mr. Biden has been asked is, does he support children and prosperity, and probably the second toughest question is, does he like ponies."
  • NYC Mayor Says Indoor Dining Will Be Shut In "Next Week Or Two" -- A government pre-disposed to telling you where to eat, how to eat, what to eat, and who you may eat with and under what circumstancess, is a government that is equally predisposed to telling you that you can't eat at all.
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November 1, 2020

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