December, 2020

Picking up from November -- this is the eleventh month we've been following the Great Hoaxes of 2020 and the final month of what may be rightly called the most bizarre and politically charged year in American history -- perhaps even world history.

"People Are Still Having Sex -- 2020 Upgrade"
Here's an entertaining 7 minute video
that summarizes what 2020 is really about.

Coronavirus® & Other Scams of 2020
News & Developments for December

his is now the eleventh month I've been maintaining this 2020 blog. As we approach the end of 2020, we reflect back on what has to be the most bizarre and "republic-threatening" year in U.S. history -- one that has serious consequences for the rest of the world. When I began this blog on February 2nd, I was motivated by serious reports I was getting in January from China concerning the CoVid outbreak. That remained the primary focus until May when BLM and Antifa riots began to surface. With the passage of time and the introduction of harsh CoVid restrictions that ran counter to our scientific understanding of the "pandemic," it became apparent that there was were overriding and inescapable political components driving the "scams of 2020."
These political components acquired further clarification when elements of the political left essentially began promising that by hook or by crook, they were going to take over the White House and proceed with a far left progressive agenda, with or without the permission of the Amerian people. The idea that the U.S. was witnessing a Bolshevik resolution turned from a conjecture to a promise. The prospect of democracy ending as an element of Western Civilization became apparent. This is a level of turmoil I saw in my ayahuasca visions 9 years ago -- visions that became the basis of my book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca.
Throughout November, the month just ended, we had a U.S. election so rife with fraud and corruption, that prominent members of the alternative media -- including Alex Jones and Mike Adams -- began postulating that "they must have wanted to get caught. Nobody -- regardless of pollitical affiliation could possibly be this stupid, unless it was their intention not merely to hide their crimes, but be able to brag about them."
Paradoxically, the mainstream media, Big Tech, and their brethren in social media in the U.S. and other countries vociferously denied any existence of fraud -- something akin to taking the position that the sun no longer rises from the east and sets in the west.
As we enter December, we are caught in a vicious civil war that is on the verge of "going kinetic." If the conflict goes hot, which it appears it will, we are probably looking at a confrontation that will go global, as the forces of good and evil engage in a battle for ultimate supremacy.
Again, what we are witnessing is nothing more than a great battle between --- as Archbishop Carlos Maria Viganó of the Catholic Church puts it -- "the children of the Light and the children of the dark."

This historical chart shows that the much hyped Covid death rate
is extremely low and does not justify the pandemic designation.
December 31, 2020 -- Afternoon and evening
December 31, 2020 -- Morning
December 30, 2020
  • First Known US Case of New CCP Virus Strain Confirmed in Colorado -- "A new, potentially more contagious strain of the CCP virus that causes COVID-19 was confirmed in Colorado -- the first time it's been detected in the United States, according to health officials." This is fascism in the year 2020 -- soon to be 2021.
    I hope you've been with me long by now to see that this is 100% unmitigated horseshit. Because they've gotten away with the complete subjugation of the human race, they've decided to up the ante. They know that the majority of humans still believe that exosomes (i.e. viruses) are contagious, can be jacked up with fear to do the most ridiculously absurd things (i.e. wear a mask all day, thus inhibiting the ability to breath), they now feel they can go for broke. The sky's the limit. As I've said before, we will never see an end to CoVid in any of our lifetimes, because there's too few people who will stand up and say, "We've had enough of your bullshit."

Remember the "First Ladies Compared" cartoon that
got Bob Garrison is so much hot water with leftists?
I can think of something WAY more offensive . . .

  • Michelle Obama Named Most Admired Woman in Gallup Poll -- I am like SOOO bummed out by this, dude! It's unfair! Then who are they going to name most admired tranny? Let's read the official announcement:
    With a mouse and a click
    We knew the woman to pick
    It's Barack's favorite lick
    It's a chick with a dick!
    Ok --- that'll work.

  • 2021: Empty Shelves -- Shortages in Sight -- Soybeans Explained -- As we head into 2021, this video (which was put on in Dec. 11) should be reviewed. Signs are popping up everywhere that food shortages are growing dramatically. China has instructed its farmers to focus only on grains to insure "food security." Dramatic. Food shortages are headed for the U.S. Instead of stocking up on toilet paper so Americans would have something to wipe their brains, people should be focussing on food.
  • More CoVid Nonsense: South Africa Bans Liquor Sales to Stop the Spread of the Virus -- They should really institute minimum IQ requirements for officials over there that run that country. They could start at 50 and use the next 100 years to try to raise it ten points. Hey -- it's a start.
  • This is NOT Good! Please Wake Up Trump Supporters -- (HighImpact) -- Trump supporters like to point out how "smart" he is. No, he's not. Sure, he looks good when compared to Biden, because Biden borders on brain-dead, but the insistence on pushing QE infinity is only a call to crash the dollar even quicker than it's already crashing. It's difficult to argue that Trump isn't yet another banker puppet. This came out in September, but it's relevant now in view of all this talk about pumping yet another trillion of funny money into the system.

  • UKRAINE RELEASES BOMBSHELL INFORMATION ON BIDEN TODAY! MIRROR THIS ASAP -- This came out a couple of days ago. The "Bombshell" is used entirely too much online. One of the Kardashians showing their ass in public can be tagged "Bombshell," and a photo showing the egg flipped over, "Super Bombshell." (Who gives a shit? What morons listen to this trash in the first place.)
    That said, this is one of those rare video posts that really lives up to the "bombshell" tag. We have 1 hour and 10 minutes of revelations from the Ukrainian government detailing massive financial crimes involving Democrats of every strike in the U.S. Will it make a difference? Absolutely not. Like HELLary Clinton, if a video surprised with Biden personally torturing and killing a 4 year old girl, the response from the mainstream media would be, "She deserved to die! Anybody who could possibly anger Joseph Biden that much doesn't deserve to live." And rank-and-file Democrats. What would they say? You know what they'd say. "Well, you gotta take the good with the bad, and since he DID beat Trump in the election, he deserves a free pass."
    There is no such thing as a crime so heinous that Democrats do not believe their leaders are not entitled to commit it -- which brings us to the next post:
  • Interfax News Report on Biden's Participation in Ukrainian Corruption -- (PCR) -- "Here is a long report on Interfax News of an investigation into Ukrainian corruption that covers father and son Biden's role in providing protection for corruption in exchange for money payments. The report gives the larger picture of the extent of Ukrainian corruption. It seems that it might be the case that Washington applies sanctions to those who participate in uncovering and revealing corruption involving US financial entities and persons. You can bet this news report will not be reported by CNN, New York Times, or State Department."

  • 80% of People Taking Maderna Vaccine Had Significant Side Effects -- But, by all means, let's focus ONLY on the 20% who do not have serious side effects yet (but will).
  • Situation Update, Dec. 29th -- Extensive evidence of foreign interference in the US election is now surfacing -- Mike Adams: "Today's Situation Update for Dec. 29th covers the new outpouring of extensive evidence of foreign interference in the US election."

  • Crazy Dr. Fauci Appears to be Vaccinated on Live TV Then the Next Day He Forgets Which Arm Received the Shot -- "So that begs the question that if these vaccines are the 'only way to stop the pandemic' why pretend to get one? If they are so 'safe', why the dog-and-pony show? I think you know the answer to that one. We watched vice president Mike Pence pretend to be vaccinated in a shot that didn't even appear to break the skin, we watch Benjamin Netanyahu pretend to get the COVID vaccine, but by a 'doctor' who forgot to wear gloves, who held the tip in the needle in his ungloved fingers, and used a diabetic syringe to boot!"
December 29, 2020
December 28, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 28, 2020 -- Morning
  • Fauci Defends Deliberately 'Moving the Goalposts' and Lying about Covid-19 Herd Immunity (VIDEO) -- "Ok -- so I lied my ass off. So what? It's not like you miserable cretins are in a position to do anything about it!"
  • Who's murdering all the COVID scientists? -- "Doctors, scientists and other medical experts involved with research into the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are mysteriously turning up dead all around the world in what appears to be a mass culling of people who know too much truth about the plandemic."
  • Here's Cuomo complaining about Americans being skeptical about the vaccine. And here he is two months ago saying Americans should be skeptical about the vaccine. -- The thing about politicians liars is that they can't keep their story straight. So if you listen carefully, you'll find that they end up tripping over themselves at every turn.
  • Major Covid Vaccine Glitch Emerges: Most Europeans, Including Hospital Staff, Refuse To Take It -- With so many stories of horrific side effects (not the least of which is death -- see earlier posts yesterday) -- no wonder a "screw you" movement against these vaccinations is building.

  • China Will Be The First Country To Launch A Digital Currency: What Happens Then -- First of all, it's not true at all. Ecuador was the first country to introduce a digital currency. You read that right. Ecuador. The country I live in. The rollout was reported around the world. What happened next was not. I'm about to tell you: NOTHING. Neither I nor anybody else that I know of here owns any of it. In fact, I've never met anybody in Ecuador who owns any cryptocurrency, Ecuadorian, Bitcoin, Etherium, whatever -- PERIOD. At Alpha Omega Labs, we accept eight different currencies through BitPay. I also accept crypto on my bookstore --- and to date, only a handful of people have actually paid using any of these eight different cryptos, which include Bitcoin.
    So why did Ecuadorians say no to digital currency? Well, it's a matter of two factors: trust and practicality. The lack of trust comes from the fact that millions of Ecuadorians lost their asses when the national currency here until 1999, called the "sucre," went belly up. People don't regard the government as being, in any way, financially responsible. Secondly, there is the practicality issue: electrical systems can fail; often there are problems connecting to the internet. When there are either power or internet service problems, you have no connection to your money. With physical money, you are never disconnected from it, unless you get robbed or you loss it.
    I suspect that Ecuador is not the only place on earth where people feel like this. Strangely, there is a tangential connection between the CoVid vaccine and digital currencies: both suffer from poor reputation, or, as we would say here: "La gente no tienen confianza." The People dont' have faith and confidence enough in either of them to get near them. It's going to be a bumpy ride on the way to the NWO. I can see that.
December 27, 2020 -- Evening
  • Bill Gates' Savior Complex Spirals Out of Control, Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race -- It's a BS article. We have just entered Solar Cycle #25. I've talked about this before. The Arctic may be heating up, but worldwide temperatures, on average, are cooling. Perhaps Robert Felix was right -- ("Not by Fire, But By Ice"). We're going to need more sunlight, not less. Russian scientists are reporting that "#25" looks like it will be a shorter version of the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715), and this cool cycle will last from 2020-2055 (35 years, or roughly 4.5 solar cycles). We just entered Solar Cycle #25 earlier this year.
    Not satisfied to train wreck humanity with the introduction of deadly vaccines, now Bill Gates wants to destroy the rest of life on earth. Now THERE'S an overachiever! Lucifer is so proud!

Tiffany Dover took the vaccine. Now she's dead!
Intel agencies now looking for body-double replacement?

December 27, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • Tiffany Dover Dead -- Another Vaccine Casualty -- Remember the nurse from Chattanooga, who took the new, untested, highly dangerous, soon-to-be-mandatory Pfizer vaccine on then passed out on live TV just 17 minutes after taking the damn thing? No? Her name was Tiffany Dover, and she was just 30 year old. I posted the story and the video of what happened on December 18th. Here is the original video I posted -- just a minute long. After the incident we saw a flurry of explanations from medical apologists in the whore media, as the talking head sluts minimized the situation with their usual flimsy, non-sensical, goof-ball explanations.
    Well, minimize this, you cum-guzzling, vaccine-promoting, road whores: Tiffany Dover is now dead. (Skip to 4:48 where the poster discusses it.) Quite predictably, Big Tech and all social media outlets (except for a handful of alternative media platforms) are censoring any mention of her death. You have to search hard to even see mention of it. Fortunately, this poster was able to find Tiffany's fresh death record online. He was able to catch it before the "fact checkers" were able to bury it. No doubt, intel agencies are now working together with officials in the Medical Industrial Complex to find a body double! Why not? It's what I would do if I were a satan-worshipping, vaccine-promoting, humanity-hating bag man for the medical Elite!
    In the Comment section, some observers doubted the report, thinking that this is just another psy-op. Anything is possible, I suppose, but I seriously doubt that.
  • Black Nurse in Nashville: Warning About the Vaccine's Effects! -- Shortly, after I received the news about Tiffany, a black nurse in Nashville posted what's happening to her now that she's taken the vaccine. She now has Ball's Palsy and is experiencing severe health consequences as a result of having taken the vaccine. See and hear the post for yourself before it's taken down.
  • Dr. Vernon Coleman: URGENT NEWS about the CoVid-19 Vaccine -- This ties into the previous post. The vaccine is unbelievably dangerous. It's going to destroy millions of lives -- at the least -- far more than CoVid ever could have. Dr. Coleman warns, "The CoVid vaccine rollout has to be stopped! Now!" What Dr. Coleman doesn't understand is that the vaccine is dangerous by design. It's is doing precisely what it was designed to do.

December 27, 2020 -- Morning
December 26, 2020
December 25, 2020 -- Merry Christmas

December 24, 2020
December 23, 2020 -- Evening
The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die."
General George Washington
Address to the Continental Army
Before the Battle of Long Island
August 27, 1776

December 23, 2020 -- Morning
December 22, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 22, 2020 -- Morning
December 21, 2020
December 20, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 20, 2020 -- Morning
December 19, 2020
December 18, 2020
December 17, 2020
December 16, 2020
December 15, 2020 -- Evening
December 15, 2020 -- Morning and Afternoon
December 14, 2020 -- Evening
December 14, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • IT'S WAR: Communist China successfully infiltrated vaccine giants Pfizer, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline as part of "unrestricted warfare" to defeat the US military and conquer North America -- Well, doesn't that make sense. Helps explain why the vaccine is so debilitating.
  • Situation Update, Dec. 13th -- Trump readies evidence to leverage against Biden, Gen. Perna announces "vaccine D-Day -- the beginning of the end" -- Here is the link to Mike's latest presentation, released late last night. What Gen. Perna is really saying is, "We don't have to take you Trumpers out with bullets. We'll do it with the vaccine." Listen to Mike Adams' explanation.
  • Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD weighs in on the CoVid vaccine -- I don't agree with EVERYTHING in his response. For example, he obviously believes in Pasteur's Germ Theory -- something I've said repeatedly is ridiculously flawed. Still, it has many important point. He states, "Last week I must have been asked 20 times about the new COVID vaccines. Here are my thoughts. Please pass this informatiion on to as many as you can. People need to be truly informed when it comes to injecting foreign, genetic material into their bodies. Make up your own mind but be educated first. Don't make fear based decisions."

    1. The COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines are a completely new type of vaccine. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed for human use before. In essence, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine. We have no idea if it will be effective or safe.
    2. Traditional vaccine simply introduce pieces of a virus to stimulate an immune reaction. The new mRNA vaccine is completely different. It actually injects (transfects) molecules of synthetic genetic material from non-humans sources into our cells. Once in the cells, the genetic material interacts with our transfer RNA (tRNA) to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus being coded for. Note that these newly created proteins are not regulated by our own DNA, and are thus completely foreign to our cells. What they are fully capable of doing is unknown.
    3. The mRNA molecule is vulnerable to destruction. So, in order to protect the fragile mRNA strands while they are being inserted into our DNA they are coated with PEGylated lipid nanoparticles. This coating hides the mRNA from our immune system which ordinarily would kill any foreign material injected into the body. PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been used in several different drugs for years. Because of their effect on immune system balance, several studies have shown them to induce allergies and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been shown to trigger their own immune reactions, and to cause damage to the liver.
    4. These new vaccines are additionally contaminated with aluminum, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde. The manufacturers have not yet disclosed what other toxins they contain.
    5. Since viruses mutate frequently, the chance of any vaccine working for more than a year is unlikely. That is why the flu vaccine changes every year. Last year's vaccine is no more valuable than last year’s newspaper.
    6. Absolutely no long term safety studies will have been done to ensure that any of these vaccines don't cause the cancer, seizures, heart disease, allergies, and autoimmune diseases seen with other vaccines. If you ever wanted to be guinea pig for Big Pharma, now is your golden opportunity.
    7. Many experts question whether the mRNA technology is ready for prime time. In November 2020, Dr. Peter Jay Hotez said of the new mRNA vaccines, "I worry about innovation at the expense of practicality because they [the mRNA vaccines] are weighted toward technology platforms that have never made it to licensure before." Dr. Hotez is Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he is also Director of the Texas Children's Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.
    8. Michal Linial, PhD is a Professor of Biochemistry. Because of her research and forecasts on COVID-19, Dr. Linial has been widely quoted in the media. She recently stated, "I won't be taking it [the mRNA vaccine] immediately -- probably not for at least the coming year. We have to wait and see whether it really works. We will have a safety profile for only a certain number of months, so if there is a long-term effect after two years, we cannot know."
    9. In November 2020, The Washington Post reported on hesitancy among healthcare professionals in the United States to the mRNA vaccines, citing surveys which reported that: "some did not want to be in the first round, so they could wait and see if there are potential side effects", and that "doctors and nurses want more data before championing vaccines to end the pandemic".
    10. Since the death rate from COVID resumed to the normal flu death rate way back in early September, the pandemic has been over since then. Therefore, at this point in time no vaccine is needed. The current scare tactics regarding "escalating cases" is based on a PCR test that because it exceeds 34 amplifications has a 100% false positive rate unless it is performed between the 3rd and 5th day after the first day of symptoms. It is therefor 100% inaccurate in people with no symptoms. This is well established in the scientific literature. See the attachment (False Positive PCR testing is up to 100%!) for more information on this. If you go to the CDC site (file:///C:/Users/docto/AppData/Local/Temp/cdc_97230_DS1.pdf ), you can see that the weekly death rates in the US are now lower than they normally are during an average flu season.
    11. The other reason you don't need a vaccine for COVID-19 is that substantial herd immunity has already taken place in the United States. This is the primary reason for the end of the pandemic.
    12. Unfortunately, you cannot completely trust what you hear from the media. They have consistently got it wrong for the past year. Since they are all supported by Big Pharma and the other entities selling the COVID vaccines, they are not going to be fully forthcoming when it comes to mRNA vaccines. Every statement I have made here is fully backed by published scientific references.
    13. I would be very interested to see verification that Bill and Melinda Gates with their entire family including grandchildren, Joe Biden and President Trump and their entire families, and Anthony Fauci and his entire family all get the vaccine.
    14. Anyone who after reading all this still wants to get injected with the mRNA vaccine, should at the very least have their blood checked for COVID-19 antibodies. There is no need for a vaccine in persons already naturally immunized.

    "Here's my bottom line: I would much rather get a COVID infection than get a COVID vaccine. That would be safer and more effective. I have had a number of COVID positive flu cases this year. Some were old and had health concerns. Every single one has done really well with natural therapies including ozone therapy and IV vitamin C. Just because modern medicine has no effective treatment for viral infections, doesn't mean that there isn't one."

  • (Clive de Carle) -- "Risk Reduction -- Real Risk vs. Relative Risk Explained. It's 0.8%, not 95% effective." -- More simply put: 0% necessary; 100% harmful.
  • The COVID Vaccine Is Here -- And So Are Potential Side Effects -- If you knew what I knew, you'd be crazy -- some might say suicidal -- to take it.

  • Electoral College Votes Today, Here's What To Expect -- Today, members of the Electoral College will gather throughout the day in their respective states to cast their official ballots for president. Most states will offer livestreams to watch the proceedings, which will take place at locations chosen by state legislatures -- typically the state's capitol. Exceptions include Delaware -- whose electors will meet in a gym, and Nevada -- which will be the only state to hold its meeting virtually this year, according to the New York Times.
    Is the Press Cheering the End of Freedom? -- "This is the plan. They cannot tolerate dissent." Never forget that Biden voters allied with those who want you imprisoned and killed.
December 14, 2020 -- Morning
December 13, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 13, 2020 -- Morning
December 12, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 12, 2020 -- Morning
  • The US Supreme Court stood with the Establishment and not with the Truth and American Democracy -- (PCR) -- "As I predicted would be the case, the US Supreme Court stood with the Establishment and not with the Truth and American Democracy.
    "The picture is now complete. Every American institution is corrupt.
    "Notice how the presstitute publication The Hill words its headline.
    "Welcome, fellow Americans, to the Third World gangster state in which you now live.
  • We Live in a World of Hoaxes -- (PCR) -- "Notice that we hear nothing about flu, only Covid. The tests can't differentiate between them.
    "Notice that all the years when news reported hospitals overwhelmed by flu deaths, there were no lockdowns or mask mandates.
    "Notice that if the Covid pandemic were real, the reports from skeptical experts would not be banned from the Internet and presstitute media. It seems that hardly any independent experts believe in the Covid pandemic.
    "Clearly, we are being setup for something."
    Well, we already know what we're being set up for. We already know that 2020 was about setting us up for The Great Reset and the enslavement of humanity. They Elite have been very clear about their objectives and how they intend to achieve it. The subtitle of my 2018 book, Living on the Precipice, is: "Global Corruption, The Supremacy of Fake, and Reflections on Near Term Human Extinction." I didn't know the timing of events, but I knew the final score of the baseball game. And sure enough, that's exactly where the Elite are taking us.
  • The betrayal is now complete: SCOTUS dismissal of Texas lawsuit illuminates final remaining option to save the republic -- (NaturalNews) -- Mike Adams posted this late last night:
    "Tonight the US Supreme Court chose to dismiss the Texas lawsuit for lack of standing.
    "The court did not hear the merits of the case, nor did it decide on them. It simply declared that Democrat-controlled states can rig elections, commit ballot fraud, cheat and steal in whatever way they want even if their actions are wildly unfair to the other states which are impacted by the outcome of federal elections.
    "As of tonight, December 11, 2020, we no longer live in a functioning constitutional republic."
    Don't cheat yourself. Read the entire article. This should convince you, if nothing else does, that the United States as we understood it to be, the United States we were born into, the common narrative of what the United States is, as were raised to believe, is DEAD AND BURIED.
  • Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes urges Americans to prepare for TOTAL WAR -- Pay attention. It's coming. There's no avoiding it now.
  • Not monkeying around: Monkeys "exhibit more cognitive flexibility" compared to humans, say researchers -- Isn't that the truth. One of the things we've learned in 2020 is that the average person is far more gullibility that anyone could have previously imagined.
  • DEPOPULATION VAX: Trial subjects injected with coronavirus vaccines suddenly test positive for HIV -- updated -- (Natural News) -- "The coronavirus vaccine is a global depopulation bioweapon. People injected with covid-19 vaccines are suddenly testing positive for HIV." -- They told you their goal for world human population was 500 million. Do you have reason to doubt them?
December 11, 2020 -- Evening
December 11, 2020 -- Afternoon

Washington, D.C. has been a 5-star corporate brothel for years.
Swalwell just took it to whole new level.
  • Twitter is looking to further censor conservatives through expanded "hate speech" policy -- "Social media giant Twitter may be looking to further censor conservatives through a a further extension of its 'hate speech' policy. The updated policy gives the company more power to censor tweets that it finds 'offensive.'"
  • Ben Shapiro: 'Get the vaccine, dopes' -- This is why you can't trust anybody. Anybody. You have to do your own research. Shapiro is a very respected voice in the conservative community, and here, he demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about this vaccine. It's pure ignorance.
  • 22 BLUE States File Brief in Opposition to Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit -- The Evil Empire strikes back.
  • Time picks Biden and Harris for Person of the Year -- Know who you can trust and who you can't. The media has already proven that it does not stand with the People.
  • Bill Gates saying the v*a*x*x* will alter your DNA permanently -- 666 Mark Of The Beast -- It's 2:44 in length. You have no excuse not to listen to it, before making the decision to make the "mark" -- which is exactly what it is. Those who think this is a joke, should study Microsoft's international patent which defines what getting the "Mark" is all about. Click on the previous link and once there, click on the Description tab. Knowing how all Democrats think this is just so great, and the threat they pose to the rest of us.
    The correlation with text from the Book of Revelation is most unsettling.
    See Rev. 13:16-18 King James Version (KJV):

    • 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    • 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    • 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
    If you take the Mark of the Beast, this is what happens -- (Rev. 14:9-11 King James Version (KJV)).

    • 9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
    • 10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
    • 11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
    If you refuse the Mark of the Beast, this is what happens -- (Rev. 20:4 King James Version (KJV)).

    • 4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
    It's something worth thinking about. An intelligent person would ask: if there is no substance to this nearly 2,000 year old document, then why are the world's elite using it as their global playbook, following it the way a movie actor would repeat his lines?.

  • MAJOR Updates to Texas SCOTUS Suit Against 4 States, Several States Joining -- High-powdered attorney, Jay Sekulow, provides interesting insights on the SCOTUS suit. This was posted on the 9th -- two days ago -- but it is still very relevant to this ongoing, historical legal action.
December 11, 2020 -- Morning
  • Election Supervisor Shows on Video How Dominion Software Allows Changing, Adding Votes -- "We screwed you over and changed the outcome of the election. Here's how we did it."
  • BREAKING / DEVELOPING: "Kraken" intel revealed, PROOF of foreign interference, sent to DNI Ratcliffe and SCOTUS, activates Sep. 2018 EO, Trump victory clear -- It's a 17 page PDF that shows precisely how the election was stolen.

  • Info received from private intel source:
    As you know by now, 18 States have joined in on the Texas case before SCOTUS.
    Source who works for the Pentagon confirms: "Soon, Trump will take over the National Broadcast System. Listen and follow Instructions. Don't Panic. Our Military, Law Enforcement and other Great Patriots got this. We will Prevail. Trump 2020.
    China has purchased 130k ACRES of land near Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas (even the MSM is confirming this). Chinese spies have been identified IN CONGRESS. Chinese Parcel Services have been confirmed being received at election centers in US. Chinese leaders have bragged this week of their influence and control in American politics.
    Biden has been confirmed as tied to CCP as well as many high-level US Officials including GA's Gov Kemp.
    In 2017 a video shows POTUS stating in Oval Office "a storm is coming." Yesterday 12/7 and today 12/8 the 82nd Airborne posted in 2 separate social media posts: 1.) "A Storm is coming. #CombatReady." 2.) "Final preparations today for Devil Storm. The morning started with the Combined Arms Rehearsal (CAR) -- the Brigade walk-through of the planned operation, during which Company/Battery/Troop commanders, along with sustainment leaders, brief the team on the base plan of executing the mission. The day closes out with Sustained Airborne Training (SAT) for all Paratroopers who will be jumping into the fight. The Storm is upon us. Watch it unfold this week! #StrikeHold #AATW #DIBP #DevilStorm
    Intel points to potential martial law being declared by or on December 14th. Intel is overwhelming that high-ranking Democrats AND Republicans have conspired and acted in conjunction with the CCP to steal the 2020 election and that the CCP is attempting to overthrow our government and instill Communism.
    Over the past four days, there have been MASSIVE movements of troops, equipment and supplies WITHIN the continental United States (CONUS). Today (Tue. 12/8), the US Navy is positioning Aircraft carriers and their strike groups off both the US east and west coasts. It appears we are preparing to defend ourselves from an invasion. China? Late Saturday 12/5, no fewer than 25 C-17 aircraft were in the skies over the USA, carrying troops and equipment from around the nation -- ALL going to Nellis Air Force Base. Also late Saturday 12/5, no fewer than 12 C-130 aircraft were also on the move, ALSO ALL heading into Nellis.
    On Sunday, locals on and around Nellis reported the base was "swarming" with soldiers and Marines. They also reported seeing a vast array of land fighting vehicles coming out of cargo aircraft.
    This morning, according the the US Naval Institute, the Navy has deployed THREE (3) Aircraft Carriers, plus a Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) off the US West Coast, and TWO (2) Aircraft carriers and their Strike Groups plus another LHD off the US East Coast. Off the West Coast is the USS Carl Vinson in the Pacific (NOT AT PORT) along the Oregon/Washington Border, the USS Essex (LHD) off the coast of San Francisco, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt and its Strike Group off the coast of Los Angeles. Off the East Coast are the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, off the Coast of Connecticut; the USS Gerald R. Ford off the coast of New Jersey, and the USS Iwo Jima off the coast of South Carolina.
    Given these new naval deployments, and the very large, sudden, movement of troops into Nellis AFB, one gets the impression that the United States is preparing to defend its homeland from actual invasion.

    This comports with two ayahuasca vision quests, where I was shown that Russian and Chinese troops would both attacks, as they perceive the U.S. to be in a weakened state because of the "civil war."

  • UK officials warn vaccination will do little to reduce winter coronavirus cases -- It will do nothing to help you, but we still insist that you take it!
  • BREAKING: Pennsylvania Responds to Texas Supreme Court Case -- Says It's Bogus and Seditious -- As one post reads: "Pennsylvania's response reads like a bad article from The NY Times -- full of the same old buzzwords and lacking any truth or substance. It reeks of feigned moral superiority. It doesn't address the issues and if we know the SCOTUS, it won't be received well.
  • 106 House Republicans Sign Brief Backing Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin -- "This brief presents [our] concern as Members of Congress, shared by untold millions of their constituents, that the unconstitutional irregularities involved in the 2020 presidential election cast doubt upon its outcome and the integrity of the American system of elections," states the brief signed by 106 GOP lawmakers.
  • Portland Autonomous Zone Established Despite Mayor's Vow; Police Chief Begs For Peace As Weapons Stockpiled And Assaults Already Taking Place -- When you vote for communist Democrats, this is what you get.
  • Philippines' Duterte Vows to 'Resign Tomorrow' if Caught Taking Bribes -- What if every politician on earth took that oath?
December 10, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
  • 2020 US Elections & Beyond -- The report itself costs $50. One of the most provocative things that Armstong is saying: "I warned the objective with these lockdowns is to crush the economy so they can 'build [it] back better,' which means they must destroy the economy as we know it. They will continue to extend these lockdowns throughout 2021 and use them as the excuse to end democracy and elections 2021-2022."
  • COVID Ward Nurse Puts Up Christmas Lights At Home, Gets Letter Saying They're A 'Reminder Of Systemic Biases' -- "After a Minnesota nurse who works with patients in a coronavirus ward put up Christmas lights on her home, an anonymous neighbor left her a letter chastising her because the lights represented 'a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don't celebrate Christmas or who can't afford to put up lights of their own." This is the insanity of the Bolshevik, communist horde. Damn you if you work hard, get ahead, and would go to so far as to spend $10 to $80 to put up some Christmas lights.
December 10, 2020 -- Morning
December 9, 2020 -- Afternoon & Evening
December 9, 2020 -- Morning
December 8, 2020

"I've Had Enough!"

December 7, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 7, 2020 -- Morning
  • Experts Warn Against a Rushed Covid Vaccine -- (PCR) -- "A number of experts, including the former scientific director and vice president of Pfizer, are warning that a rushed Covid vaccine could be more dangerous than Covid itself. These expert voices are the voices that are being prohibited on social media and are the voices that Google makes hard to find. It seems that it is important for the Establishment to control the explanations. This should make us suspicious."
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Bombshell: FDA Documents Reveal DEATH + 21 Serious Conditions As Possible Adverse Outcomes -- Do the FDA documents say anything about the importance of wearing a mask while in the coffin, after the CoVid vaccine kills you, so that the CoVid virus doesn't catch CoVid?
  • The Covid Vaccine Is an Anti-fertility Vaccine -- PCR's short comments on this article are as vital as the article itself:

    1. The Covid Vaccine Is an Anti-fertility Vaccine
    2. Eugenics Cannot Be Taught in Universities But It Can Be Practiced by the Global Elite
    3. The global elite are redesigning women as devices for sexual pleasure that cannot be impregnated.
    4. This is a very important article. It argues that the global elite have taken control and are in the process of exterminating us. (I've been arguing this for a long time. It is a theme that is prominent in my book, Living on the Precipice. What is unusual is for someone of Paul Craig Robert's stature to give it his imprimatur.)
    5. You can laugh and shout "conspiracy theory" but Mike Whitney backs up his explanation with the evidence. Here is the referenced article itself: The Covid-19 Vaccine; Is the Goal Immunity or Depopulation?.
December 6, 2020
  • Oliver Stone: Here's Why Trump Should Pardon Snowden, Assange -- "Why @realDonaldTrump should pardon @Snowden & #Assange:
    1. It will take the edge off his pardons for his family & loyalists by being unselfish and not self-serving. And at the least, confound his many critics -- as well as future historians.
    2. It will drive his enemies in #DeepState and #Media absolutely nuts! A reproof to @BarackObama's #DOJ, a shock to @JoeBiden, and a well-deserved finger to one of the worst of the bad losers, @HillaryClinton, who essentially started this 4 years of destructive disinformation. A pardon of @Snowden and #Assange would be a great shock to this world, and reflect well on @realDonaldTrump. Despite all the negatives he's created, it will be seen as a purely merciful action. It will not be forgotten."
December 5, 2020
  • Meanwhile --- let's open the manila folder marked, "How do we accelerate the mass starvation of all these useless eaters? The CoVid thing just isn't doing it to ramp up this most necessary mass die-off of these disgusting humans."
  • '2021 going to be catastrophic,' UN warned it faces worst crises in its history -- WFP chief David Beasley sounded the alarm at a United Nations General Assembly meeting on Friday, convened to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and worldwide efforts to blunt its impact. He warned that some 270 million people are now "marching toward starvation" and that, in some countries, famine is "around the horizon."
  • Soybean Shortage & Cyberattack on Food Supply Chain: Achilles' Heel -- It's all coordinated. Don't act surprised. They hate you. You're disgusting. They've said so. And if they can starve you out, it's just another form of entertainment for for less-than-human leaders who run your world.
    Fun times. Enjoy.
  • Flooding in China Wipes Out Crops -- No wonder China has used its influence to buy up Big Tech and the Mainstream Media so that it becomes easier to take over the U.S.'s food supply. It's brilliant, when you think about it -- you know -- in a satanic sort of way.
  • Corporate Control of Diminishing Food in Fear & Greed -- When there are diminishing food resources, who do you think is going to be the first to go? Your ET elite? Or you?
  • 2021 Food Inflation -- Skip the hype on precious metals and crypto. This vodeo has important information on the effects of all the aforementioned phenomenon on food prices in 2021. Skip to 6:32, because there it gets interesting concerning the effects on food prices. Huge, huge food problems throughout Asia -- in Russia and China. In South America, droughts in Uruguay and Argentina dramatically cutting food production.
December 4, 2020 -- Evening
    Tucker: Experts finally admit they were wrong from the beginning -- This came out on Fox on Nov 30., 4 days ago. Still quite relevant in light of all the clinical evidence that's pouring out that most CoVid advisements have been based on pure horseshit. Am I too harsh? Nawww. The only thing that I picked up permanently having had CoVid myself is an incorrigible, incalitrant case of potty mouth --- with something it's outrageous, it's an easy affliction to pick up.
    So let me guess this straight --- because we want to be as scientifically accurate as possible. Kids shouldn't go to school. Yes, they should. No, they shouldn't. Yes, they should. Actually, studies show that kids are less likely to get CoVid if they eat their breakfast BEFORE 7 a.m. and have their first healthy shit for the day before 7:32 a.m. -- and if they don't, then they should NOT go to school. Kids should brought to school in a vehicle with a license plate number ending in an odd number on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Even numbers: Tuesdays and Thursdays. If they violate this, they'll probably get CoVid. You understand that there's no end to how ridiculous we could make this, right?
    And yet as ridiculous as it is, it is no more ridiculous than anything that has come out of that bullshitter's mouth, Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.B.S.E. (Medical Bullshit Extraordinaire).
  • Defense Bill Aims to Halt Drawdown of US Troops in Afghanistan -- Forget it. Bring the troops home. We need them here. These Democrat communists are a far greater threat to the Republic than any combination of Afghans, Russians, Yemeni, Somalis, Iranians, or Iraqis. Besides . . . everybody knows that the only reason we have troops in Afghanistan anymore is to protect the CIA's poppy fields. Yeah -- shut up -- heroin is a good business!
December 4, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • Trump lawyer: Biden team should be getting 'nervous' -- "In an interview with Newsmax TV, (Trump campaign attorney, Jordan Sekulow) said the Trump campaign cases argue that there was enough fraud in the elections in swing states to cast doubt on the outcome. The remedy, he said, should be to put the outcome in the hands of the state legislatures that select electors to the Electoral College. The electors are selected Dec. 8 and the vote is Dec. 14." Nawwww. I prefer the Insurrection Act.
  • Electoral Fraud Is Easy in America / Judicial Watch analysis finds 29 states with voter registration over 100% -- And still. And still. And still --- millions of Americans get their inuformation from the mainstream media and think it's truthful.
  • Media lose cool when Trump points out the obvious -- "But wait! Wait! The AP has called the presidential race for Joe Biden! It isn't democratic to not let Democrats cheat and turn the U.S. into a communist slave state! Only the whore faux-media journalists at AP have the right to determine who the next president will be." Oh, the outrage!
  • 'Treasonous' enemies within: 3-star general pushes Trump to use emergency powers -- "Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [U.S. Air Force Retired] said in a no-holds-barred interview that he doesn't believe the courts are likely to come through for President Trump.
    "Despite massive amounts of evidence of widespread irregularities, many judges appear either unable or unwilling to sort through allegations of rigged voting machines and dozens of affidavits from eyewitnesses to ballot stuffing, denial of Republican poll watchers from observing the process, evidence of more votes cast in hundreds of precincts than were registered to vote, and a host of other irregularities."

  • Face masks offer no protection from the coronavirus to the people who wear them -- study -- We've all known this for a long time. I've been talking about it since March, when I myself got a nasty case of CoVid, only to see no one around me getting it, even though no one out in the country wears them. (I got CoVid because of my frequent trips to Guayaquil, where heavy 5G testing had been occurring.)
    Joe Biden says that when he's president "everyone will be required to wear masks" (except for high-level politicians who only wear them when the camaras are rolling anyway). Think about that. Mask wearing is a filthy, disgusting practice, but Biden wants to make it a national law to wear them. Is it even conceivable that millions of people could have possibly voted for this dirtbag? In fact -- let's check out his latest comments on mask wearing :::
  • Biden Reveals Mask-Wearing Request He Will Issue to Every American on Inauguration Day -- "Joe Biden said Thursday that he will ask Americans to commit to 100 days of wearing masks as one of his first acts as president, stopping just short of the nationwide mandate he’s pushed before."
    Remember -- there are millions of hopelessly ignorant Americans who actually think this is a good idea and actually voted for it.
  • The Shadow Party -- How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party -- I've said it for the longest time: this is NOT our grandparents' Democratic Party. It is something entirely different. Sadly, there are millions of Americans who don't read, don't investigate, get their "facts" from the mainstream media, and are a grave hazard to the rest of us.
  • I'm Not Saying Donald Trump Is Planning a Coup, but He's Doing Exactly What Someone Would Do if They Were Planning a Coup -- This article is written by an incorrigible black racist from hell, fully onboard with anything and everything progressive leftists could possibly dredge up. If you're like me, you won't be able to finish it without reaching for the anti-nausea medication, but it's instructive for a different reason: it tells you what leftists fear. And they have reason to fear. They should be fearful. They're election fraud is being revealed everywhere, and one things that thieves and con artists of every stripe hate with equal intensity is getting outed.
    Well, it's happening, you incompetent demons. Eat it. Own it. Live with it. And then die with it.
    I'll be very disappointed, along with about 70 million other Americans, if Trump does NOT initiate this so-called "coup." A coup is exactly what the Democrats have been executing for the past 4+ years.

"Holy crap!"
December 4, 2020 -- Morning
December 3, 2020

Trump: Dec 2nd -- "Most important speech I've ever given."
December 2, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
December 2, 2020 -- Morning
  • Retired 3-star General McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and initiate MASS ARRESTS under military authority -- I don't see it happening. Trump doesn't have the stomach for it. He doesn't even have the stomach to fire Bill Barr, head of the DOJ, who's apparently cooperating with the co-conspirators. (See below.)
  • Daily Beast Editor Calls For "Humiliation" And "Incarceration" For Trump Supporters -- That's now 80% of Americans. Same think happened with the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. "History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhythm" (Mark Twain).
  • "Superforecasters" Now See 90% Odds 200 Million Americans Will Be Vaccinated By October -- Sufficient to ensure that there will never be an end to the fake "CoVid waves."
  • Report: Bill Barr Says DOJ Has Not Uncovered Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud -- It's truly outrageous. We now know that Barr is there to represent the interests of the Deep State.
  • AG Barr Destroys His Name for All Eternity -- His Actions Today Confirm He Is Just Another Card-Carrying Swamp Rat -- He's another swamp creature. To essentially say that no election fraud occurred is beyond irresponsible. Trump should have fired him immediately.
  • CNBC poll shows 73% of Trump supporters believe he is the legitimate winner of the election -- I'm surprised that it's only 73%. On the other hand, pollsters haven't proven themselves very reliable for several years now.
  • asks important questions:

    • Why did the outbreak in China end without a vaccine and why is no one talking about it?
    • Why did Fauci write a paper about the Spanish Flu saying it was not the flu that killed so many it was bacterial pneumonia from the masks breathing in their own expelled bacteria?
    • Why did countries that did little or nothing, no lockdowns mask requirements flatten the curve and are now finished with the epidemic due to herd immunity?
    • Why does the recommended mask box say will not protect from Cov-19 and why are they saying masks will NOT protect you from smoke when a virus is 1000 times smaller?
    • Why did the creator of the Covid test state it is unreliable and should not be used, why was he killed shortly thereafter?
    • How did 200 tests turn up positive when they were sent in by a team of suspicious doctors and nurses unused, and why did a goat and a pau pau fruit test positive in Africa?
    • What are the consequences of lockdowns, shutting down businesses, forced masks, mentally, socially and economically?
    • Latest evidence is showing we have a .0001 percent chance of catching and dying from Covid, it is less deadly than previous flus while we still need to protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems or previous conditions why the lockdowns and mandatory masks now?
    • Why is the spike going up and the deaths going down could it be the massive testing with fraudulent test kits and why did some governors of democratic states force infected people into rest homes and hospice care facilities?
    • Is there a plan to take down America, destroy the economy, decrease the population, introduce socialism, who is financing it, executing it and how do lockdowns, closing businesses, forced masks fit into this plan?
    • Last question is who stands to make billions with mandatory or forced vaccinations, do they believe in eugenics, population control, what is in the vaccinations and why have so many died or had adverse effects to the vaccinations?
    • All freedom loving health conscious people need to research and answer these questions no matter what party or affiliation. It is time for critical thinking, do your own research and do not depend on the pathological liars in main stream media or social media and their fakecheckers.
December 1, 2020
And now the latest fix for our chronic, incurable Trumpsturbaters:
(Did you know that reading too much alternative media will make you go blind?
Okay, okay -- never mind . . . Bad joke).

  • Situation Update -- Nov. 30th -- Is Joe Biden preparing to CONCEDE? Rumors emerge of Biden seeking pardon deal from Trump -- I know this is a major wet dream for conservatives, but will it happen? I certainly hope so -- but it seems too good to be true.
  • High level arrests and detainment have begun! Be ready for craziness and get lots of popcorn. -- More pol porn for Hopium addicts. I don't mean to sound so jaded, but I've heard this before. But know that I pray with all my heart that it's true. I'm an honorary Missourian -- "show me."
  • Post Election Update #6: U.S. Military 2020 Election Sting Operation Leading to Trump 2nd Term Landslide -- Latest from Scott McKay. Posted on Friday, but still fresh and current. Trumpsturbaters should beware spending too much time listening to Scott McKay's YouTube channel. You'll run out of sperm.
  • DC INSIDER: Gina Haspel, CIA Director, Found Dead From 'Natural Causes.' Shock at CIA Langley headquarters. Right now as this just has circulated around DC about an hour ago. Now its going viral in gov circles but there is currently a strict news blackout. -- This was put up by British politician on Twitter by Simon Parkes. His name appears nowhere, so you only know this if -- like myself -- you have followed Simon Parkes' work. The headline is exactly what he says, however, "You have to read between the lines." Events are occurring that are shaking up things at the top. Massive gun battle occurred in Germany (I've covered this in previous posts) "like you'd see in a Hollywood movie." Five special forces servicemen were killed. Military flights to Gitmo now running 600 per day. Trump team did, indeed, capture the Dominion servers. The best part comes after 07:30:00. Biden family going down. The evidence is plentiful that what Biden and the Democrat Party were involved in was nothing short of the overthrow of the entire U.S. government. The need for stability as we enter the "clean up" phase will be so great that "Trump may end up serving a third term." (A Constitutional amendment would be required.) Trump won closer to 400 electoral votes. Indictments being drawn up for some of the "biggest names." Important to listen to all 17:58. "We are seeing a Reset in the true democratic sense. Experts will be brought in to strengthen the U.S. Constitution. It's all very exciting news. Justice is coming for 'these people.'"
    My Comments After Listening: -- If the things that Simon Parkes is revealing ARE true, it is very good news, indeed. I thought it was interesting that he himself said, in so many words, "I'm sick and tired of all this false hope that's been circulating for years." That having been said, he proceeds with caution to lay out what his own intel sources are telling him, and -- for whatever reason -- he is convinced that it's actually happening." See this before Twitter takes it down.
  • General Flynn Takes Command Of "Q" Forces -- Warns "This Is Still A Coup In Progress" -- Same information from Russian Intel sources unconnected with leftist communist forces in the U.S.. Critical information at the bottom of this article. Here's the crux: Differing from the previous post, Haspel was injured but is not dead. "Haspel, a true American traitor in the purest sense of the word, was injured during the raid, after which she was flown to Gitmo and received a tribunal for treason. She agreed to help Trump for a lighter sentence of life which can be revoked if she chooses to not cooperate. She has now turned over information on the servers, what they were for, what they did, and who was involved."
    My Comments: Ok, Trumpsturbaters. Keep your pants on. Were going to find out soon enough if any of this true. However, if it is true -- and it's coming from multiple sources now -- it truly is cause to celebrate.

    [Written in the spirit of Holiday cheer:] "On the first day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me . . . a box of worthless, f**king N95 masks that do nothing to prevent viral infection. In fact, I can't breathe with these damn things on. So who knows? Maybe she's trying to suffocate me so she can collect on the life insurance!" --- (Ok, alreedy. I KNOW it doesn't rhythm! I'm working on it! I'm sure I'll have it ready so we can all sing it by Christmas.)

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