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We occasionally get interesting mail that neither fits the description of a testimonial or merits inclusion in our monthly Ashwin. Yet, for its wit, originality, newsworthiness, or even thoughtful provocation, we feel other Alpha Omega customers might want to read it.
With names removed to protect privacy (unless otherwise granted) -- here, then, are our latest, selected mailbox excerpts. [Read previous Mailbox Excerpts.]

December 27, 2002

Subject: Liver Flush issues

Epsom Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapefruit, Vitamin C... ... I finally did the Liver Flush this past weekend. It was successful (I passed a number of stones in nice, healthy shades of pea-green), but the process was very uncomfortable and, as a result, I had several questions. I'll list them, so you can answer them one by one:

1) Can I lower the amount of olive oil (since I'm 5'4", 110 lbs.)? 1/2 cup is *a lot* of oil, and it made me quite nauseous.

I see your point. Take the ingredients and cut them by one-half. You may not get quite as many stones out -- but you most certainly shouldn't be getting nauseated during the process, either.

2) Can I chase the Epsom Salts with ginger tea instead of grapefruit juice, to help with the taste and/or nausea? (I tried this Sunday morning, and it worked quite well.)'

Yes ... the addition of the ginger tea should not affect the efficacy of the program.

3) Can I chase the olive oil concoction with ginger tea to help with the >nausea?

Again -- this should be fine.

4) I had only a single bowel movement about 45 minutes after drinking the olive oil mixture. The next one wasn't until 1 a.m. I didn't start passing stones until midday on Sunday, after finishing the Epsom Salts mixture. Is this a problem?

No ... these kind of delays are not uncommon. This happened to me the first two times --- and release has been quicker in subsequent liver cleanses.

5) I think that lying down after drinking the olive oil mixture contributed to my failure to have "numerous small bowel movements" between 9:45 and 10:30 pm, as you say in your literature. It seems that standing up and walking around would help loosen the bowels. Can I do this? Is it absolutely necessary to lie down?

You can move about, if you wish. The original admonition has to do with getting the system to relax, but I've had cases where people moved around during this phase and still reported successful results.

6) Can I take the Microflora Restore during the first three steps of the Colon/Liver Cleanse? It seems that it definitely helps smooth things along.

I would think so, yes ... after all, you're taking a very small amount, and its macronutrient profile leans heavily to carbohydrate, not fat.

December 28, 2002

Subject: Cansema Capsules + Neem for Herpes Simplex

Neem Tree It is suggested that Cansema Caps and Neem be taken together for Herpes Simplex. Is there a suggested amount and duration for Herpes on the nose and/or lip?

It varies with each case. We have had cases where customers, for instance, take Cansema Capsules and Andrographis for 3 months and the then they don't need to take the product for years. I, myself, have had herpes, but I have had only one outbreak in 6 years... at a time when I was under enormous stress and I really wasn't getting enough sleep. I don't think these products actually get rid of the virus --- even if you only have just one viral fragment, the organism still exists. But the point is that virucidal botanicals -- which is what these products contains -- can allow you to function for years, and --- for all intents and purposes --- live as if you never acquired the virus to begin with.

December 27, 2002

Subject: Noni Juice + Tonic III

... whenever I gave my cat the Cansema III, he started drooling excessively and was hiding all day long. After receiving your message, I combined the Cansema Tonic III with the Noni Juice and now he takes it willingly and is staying in sight all day. The sweetness of the juice has taken away the bitterness that caused the drooling and he is more willing to take his medicine.

Will keep this in mind.

Also, after four days of treatment, both my husband and I feel that the hard, knobby lump that sent us to the vet has become smaller and softer. We are eagerly awaiting the end result.

Great ... keep us posted!

November 18, 2002

Subject: Cansema catches aberrant growths early, before doctors are able to detect them


I have a question regarding Cansema Black Salve. What if the cancer is on the skin area but is not actually "skin cancer"?

It doesn't matter. Cansema will take it out if it comes into contact with the neoplasm itself.

My mother has an area which is a recurrence of her breast cancer--I guess they call it chest wall recurrence. It is on the skin--radiation testing does not even pick it up. Was wondering if this product may work for her?

Probably so --- Cansema will take out many growths which are not yet at a stage where the physician would diagnose a cancer, but which Cansema recognizes as aberrant. Cancer's ability to growth, undetected, in the "asymptomatic" mode is the primary reason so many initial diagnoses come up Stage III and IV ... the patient may have complained about the area of the growth prior to the cancer diagnosis, but prior diagnoses came up innocuous -- " ... oh, it's nothing to worry about..."
Cansema bridges this gap and catches aberrant growths early.

November 17, 2002

Subject: How few oncologists have faith in chemotherapy

This was sent to us by an associate in Canada, and found it to be compelling and in tune with our own exposition on corruption in medicine. It was taken from Nexus Magazine's expose, entitled Death by Doctoring:

The Medical Mafia

Scientists based at McGill Cancer Center sent a questionnaire to 118 lung cancer doctors to determine what degree of faith these practising cancer physicians placed in the therapies they administered. They were asked to imagine that they had cancer, and were asked which of six current trials they would choose. Seventy-nine doctors responded, of which 64 would not consent to be in any trial containing Cisplatin--one of the common chemotherapy drugs they were trialling (currently achieving worldwide sales of about US$110,000,000 a year)--and 58 of the 79 found that all the trials in question were unacceptable due to the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptably high degree of toxicity .. 10
Phillip is 64. In April 2001, he was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. The oncologist showed him the X-rays that confirmed the dreaded "shadows". He was told to go home, enjoy his life as best he could and put his affairs in order. A week later, in a chance conversation at work, Phillip was told about vitamin B17. Phillip immediately began taking a combination of vitamin B17 and vitamin C. Four months later, Phillip returned to hospital for a check-up, where a new set of X-rays was taken.
The shadows had completely disappeared. Says Phillip: "I know what I saw, and the doctor couldn't explain it. I'm continuing with my vitamin B17 regime and eating about 10 kernels a day." 30
Phillip now pays great attention to his diet and believes that what we put into our bodies can have a dramatic effect medicinally.

November 1, 2002

Subject: Using Cansema Tonic III topically.

I have noticed significant necrotic tissue at the surface of this big lesion.... BEFORE I applied the salve (onle using tonic lll)... You've seen this before ?

Yes, I have .... but not all cases are fortunate enough to have this effect kick in. That is why we recommend Cansema Salve so often --- because it works on cancers close to the skin better than 95% of the time.

October 31, 2002

Subject: Prepping your animal for Cansema Salve

I have purchased the Cansema Salve from [vet's name deleted] (at her suggestion) to treat my cat's Subcutaneous Hemangiosarcoma on his leg, just above the paw, where his thumb would be. This is after an initial growth was removed surgically by (another) vet, along with his toe. The cancer has grown back and my (regular) vet now says his entire leg must be amputated, or radiation/chemo with no guarantee either will be a cure. I am going to try Cansema first. My question is: do you recommend shaving the area prior to application?

Yes ... it is helpful in not diluting the Cansema, and in providing a superior, hygienic working area.

[New vet} said simply to rub it in through the fur. Which have you found more effective?

You can ... not trying to contradict (your practitioner), here. It will still work ... but if you ask what I would do -- I would shave the area around the site first.

October 27, 2002

Subject: Cansema Tonic I vs. Tonic III when using Cansema Capsules

I'm using Cansema Deep Tissue Salve on several areas on my skin, in conjunction with capsules (twice daily) and Tonic I (once a day) for additional support. Would you recommend using Tonic III instead of I to supplement the capsules?

Both have their valid approaches. Fighting internal cancers is not unlike waging war. You usually win because of a combination of effective weaponry: infantry with small arms, submarines, fighter planes ... you get the picture ... Tonic I and III use different mechanics to go after cancer cells. Often one works better in one case than another. We have loads of testimonials for both formulas. With both formulas you can often "feel" the product working inside --- and you can certainly, over a series of weeks, use conventional testing methods to track progress and provide validation to the regimen you are using. This requires some experimentation on your part ... but it is well worth the effort.

Is it possible that a delayed (a full 24 hours before any burning sensation) reaction to the Deep Tissue salve (which in my previous limited experience has been very immediate) might indicate a very early, or precancerous condition rather than a fully developed skin cancer?

It can --- OR it can mean that the growth had some depth to it and it took TIME for the active components of Cansema to get down to the point of contact.

Also, would you recommend refrigerating the tonic?

Only Tonic III ... the other versions are quite shelf-stable.

October 10, 2002

HRx Concentrate - 8 fl. oz.

Subject: HRx & Results on pH using different "base waters"

... when mixing the HRx in normal spring water (purchased at the grocery store by the gallon) the pH went to 10 or so as it should, but when mixed with the RO water in the house here it still stays around 7.5, (6.5 before adding it). Go figure.....?? James asked me to let him know if the spring water worked better than the RO. I'd love to be able to use it with the RO water, though. I wonder why it doesn't work, or does it just not work with the RO in MY house.....? I just recently ordered a drinking water service at our Delaware house and I'll get to see if it works well with that water.

Our thoughts: As we state in the section on HRx, the water you start with ("base water") can have a considerable impact on the pH you end up with. We provide a baseline usage recommendation of 64:1 (one Tsp., or 15 ml., added to one quart, or roughly one liter), but results can vary. That is why those who wish to be more precise in their use would do best to use the pH strips we provide -- in this instance, the "narrow range" 6.5 to 10.0 to test their "base water" as well as pH of their final solution.

Twin Size Magnetic Mattress Pad

October 14, 2002

Subject: Magnets in Our Magnetic Therapy Products


There are 594 ---- versus 790 in the King; and 324 in the Twin

October 12, 2002

Subject: Cansema & Excess Bleeding (veterinary)

Some have told me that the cansema salve may cause bleeding on the animal. is this true?

Some serous fluid "weeping" may occur, particularly between the escharization and decavitation stages. This is, however, rarely a negative health issue -- and, in fact, you'll see more blood loss during surgery than you would using escharotics in all but the rarest of cases -- with humans and with animals.

Our experience is that many in the orthodox community will exaggerate this phenomenon because they loath such an effective approach that so readily lends itself to self-administration by the "ignorant masses." ("Where's our cut?")

This is most unfortunate, because we ENCOURAGE people to work with an alternative care physician or veterinarian, rare though they be --- to gain access to their experienced advice -- not to mention pharmaceutical-grade analgesics, quality after-care testing, etc.

Now you understand why we decry the overriding profit motivation that has infected the medical community --- where the leading, most articulate critics of this trend are, themselves, conscientious physicians. (See

October 9, 2002

Subject: Cansema Capsules & Emetic Response

Cansema Tonic

I had a couple more questions for you since you're such a wonderful source of info. If i'm driving you crazy let me know! First question: are Cansema Tonics I & III supposed to be taken along with capsules or just one product at a time? Is it unsafe to double up on the products?

In severe cases, we'll combine Cansema Capsules with either Tonic I or III ... usually Tonic III -- because there are risks to taking in too much sanguinaria --- and Capsules and Tonic I both have bloodroot.

Second question: I understand the emetic properties of the capsules and tonics, so taking them with food would make sense. However, I don't understand how that works exactly. It's a total neophyte question but aren't some of the properties of the capsules greatly reduced due to the fact that you're, in a sense, diluting them with food?

You would think --- but in practice, it's such a powerful alkaloid that the food does little to blunt its strong effects.

Last question: how is it that the tonics and capsules can seek out cancer cells and do away with them while leaving other cells alone?

It alters the membrane's protein coating so that the body's own immune system can identify the cancer cells and kill them ... Our products don't kill cancer cells. Your body does. Our products destroy cancer cell's ability to look non-invasive and foreign to the immune system. You could say --- in a matter of speaking --- that Cansema makes the immune system "smarter."

and wouldn't the blood/brain barrier have something to do with brain cancers and the efficacy of your products?

To some extent, but it doesn't take much getting through to do the job. We have enough testimonials on brain cancer to know that the barrier, while providing an impediment, does not altogether prevent a critical mass of active cancerolytic material from necessarily getting through.

again, thanks for actually responding. Yours is just about the only website I've ever visited where you actually get a personal answer. greatly appreciated.

Well --- in this business it is a must. Otherwise, people will abuse these products to their own detriment. Some of our most popular products, Cansema and CanSupport among them, are very potent and must be used AS DIRECTED.

Our intense customer service is, in part, a response to our own understanding that many people will not get the most out of what we make if we cannot guide them and their practitioners.

Most products on the web do not require that attention to customer support.

September 25, 2002

Subject: Testing systemic pH

What is the proper way to measure body PH?

Blood is a constant 7.35 to 7.45 .... so bio-oxidative therapists have created the term "systemic pH" to describe the state of the non-serous fluids of the body. In practical terms, most practitioners just use the pH of the blood and urine combined, divided by two.

I have been told either saliva or urine, but urine testing always yields about 1-2 points lower. What is the reason urine testing is lower than saliva, and which measure is best to determine true pH balance?

Best to average, per the above. Urine, with its concentration of uric acid, is almost always higher.

When the experts advise a healthy person's PH be above 6.5, is that saliva, urine, or a combination? Thanks.

That is the "systemic pH" I describe above.

September 23, 2002

Subject: Bloodroot & Warts

Bloodroot Paste

I purchased Bloodroot Paste for use on moles and warts. I experienced favorable results on several moles that I had. However, my son has a fairly large wart on his knuckle that has not responded after 3 months. I believe I read somewhere on your site that better results is achieved when Cansema tablets are taken in conjunction with the topical application of the paste. Is this the route I should take ...

... you almost always get better results when the Cansema Capsules are used internally as well -- and concurrent with the Paste.

or are there instances where warts just don't respond to the products?

We get those cases, too --- and why the product works so beautifully for one person and not another is a mystery. But I'd try using the Cansema Capsules with the Paste first.

September 4, 2002

Subject: Preventative Measures (Cancer)

... I have not been diagnosed with any type of cancer at this point, however my father died of non-small cell lung cancer at the age of 59 a little over a year ago. My Mother has discovered just within the last couple of days a mass on her left frontal lobe. I will be calling about her once we find out where the primary is. I would like to know what I can take NOW to assist me in the prevention of cancer. Can you suggest something?

The prevention component comes as much or more from what you would get from your local supermarket -- as it would the immune builders and/or cancerolytics you would purchase from us. For a broad input as to what you can do in this area visit our preventative book review section:

September 4, 2002

Subject: The Art of Eating Apricot Seeds

Apricot Seeds (Prunus armeniaca 'blenheim')

Dealing with the ingestion of apricot seeds, are these eaten whole or are they similar to almonds?

There is an art, I think, to eating apricot seeds. To bite into them whole is not a pleasant experience... but if you put four or five of them into your mouth and just let them "sit" (much like chewing tobacco), first the seed coat will come off (and you can just eat that) and then the "bitter principles" will seep out slowing over several minutes and the whole remaining seed will splinter into two or more smaller pieces. About 5 minutes down the line, you just eat them and with the bitter principles gone, you get a taste that is more like amaretto -- much more pleasant.
This is so much better than just chomping down on the raw apricot seed from the gitgo. Speaking personally, I did that once.
Never again.

August 17, 2002

Subject: Canine tumor, non-descript & Cansema Salve / H3O

... Charlie scratched it (the tumor) off and it is really gross ... but somehow beautiful in a demented sort of way .....the area is about the size of a silver dollar. I would say about 2 inches in circumference......very raw and painful is as if you took the top of a golf ball and hacked about one quarter of the ball area out...if that makes any sense.

It most certainly does.

The other side of the tumor is still large and round like a golf question is this------how long should I wait until I start to work on the other side?

I would apply right away to the other half.

I ordered the chickweed salve and the quick healing salve on 8/13 in anticipation of the scab releasing but thought I had more I said, he scratched the scab off prematurely when I wasn't looking. Hopefully I will get your products soon. Right now, I am applying Neosporin + pain relief and also vitamin E...he is still taking torbutrol for the pain.......

Orders are shipped very promptly, so I imagine you should have the other items any day now.

Your product is amazing ! I am looking fwd. to receiving the healing salve for him.

Previous Letter from same querant (8/11/02):

... just an update about Charlie. I have been applying the salve to his tumor at night and placing gauze over it. The whole area is black from the salve and it looks like the edges want to separate.

If this makes any sense...the scab is about the size of a quarter....and puss and blood are oozing out from different sides, but it will not detach you have any suggestions ?

You could "wash" the areas with diluted H3O (64:1 ... 1 Tsp. to a quart), but either way the scab will come out. It always does -- even though its exit may appear delayed.

I wish I had a digital camera...maybe next time when my father comes over... Charlie still has his appetite and I give him 5 drops of Cansema tonic in the morning and 5 drops at night....occasionally he still foams at the mouth. but not as much as before...... Please let me know your thoughts.

This "foaming" sometimes indicates that you're giving him to much. You might cut to 4 drops morning and evening and if you still get this kind of response.

Previous Letter from same querant (8/06/02):

Thank you for your kind response. To me, the tumor seems to have gotten a little smaller. Which if it's true is absolutely fabulous ~ Today's question is about the tumor area where I have put the salve. I am working the salve around the area, choosing a different spot every day. I put on about a dime size glob, then cover it with gauze. Charlie has itched some of the area with his back claws...I have a kitty collar on him, but when I'm not looking, I swear he contorts himself to be able to get at that the ? is, on the area where I have had the salve and the edges are red, can I put on some panalog or dermagen to help relieve the itching ??? ...

You can if it helps, yes. It won't affect the efficacy of the product ... Also -- for itching, see Chickweed Ointment:
Previous Letter from same querant (8/03/02):

We went to the vet yesterday to have Charlie's stitches taken out, the tumor has grown completely over his eye globe and the globe is pushed somewhere back in his head. The vet was amazed that he is even still alive. The eye lid is now open just a little and all I can see is ugly red flesh. The nurse shaved Charlie's tumor and w/o the hair, the tumor is about the size of a ball a little smaller than a golf ball. I didn't realize how big it had gotten. I had been using the Essiak formula from Flor-Essence while I awaited your product. I read in your manual that mixing Cansema III with other herbs will not hurt the animal. Should I continue to administer both ???

You can, if you wish. Neither of the two formulas you mentioned would affect Cansema's efficacy.

After I started using the Essiak, Charlie did start to eat again and the head tremors seemed to stop.....However,he has had two applications (10 drops each mixed w/ the essiak) of the Cansema and already seems to be feeling better. he ate a huge breakfast where he had only been picking before !!!!! Last night I applied the salve for the first time and it did not hurt him, however he is on 2.5mg kitty morphine (torbutrol). I applied it thickly and put a cone collar on his his head however, some came off during the night. I applied a dime size glob to the top of the tumor........... The book says that the salve is only for skin cancer. The lymphosarcoma is cancer of the muscle right ? So should I even be using the salve ??

Skin cancer is the primary application. But the vet version of Cansema is designed to attack cancers that are in proximity to the skin. It doesn't have to be skin cancer.


I am going to fwd the photos that my dad took with his digital camera. Sorry they are so big.....he tried to get as many angles as possible to show you the growth. I wish we had waited until it was shaved so you could really see it. My parents live two hours away, but I will try to find someone else with a digi-camera. Thank you for all your help...the photos are rather large, sorry about that. Look forward to hearing from you.

ps...I think he foams at the mouth because of the bitterness of the, it tastes awful ! after he gets done foaming, he's's not a lot like Cujo or antything (LOL)

Cut down on the dosage a little bit ... and the foaming should go away. He might be getting a little more than he can comfortable handle.

Dr. Robert O. Wickman July 25, 2002 -- but posted in August.

Subject: Letter to Dr. Wickman

My father has bladder cancer, he's propably had it for four years but was only recently diagnosed. It has not entered the muscle yet. But it is 9 cm long. He did have a (TUR) Transurethial Resection. This was about two months ago and my father has been in pain 24/7 - 24 hours a day seven days a week. It was a little better after the surgery but now it's getting bad again. My question is this, first, can he speak with a survivor who has had a similar condition and took Cansema Tonic III. There is a case number on this web site # 041202: Cansema Tonic III & Bladder Cancer. But it is very recent 4/12/2002 How are they doing now, etc. the web site is Can we speak to this person ? Can he try this and not worry about damage to his liver, heart etc. Could you please email me, or call me at (number deleted) ...

Dr. Wickman's Response: .... First of all, your father does not need to be in pain. Most cancer patients have an acidic body chemistry which promotes more pain because of the receptors involved. The first thing a cancer patient should do is alkalinize his body by taking more fruits and vegetables in and no animal products such as milk, cheese, eggs, meat, chicken, fish,etc. as these create an acid medium.
Next, taking Cansema Tonic lll is a natural way of fighting the production of cancer cells. This formula is 100% natural and will not interfere with any body function. I have been using this product for many years with my patients and have yet to have a side reaction. Along with this product he should be taking Cansema Capsules to help build up theimmune system.
Thirdly, we all have DNA in our bodies to help with repairs. You can repair anything with the action of the DNA, but most of the time this does not take place because of the acidity of the body which prevents DNA from working efficiently. Along with an acid body, the balancing mechanism has to rob calcium from the bones to balance the pH thus causing Osteoporosis eventually. When there is sufficient calcium (calcium that has once been alive such as coral or oyster shell) along with sunshine or vitamin D, the DNA can go to work and repair what is needed to be repaired. Soon the pain goes away for there is less pain involvement with an alkaline body so he is on the road to health once again.
I don't have access to patient's telephone numbers nor could I give them out freely if I had them. The web site contains testimonials from survivors. There is nothing to lose going on this product and everything to gain. If you need more encouragement, let me know as I am here to help you and I know your father can survive this tragedy and get well. I have seen it happen over and over again.
You should consider giving him the pure water formula HRx along with the H3O concentrate to make sure he is getting pure water balance. Cancers cannot grow or even survive in an alkaline, or even a neutral, pH environment. Just remember that!
So, have him take the products mentioned, because they work. Soon he will be pain free and I would appreciate it if you would give me an email and let me know his progress. Thank you.
Sincerely, Robert B. Wickman, D.O.

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