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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal version - Amazon Tonic III), which carry both human and veterinary applications. See also animal use) and related products. The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs so far in 2018. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years.
As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

Case #010318: Cansema® & H3O: Unspecified Skin Cancer

Dear Dr. Carolina,
My father has asked me to forward photo updates to you, since he has done more Cansema, since April 2017. My father was in India and was doing a retreat and had hair growing on his head and face. But you can see the pictures, fairly clear.
After starting the process in Bangkok, my father flew into India the night he arrived he applied H2O2 -- jet lagged on the second day, dad had mysteriously forgotten to dilute the H3O (calcium sulfate hydronium solution). So my younger sister applied it directly to my dads head with a cotton wool ball undiluted, where the cancer was, and to the surrounding area as it was dripping. This continued for a day or two, then my father finally realised his error, he then went back to the correct protocols.
For the next 7-8 days, the skin dried up and layers became hard from where the calcium sulfate solution had come in contact with, which was a much bigger area than the actual cancer itself. He let it come off by its self and that took 10-14 days before it happened, he then used a louvre to gently scrub off the dry hard thin bloodless scab. He then noticed how clean his scalp was, no red blotches, reduction of age-spots, and everything was cleared. Skin cancer is cleared, too.
Thank to the excellent back-up service of Dr. Carolina, who you will recognise by her empathy, abundance of compassion and her willingness to help strangers.

Early 2017 -- December 2017 : He has treated 5 (medium sized) cancer spots.
Sorry the photos in India don't have my dads face in it, (the photos were not intended for passing on to you, it was only for his own observation purposes -- to know what was going on, on the top of his head as he couldn't see.)
The attached pictures are whilst he was in India and a month later after it had healed.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

Writing from Thailand
Rec'd : January 3, 2018

Case #012018: Cansema® & Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

My name is Peter Harbrow, and I live Queensland, Australia. I would like to give you my story. I have recently purchased some of your great products that I had learned about through word of mouth. A friend of mine had used Cansema Black Salve some years ago on cancer he had on the top of his back and recommended it to me as I had been diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma approximately 20 mm round on the top of my head.
The photos above show the amazing results, so thank you for your all round enthusiasm, persistence, knowledge sharing, insights, website, basically all the great work and professionalism you and your team have.
Thanks Heaps.

Peter Harbrow
Queensland, Australia
Rec'd : January 20, 2018

Case #020118: Amazon Tonic III & Undiagnosed Cysts

Dr. Carolina,
There is a good news -- my sister did an ultrasound analysis today after 40 days taking Tonic III and there is no cysts!
Thank you, Alpha Omega Labs, for Tonic III!
Rec'd : February 1, 2018

Case #030118: Cansema & Surgically-Induced Melanoma near Ankle

Hello, Dear Cathryn,
First of all, thank you for your fast reply (2 days ago) -- and I will follow your recommendations . . . and eventually write you about the results. Here the promised pictures showing the whole process of treating my ankle with your "Cansema Black Salve" -- the dates are on the pictures and I skipped a few which looked very similar from day to day. There are still 20 of them here.
No. 1 picture is the scar on my ankle where I had the operation in mid September 2017, the round scar on the foot is from the operation 5 years ago with skin transplant. At that time I went to a dermatologist because a mole there suddenly changed it’s look -- and a biopsy said it was a melanoma . . . --- [Editor's Note: We see this all the time in our work. Do you WANT to get cancer? Maybe your life isn't exciting enough? Go in for a biopsy.]
The recent operation was for small nodules, which I thought were just little “grease" nodules UNDER the skin. They looked NOTHING like the first mole, but when removed they were again confirmed to be melanoma. The surgeon said the right thing to do would be to "excise more skin and flesh, and then transplant healthy skin over it"; but he saw / admitted to the difficulty because of the placement -- on the ankle. With the oncologist I came to an understanding, that I should go every 3 to 4 months for a thorough exam -- as well for a PET scan once a year. While going for the first PET Scan in Cape Town in December, we met some compatriots . . . and Nathalie gave us your web-page (she is taking the Tonic III since 1 1/2 years -- she had colon cancer).
Pictures no. 2 and 5 are how/where we put the black salve on. We stopped the application on the 5th day, when you wrote us that we should stop and be patient. All the other pictures are in sequence with the progress of the "black spots" coming out. I do not send you some of the days, because they look almost identical to the day before. The last picture is from a week ago, and as you wrote to me, it healed beautifully.
Thank you again for always replying immediately to my questions!
Again - the very best wishes to you and your company - we will keep in touch.

"C" and "K"
Rec'd : March 1, 2018

Case #031918: Cansema & Auricular Neoplasm

[Editor's Note: This testimonial begins with a brief chronology of events that matches the dates on the three photos above.]
2/15/18 -- Day discovered. Had felt it for a week or two, but couldn't see it. Thought it was a pimple until today.
2/27/18 -- After removing the Salve 24 hours later.
2/28/18 -- The reaction deepens.
3/18/18 -- Husband says the mark can't even be seen anymore. I can feel a very, very shallow dip, but just barely. Intending to reapply this week. Will let you know how that goes . . .
Thank you all SO, SO MUCH! I would not have gone with conventional medicine. I don't believe there are any answers there for me, but I can't say how well this would have turned out with other "home remedies." I had tried several other things while waiting for my Salve to arrive, and as you can see, they didn't really do anything. My father died of radiation treatments for lung cancer 11 years ago this month. He literally suffocated to death from fibroids caused by the radiation, which continued to form in his lungs despite repeated surgeries to remove them. I feel he was stolen from us. His medical doctors told him that if he didn't do what they told him, the cancer would kill him in a few short years. The "cure" took him in about 3 months. I'm trying to learn how to forgive this great wrong, but I'm still not sure how to go about it. Anyway...
I'm so grateful to the Lord for leading me to your products, and I'm grateful that you folks continue to fight the good fight in spite of all the persecution you have endured. Thank you, as well, for your assistance in using the products. I appreciate the guidance. Know that I will continue to pray for you whenever the Lord brings you to mind, and also that you have friends here who would do what they could if ever we had assistance to offer you.

James 1:5
Laurie Burton
Rec'd : March 19, 2018

Case #041118: Cansema® & BCC

Good Morning,
I hope you are all happy and healthy.
1st, my doctors' reassessment at Kobe Medical University:
The doctor at 1st sign checked and rechecked my patient information to confirm the BCC was on the left side, and two doctors asked if my name was Chayne Ellis. I asked why he wanted to know my name. His reply was: to check that you are the correct patient because the BCC is gone and only a redness is present. After examining the now GONE BCC, he re-checked both biopsy to confirm it was a BCC. After this, my Japanese wife (in Japanese) asked the doctor his opinion.
Doctors opinion was, the BCC healed by itself because the biopsy triggered an autoimmune response, therefore, the BCC healed. --- [Editor's Note: When you understand just what biopsies do, you have to wonder how any oncologist could possibly say this with a straight face.] --- When, however, the dates do not match for the short time taken to heal the BCC location. At every reason, he gives for the BCC to heal, I addressed every point at a medical science level in which he only changed the reason. At the end of this laughable meeting, he said that he recommends immediate radiation to address subconscious cancer. --- [Editor's Note: Don't be too harsh. At least give this oncologist credit for being a consistent Big Pharma whore whose entire focus is in lining his own pocket instead of considering the welfare of his patient.] --- (My wife very angry now) -- my final response was NO, because, any cancer cells that are active surface through the skull, in addition to redness, pain, legions etc...... with this he offered a radiation cream, to which my wife said, "NO." Soon after, we had had enough BS for one day and we returned home.
Update: Applying Sangre de Drago every day to the area and almost nothing left to see . . .

Rec'd : April 11, 2018

Case #051618: Cansema® & Unspecified Brain Tumors

Hi Cathryn,
I know you are on holidays, and I just wanted to share with you some fantastic news. I underwent a PET scan, and the results show that the head tumours cannot be found! They compared the previous MRI scan with the PET scan and this is their doctors' results. I cannot thank you enough for your products, your support and advice, it saved my life.
Many many thanks,
Rec'd : May 16, 2018

Case #052518: Cansema® & Metastasized Melanoma

Metastasised melanoma to brain, lung, liver. Tonic III and capsules.
In December, 2017 I was diagnosed with a 3 cm tumour on my brain, along with 6 or 7 smaller ones also on my brain, one or two on a lung, and a tiny one in my liver. The largest tumour on my brain was surgically removed to save my life, and I was given only a few months to live, as the tumours were fast growing. I started treatment with Tonic III and Cansema capsules and persevered with them for four months. When a PET scan was scheduled in May this year I stopped taking the remedy for four weeks. That PET scan could not identify any tumours in my brain, none in the liver, some mild activity in a lung (which they surmised could be an inflammatory lesion, is less intense than melanoma metastasis), mild activity on my arm and face - where I had recently treated BCCs with Cansema Salve.
I owe my life to Cansema products! I identified what I thought was a melanoma on my torso and treated it with Cansema paste, it took two weeks treatment and it died. Another on my forearm was identified by the medic as an SCC, I treated it with salve, it is gone now. too. During my challenge with cancer I did try orthodox treatment but after taking it for three weeks the toxicity from those meds reached a peak and I stopped that treatment. Many doubted by choice to use natural treatments, but I now have a life to live, not the death sentence given to me a few months ago. I will continue treating my body with Cansema products for the rest of my life. Thank you Alpha Omega Labs!

(Name withheld by request)
Queensland, Australia
Rec'd : May 25, 2018

I love this toothpaste! I’m taking a prescription med that has mouth sores as a side effect. I was using this toothpaste before I started the prescription. I took a trip out of the country for 12 days and forgot to take my AO toothpaste. Sores started forming in my mouth on the 4th day of the trip. Thank goodness they were not painful, just annoying. As soon as I got home, I brushed my teeth, gums, and inside my mouth with this herbal toothpaste. I could feel the healing begin. It’s been a week since I returned home and now my mouth is back to normal thanks to this toothpaste. Great product!
Have a great day. Thanks for following up,

Rec'd : June 30, 2018

Case #070218: Cansema® & Bloodroot Paste /
Stage IV Lung Cancer / Equine Abscess

We have used Cansema and Bloodroot paste to CURE my mom's STAGE 4 lung cancer, among many other things. We decided to try it on a horse, who had a continual abscess, rendering him lame and uncomfortable, for weeks on end. This had gone on for months prior to our decision to try Cansema Deep Tissue. We cleaned and dried his foot very well. We applied Cansema directly to the abscess, and wrapped it with vet wrap, some cloth rags and duct tape for the "shell". We left it a few days, checking it every so often. We reapplied more whenever it seemed to be dis integrating or breaking down. About 12 days later, a huge infected looking chuck emerged, which was worriesome looking. Days later, the skin healed up very nicely. We reapplied, just in case. Nothing happened. We reapplied again; and again, nothing happened. The horse was FINE, not lame at all, and I'm happy to say, has not had any hoof trouble nor abcesses since that time, although he was TOTALLY PRONE to them. It's been well over a year & 1/2 with no trouble. We are eternally grateful.

Karon Czekala
Rec'd : July 2, 2018

Case #090518: Cansema® & Skin Cancer of the Nose

I attached pictures that were taken of skin cancer on my father's nose, which we successfully treated using Cansema. The whole proces took about 30 days from what I remember.
I am sending you these pictures because I just on your website something where you were requesting infomation/testimonials to be emailed to you. After the cancer was burned up and popped off of his head I placed it in a jar. I still have the cancer in a jar.
I was surprised at how deep the tumor was. That was a money back guarantee that worked! Thanks.
Feel free to contact me if you would like any more information. I wanted to send these pictures out while it was fresh on my mind.

Rec'd : Sept. 5, 2018

Case #091118: Cansema® & Skin Cancer / Right Forearm
"The Ten Commandments of Escharotics"

[Editor's Note: This testimonial involved the submission of a pictorial testimonial involving the treatment of skin cancer on the right forearm. But then something else came: "The Ten Commandments of Escharotics." We've been working with escharotics for almost 30 years. Why didn't we think of that? Dr. Carolina wrote back: "Wow, does that bring back memories of how often that was brought to my attention! What can I say? I went to a small, private school!" All humor aside, there are truly good observations in this list, making it well worth the read. Parts of this are cute, but once again, to take a line from Shakespeare's The Tempest, "Many a truth has been spoken in jest." Additional "notes" can found below, also in brackets and italized.]
Greetings Cathryn, Greg, and all the Other Special AO Labs People!!!
The following Ten Commandments of Escharotics are predicated on my intriguing, amazing, truly exciting experience and results having successfully treated and CURED Basal Cell Carcinoma sites with Amazon Black Salve; both port and starboard of my nose bridge; and suspected Actinic Keratosis sprout adjacent to a mole on my right forearm.
  1. Thou SHALT be PATIENT!
  2. Thou SHALT NOT FORCE THE PROCESS!! --- [ Emphasis on 1st Commandment :) ]
  3. Thou shalt trust, believe in, savor, and appreciate the process; and be grateful at all times. --- [“Surgery, radiation, chemo, oh my!!” Go back to 3…]
  4. Thou SHALT NOT allow negative thought, doubt, apprehension; nor the skepticism, criticism of others to interfere with thy trust and belief. --- [In fact, thou shalt keep thy mouth shut, go about thy business to avoid the risk in the first place.]
  5. Thou shalt treat one small area at a time.
  6. Thou shalt let sleeping eschars lie.
  7. Thou shalt keep track of progress by way of photographs, journal notes, and/or other, in order to evaluate progress and development.
  8. Thou shalt remain vigilant, but not in a state of alarm.
  9. Thou SHALT NOT hesitate to contact Alpha Omega Labs during times of uncertainty, peculiar observation, confusion, or need of further guidance.
  10. Thou shalt "live long and prosper"!! --- [Obligatory footnote acknowledging the source of the quote is assumed to be intuitively obvious.]
Thanks for affording me the opportunity.
Rec'd : Sept. 11, 2018

Case #091918: Cansema® & BCC

The description below relates to the above seven pictures, beginning in the upper left and following from left to right:
  1. Day 1. Basal Cell Appearance
  2. Day 10. Four more appear in surrounding tissue.
  3. Day 12. Lots of pain and swelling.
  4. Day 19. Itchy and painful, but eschar is coming out.
  5. Day 21. Eschar falls out while sitting in my truck, right before I went to work.
  6. Day 24. Really itchy but clean crater is beginning to heal.
  7. Day 29. Healthy Scab. Still itchy but shrinking. No pain!
I remember about 20 years ago talking to my next door neighbor who used black salve on a melanoma on his back and was successful at removing it. The doctor who had originally diagnosed him saw the results of using the black salve and just said, "I must have just mis-diagnosed you." The cancer was gone. --- [Editor's Note: We hear this all the time. Orthodox doctors who refuse to acknowledge escharotic medicine would rather admit to an incompetent misdiagnose than admit that escharotics work. Why? Because such an acknowledgement undermines their entire paradigm as it relates to cancer therapy.]
This summer a small basal cell carcinoma developed on my right arm, and I thought I would give your product a try. The first couple of days I felt nothing and actually thought the salve wasn't working, but three days into my experiment, things began to get interesting.
Three days into it, I began to feel a slight stinging sensation, about like a mild sunburn. A week in, my arm began to get very sore. Two weeks in, my arm hurt so bad it felt like I had broken a bone. My arm was swollen and the painful throbbing was relentless. --- [Editor's Note: It is important that although many just "endure the discomfort," there ARE effective ways of minimizing the pain.]
What began as a small cancer, turned into four others that were under the surface of the surrounding skin, all of which turned black after cleaning off the salve. I only used the salve about five times, cleaning it off daily then re-applying it.
The final week was the most painful, and then on day 19, the eschar formed, just like in the testimonial photos. On day 21, just as I was going into work, I peeled back the bandage and noticed the eschar was pretty loose. When I wiggled it with my finger, it fell out, leaving a clean crater about the size of a quarter.
Today is day 29 and my crater is healing nicely. It has shrunken about 20 percent in size and is forming a normal looking scab.
I have to admit, that even seeing it work on my neighbor years ago, I was still scared and a bit skeptical, but I am a true believer. This stuff works!

Adam Baker
Rec'd : Sept. 19, 2018

Case #092818: Cansema® & BCC

I can't thank you enough for your incredible instructions and product! Having an alternative to ineffective surgery and stitches is such a blessing. I'm forever grateful to know my body was able to get rid of the cancer which was so much more than it appeared on the surface. Here's a video of the eschar removal. I'll include a photo of how well it has healed as well. The hole has completely filled. Please use and share as needed. Bless you and your work!

Angelique Crandall-Jennings
Rec'd : Sept. 28, 2018

Case #111418: Amazon Tonic III & Liver Cancer

There's a good news regarding the boy with liver cancer: on Nov 12th (2018) they did an AFP test. And the result is just 2.7 ng/ml!!!! (dangerous value : 20 ng/ml).
Every one is happy with this result! Even the doctor who suggested to do chemotherapy. So his body is positively responsing to the treatment (detox, Tonic III, supplements I recommended, and a good diet).

Nguyen Minh Hai
Rec'd : Nov. 14, 2018

Case #111818: Cansema® & Malignant Growth on Back
Clearing Up of Malignant "Spots" in Lungs on CT Span

[Editor's Note: The clearing up of malignant spots in the lungs as a result of treating the back with Cansema is not a mystery to us. This was quite poignantly illustrated to us in Case #092415, where Cansema was applied to the back to literally pull out deadly mesothelioma growths directly out of the lungs through the back. This is a case worth reviewing in connection with the testimonial below.]

Thank you, thank you, thank you SO MUCH for talking me through this and answering my many questions!
It happened exactly 20 days after the initial treatment with the Amazon Black Salve (Deep Tissue)... the cancer just popped out of my back, stuck to the bandage! (I didn't even feel it pop out!) I'm so happy! The Amazon Black Salve may have been the reason that those lung spots had cleared up on my CT scan, too.
I say that, because: The scan of my neck soft tissue caught the top part of my lungs, and several suspicious spots showed up, prompting a dedicated CT scan of my lungs... well, I had been using the Amazon Black Salve (Deep Tissue) on my back (over my lung area) for about 2 weeks when my lung CT was done... then, the CT of my lungs came back with nothing significant showing... and here this is . . .
God bless,
Rec'd : Nov. 18, 2018

Case #112218: Cansema® & Malignant Growth on Nose

I had a pink shiny area with scaly skin for months, with an area in middle with loose scale on tip of nose. I put Cansema on for two days, and a scab formed and lifted off all the material, and a small smooth creator is healing properly now.

[ name withheld by request ]
Rec'd : Nov. 22, 2018

Case #113018: Cansema® & Undiagnosed Skin Cancers

[Editor's Note: Several diverse points worth mentioning here. First of all, a thorough reading of the User Instructions for Cansema (Black Salve) is always advised, since opinions vary as to the use of the Salve, much of it contrary to our nearly 30 years of experience in working with escharotics. Secondly, if you have doubts about a mole or suspicious growth, there are now a variety of non-invasive blood antigen tests you might consider. [We have good reason for favoring these over biopsy.] Speaking candidly, we never did any testing for any of the many growths that we've removed over these past three decades, but we do not make this advisement professionally. We find any growth that is changing color, getting larger, has a slight "itch," to be worthy of testing with Cansema. If the growth is not malignant, no reaction. If it is malignant, you get a reaction. Simple.
This testimony contains many references the political impediments to more people knowing and using escharotics, like Cansema. It is reminiscent of our Sept., 2014 Ashwin article, "Orthodox's Pathetic War Against Escharotics", which is expanded considerably in Greg Caton's most recent book, Living on the Precipice.
The closing "PPS" requests a book for detailed description for all the herbs we use in our work. It is worth noting that Greg Caton is releasing a book in late December, entitled Black Salve that covers a variety of protocols for use of Cansema (Black Salve). There are so many protocols for counting conditions in connection with the herbals we use, a book covering it all would be thousands of pages long. It is specifically for the this reason that we recommend that our customers get specially detailed responses to their health needs by making use of our Traditional Product(s)-for-Condition Recommendations page.

17 Nov 2018 --- Dear Alpha Omega Labs,
I want to thank you from my heart for this wonderful product. I am a 53 year old ginger haired male and very fair skinned like most gingers. I grew up in South Africa, where we spent a lot of time on the beach and outdoors, and thus I got sunburned a lot.
Your product arrived much quicker than I expected - especially considering I went for the "el cheapo" postage option. I started by lightly rubbing a little of the Cansema Salve -- the deep tissue one -- over the areas on my forehead where I thought there might be a problem and - nothing! Luckily I persisted, rubbing some salve diluted with a little water over parts of my face and upper chest.
Within 15 minutes -- Whammo! To my shock and horror - it started to tingle and sting in specific spots and showed up three nasty little cancers (presumably) on my chest and one more on a small annoying mole on my side, and another small thin one in the corner of my nose. I never went to see a doctor for a formal diagnosis, so I can't swear that these were cancers, but I have little doubt. In any case, the black salve will by all accounts often pick up cancers before they manifest themselves medically.
After only about 3 to 5 days all of them are clearly well on the way to healing, with minimal pain and discomfort.
I plan to buy the big tub of Cansema Salve next, as well as some of your Amazon III Tonic just to ensure that my body is clear of any internal cancers. And trying the toothpaste as well! I am also looking critically at my diet and lifestyle toward more healthy choices!
I am spreading the word about your amazing products to all of my friends over here on Mud Island (the UK!). I face the usual skepticism and criticism but I will not be put off. What an incredible product, a real blessing from Mother Nature.
Thank you so much for continuing to so bravely defy the evil medical industrial cartel and the mainstream media to save lives. I am always amazed when I read the endless and mindlessly regurgitated articles in the mainstream press denouncing Cansema / Black Salve as a dangerous corrosive substance that indiscriminately kills healthy tissue. This is absolute and utter nonsense, as evidenced by myself. I applied it to many parts of my body and it does nothing to healthy skin, except for a mild pink flush that quickly recedes.
PS: UPDATE 30TH NOVEMBER 2018 -- about 2 weeks have passed now and all of the spots have healed already or are 90% healed, with minimal scarring. I might re-apply the muti (African word for herbal medicine!) to one or two spots, just in case. I have just bought a big "clinical" tub of Cansema Deep Tissue Salve (I will be gifting a bit to a friend) and also bought a bottle of the Amazon III Tonic just in case any more cancers are lurking inside my body.
Interesting note: I find that the Salve affects different areas on my skin quite differently. For example, when applied on my right upper cheek it showed up a number of tiny "pits" and a few small bubbles, over an area of about 2 inches square. As it healed it started to look a bit like a "roastie" (abrasion) and I just told the folks at work I had crashed my mountain bike into a tree. I could see no need to freak them out my mentioning Cancer. In other areas, like my upper chest, the effects were more typical of most of the testimonials - the typical little volcano holes with an echhar that forms and drops out after a week or so. I just found the FAQ page ( ), and am interested to read that the Cansema Salve also reacts against fungal infections and someone suggested that the tiny pits (look almost like blackheads) that ended up looking like an abrasion might be a bit of fungus.
PPS: Lastly, it would be really great if there was a good, detailed BOOK that included full explanations, uses and treatments for all of these wonderful herbs as well as user testimonials?

Love, light and Peace,
F. Miller
London, UK
Rec'd : Nov. 30, 2018

Case #120518: Bloodroot Paste & H2O2 / Diagnosed Skin Cancer

In 2015 we received a testimonial from Mr. Dominic Merlo in British Columbia (see Case #112315). Today we received a video testimonial from Mr. Merlo showing his use of our Bloodroot Paste and H2O2 (which he used for after care) in his treatment of a diagnosed skin cancer. (Bloodroot Paste will, in some cases, remove small skin cancers, small enough that Cansema® is not required. It is more frequently used to remove warts and other non-cancerous growths.)

Dominic Merlo
Maple Ridge, BC (Canada)
Rec'd : December 5, 2018

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