AO Black Salve is a thick paste designed to stay in place once applied topically. Bloodroot and zinc chloride are the main ingredients which have powerful effects, bloodroot being attested to even by the American natives who relied mostly on herbal remedies for their medicine.


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Adjunctive Wound Healing Products:
AO Chima Matiku H3O Sangre de Drago

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AO Black Salve 
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Although designed for self-administration, AO Black Salve is not a replacement for timely, competent medical advice and attention. Alpha Omega highly recommends that prior to usage, the user obtain a biopsy or other diagnosis of the suspected cancer site. On the basis of reliable diagnosis and in conjunction with medical consultation, the user may then make the decision as to whether or not to use the it. AO Black Salve, because of its ability to discriminate between healthy and altered tissue, is often used simultaneously as both a diagnostic tool and a remedy.

Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today
Cansema® is now featured in Dr. Allan Spreen's new book, Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today : 25 Secret Therapies from Around the World -- it is the subject of Chapter 18 ("The Herbal Salve That Saved an Astronaut"). See general information and order link.
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Cansema: The Internal Versions
Cansema Capsules
We are proud to announce the new  Amazon Tonic III, which ia an excellent adjunctive treatment with our AO Black Salve.

The instructions for the salve are simple and straightforward, as they are for the internal products. Additionally, we stress the importance of reading through the  FAQ section, which contains close to forty of the most frequently asked questions about these type of products. 

CanSupport is an entirely different line of products with unique cancerolytic properties. They work on different principles than Bloodroot products, but achieve the same result using different phytochemical compounds. Based primarily on the established effects of graviola and bitter melon - both from South America, CanSupport products are available in both liquid and capsule form.

Meeker raspberry extract, source of our ellagic acid
The Importance of
Immune Support
Two people are taking Amazon Tonic III and CanSupport products. Their physical problems and the stage of development are identical. One is getting great results, and the other is not. Why is that? According to the clinicians we work with, it almost always points back to the immune system. The internal remedies, in particular, see lower levels of effectiveness in those who have depleted immune systems - a common by-product of chemo and radiation therapy as well as the disease state itself.