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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal version - Amazon Tonic III), which carry both human and veterinary applications. See also animal use) and related products. The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs so far in 2019. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years.
As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

Case #010319: Cansema® & H3O: Unspecified Skin Cancer

Dear Dr. Carolina,
My father has asked me to forward photo updates to you, since he has done more Cansema, since April 2017. My father was in India and was doing a retreat and had hair growing on his head and face. But you can see the pictures, fairly clear.
After starting the process in Bangkok, my father flew into India the night he arrived he applied H2O2 -- jet lagged on the second day, dad had mysteriously forgotten to dilute the H3O (calcium sulfate hydronium solution). So my younger sister applied it directly to my dads head with a cotton wool ball undiluted, where the cancer was, and to the surrounding area as it was dripping. This continued for a day or two, then my father finally realised his error, he then went back to the correct protocols.
For the next 7-8 days, the skin dried up and layers became hard from where the calcium sulfate solution had come in contact with, which was a much bigger area than the actual cancer itself. He let it come off by its self and that took 10-14 days before it happened, he then used a louvre to gently scrub off the dry hard thin bloodless scab. He then noticed how clean his scalp was, no red blotches, reduction of age-spots, and everything was cleared. Skin cancer is cleared, too.
Thank to the excellent back-up service of Dr. Carolina, who you will recognise by her empathy, abundance of compassion and her willingness to help strangers.

Early 2017 -- December 2017 : He has treated 5 (medium sized) cancer spots.
Sorry the photos in India don't have my dads face in it, (the photos were not intended for passing on to you, it was only for his own observation purposes -- to know what was going on, on the top of his head as he couldn't see.)
The attached pictures are whilst he was in India and a month later after it had healed.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

Writing from Thailand
Rec'd : January 3, 2019

Case #010919: Cansema® & Actinic Keratosis

[Editor: This is just more evidence that Cansema® also treats keratosis. I successfully treated my own keratosis in 2017 and included a pictorial of this in an Appendix of my Black Salve book.]
Thanks for the reply!
ATTACHED is a picture of my forehead. The first picture is before treatment. The 2nd picture is a few days into treatment. The 3rd picture is today (approx. 7 to 8 months after treatment). SWEET!!!!

"Steve S."
Rec'd : January 9, 2019


Case #020819: Cansema® & Cancer Tumor

I hope you are having a successful and happy new year. Attached are a few recent photos. The tumour has totally gone leaving a scar only. There is scarring from the two big unsuccessful operations he had which are just as visible as his actual tumour site.
We are going away next week for a few days to celebrate. We are always ready to tell others about the black salve and they are often amazed.
Rec'd : February 8, 2019

Case #021119: Using OmniPatch with Cansema®

[Editor: This case involves the use of our OmniPatch to assist in quickly healing over decavitation and minimizing the potential for even mild scarring.]
Thank you for your guidance.
It’s amazing how the Omnipatch relieves the pain and itch.
No pain relievers needed.
Bill H.
Rec'd : February 11, 2019

Case #022619: Cansema® & Skin Cancer (Ear)

[Editor: Cases where the cancer is still pervasive normally involve removal of the ear, or a substantial portion of it, after which plastic surgeon is performed to try and reconstruct what is missing. We know that this cancer was extensive because of the timeline. Where one complete "escharotic cycle" is normally no more than 40 days --- two months tops, this case took 18 months, which, in escharotic treatment terms is a very long time. Nonetheless, the process was a big success, as the user's daughter testifies below.]
Here are some of the photos of my Dad’s ear. We did contact you for advice during this process and it was a great help.
It's amazing and gives my Dad and myself great faith that his hand tumour will heal. I can get my Dad to give you more info if needed. His is an amazing recovery story with black salve.
[Name withheld]
Rec'd : February 26, 2019

Entry #030419: Comment on "Mulungu" / Know Your Supplier

[Editor: This isn't a case. It's not even specific to Cansema. I'm including it because it speaks to the importance of knowing your source for herbals. The market is awash with fake, diluted, and in some cases, even contaminated botanicals. If your supplier of natural products is not committed to the "art," or is otherwise devoted to providing the best quality product, you will not get what you're paying for. This "entry" relates to one of our medical herbs, mulungu.
Greetings to you (and yours) from Deleware!
Firstly I wanted to tell you that I have been a happy "student," under the "tutelage" of Mulungu! And from the very first experience working with this healing plant "teacher," I had no doubts that it wouldn't be the last, and that much more exploration was called for and I had much more to be learned from it. So fast forward 15 years later to where I am today. I've been able to work with this amazing plant ally, in just about every route of administration and with all of its varied forms.
To be able to get my point across accurately I have to say that the expensive pricing and the fact that it would need to be shipped from out of country, I kept putting off purchasing your Mulungu capsule and in its stead, I opted to purchase from a closer source of varying degrees of potency. So almost 2 weeks ago, when I got it from the ordinary source, I decided that given the fact that I had tried just about every other vendor, I decided that I should give it ago.
So only a few days later when I received a text message saying that my package would be coming that day, I was excited about how fast the delivery was, but the real test would be about quality. To this end I've gotta say that I have not been able to find any other mulungu anywhere else in the 10+ years of working with it. Even extracts are pale in comparison (the only other source on par with yours is very expensive and comes from a source in Peru). I know that the length of this message is too long, but I felt the need to take the time to tell you that I appreciate the service you provide and you have in me a customer for life! It impressed me enough that I had to order again on the 28th.
Delaware, USA
Rec'd : March 4, 2019

Case #031019: Cansema& SCC (Nose) / Superior Results to Previous Moh's Surgery

I've been using Amazon Black Salve for at least 4 years now and thought I would document a treatment on my nose. I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of it before I started treating it, but it had all the signs of being a squamous cell carcinoma. I've been diagnosed with this before, so I know what they look like. This was a wound on my nose that would never heal and was constantly itchy. I applied the black salve and let it do its work. You can see the result after the scab popped off in a week. Completely closed up wound and healing nicely on its own.
After having Mohs surgery about 4 years ago on a squamous cell carcinoma on my cheek, in which they removed about a nickle size chunk of skin, I decided to seek an alternative method. I have since treated several spots, some worse than this and the Black Salve always came through. I truly believe that I might not be alive today if it wasn't for the Black Salve. I still have the original container that I bought, and have given some out to friends and family.
Thank you for a wonderful product!
Rec'd : March 10, 2019

Case #031319: Cansema® & numerous cancer tumors

[Editor: Because of this customer's position in life, we've elected not to reproduce his name, even though he gave us permission. He sent us over 100 photos of his experiences with Cansema® over time. Above, we provide a set of three photos to show the progression in treating an area around the temple.]
Rec'd : March 13, 2019

Case #031819: Cansema® & variety of unspecified cancers

[Editor: Frankly speaking, this letter talks more about the customer's experiences with marijuana in connection with pain relief than it does his use of Cansema®. Nonetheless, it struck us as less than honest to edit the letter, which we try to avoid unless absolutely necessary to understand the message, as opposed to simply reproducing the letter in its entirety. As to the comment about preferring to use Cansema® to get rid of the cancer instead of losing body parts, this is reminiscent of the case of Kent Estes, who lives cancer-free today, but was given months to live when we began treating him in 1999. As for the comments on pain, it important to note that going back to our early work in the 1990's with escharotics, we have always emphasized the need to familiarize oneself with pain management options, in addition to user instructions, prior to use. So here we go. The customer's complete message, along with his links.]
Your products saved me several years ago from loosing my left eye, cheekbone, and nose which I wrote you about back then. Last year, my lower lip had a black spot that turned out to be cancerous which also spread out to my gums and tongue. If I let the ghouls working in the Medical Establishment have their way with me, my lower lip, tongue, and parts of my gums would have been removed. That would mean no more public speaking, playing music, and eating solid food.
When I treated it with the Amazon salve, the reaction was severe and extremely painful. My lower lip, gums and tongue were swollen. The immune response reaction felt like daggers poking my lip and mouth every heartbeat. Thankfully, I am now able to get legal Marijuana Oil and edible products because of my cancer diagnosis from the medical establishment. In the past, I was able to "tough it out" and avoid any pain meds. But, this time the pain was unbearable.
My mind had always been my greatest asset, so I have avoided Marijuana and any other drugs that diminish brain functioning. I believed that the THC is fat soluble and stays in the brain. However, the THC is required for maximum healing as well as pain relief. And it is only used during the cancer treatment process, which lasted a month in this case.
I have found three Marijuana product that are miraculous. Terra Bites are good for pain relief. And they are excellent for getting solid REM sleep, which is very important for healing. Note: the opioids that are proscribed by most doctors for pain relief are OK in the short term, but after a month they are toxic and do not help with sleep.
The best Marijuana product overall is the oil (tar) made by Spectra, which is a full spectrum cannabinoid blend that comes in a plastic syringe. It accelerates the normal healing process, as well as providing some pain relief after using the Amazon salve. Note: there are some wonderful reports about this type of oil being used for treating all sorts of diseases. See Rick Simpson Oil:
The third product is a lotion made by Natures Grace. It has the cannabis oil along with menthol and cayenne. It is outstanding for healing damaged muscles, connective tissue, and joints. Because of the Marijuana products mentioned above, the cancer was removed and the body healed much faster than the last time without them.
In fact, I was playing my Flute and Saxophone for dances within a month. The attached MP3's are examples of the type of music I played at these heritage dances.
All best wishes,
Rec'd : March 18, 2019

Case #032219: OmniPatch and Scar Removal

[Editor: We're including this testimonial, because there are occasions when scarring becomes an issue. It was never an issue in the dozen or so malignant growths I've treated with Cansema® since 1989, but it is an issue in some cases -- so this is where the OmniPatch can be quite helpful.]
I put the OmniPatch on my brown scars on Monday. Today, Friday, two of the four brown scars are nearly gone.
It’s incredible.
I can’t thank you enough.
I am confident that they will totally clear up.
Harriette Knight
United States
Rec'd : March 22, 2019

Case #040119: Cansema® & General Comments

[Editor: These are primarily general comments. See below.]
Thanks so much to Alpha Omega Labs (AOL). What a blessing to me and to so many others. To note, I do not trust Big Pharma and "modern medicine". That is not to say that there isn't a time and place for such, but as a rule, God gave us our own bodies to heal us along with the natural herbs He has provided us. The FDA is a scam and what Alpha Omega Labs has been thru is a down right travesty. Thanks for standing strong and not giving up AOL!!
I have had many bouts with skin cancer and turned to Cansema Black Salve -- I have photos but they are so similar to so many others that it is hardly worth the time to publish them -- just look at the photos of so many others. I have had skin cancer on the side of my face, my ear, my arms and have treated them with Cansema with great success. The holes and the crud that are created scares lots of people but as the Lord does many times, He for the most part heals those holes to where they are barely visible after a few months. The alternative is to have a dermatologist cut out or burn the cancer off and, of course, that leaves scars.
I still struggle with skin cancer and am looking for an internal means to prevent it from coming to the surface. AOL have been there both on the phone and by email quickly and with honesty and integrity.
I have given the AOL web site to many people, but I fear that most never go to it, because they would rather trust a "qualified doctor" than some web site . . . They have been brainwashed to just trust the traditional methods.
How sad. With our modern medicine, All you have to do in this world is "follow the big money". Greed and power are at the center of our U.S. medicine. They want to crush people like AOL because they have very real and documented success stories.
Thanks so much to Greg and his wife for their bravery in defense of true health . . .

Sarasota, Florida
Rec'd : April 1, 2019

Case #050119: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancer

[Editor: Appears to be skin cancer, though this is unspecified. See below.]
Good morning Cathryn! Another success! I call it a miracle. Ten days to the day. I probably should have let this one stay for one more day but I know when they are ready to come out. I took a picture of the dead cancer cell (if that is what they are called) this time. I’m always amazed at this! I sent my doctor a picture of this on day one and will send this one to her today. She simply doesn’t care, saying I should avail myself of the latest dermatology services. They have their ‘tradition’ and most, but not all, are unyielding. This recent success cost pennies and 10 days of wait time. Compare that with the insurance costs!
Have a good day. Many thanks for all you do for so many!
Sarasota, Florida
Rec'd : May 1, 2019

Case #061419: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancer

[Editor: The kind of physical shock mentioned in the letter below is often a precursor to a later developing cancer.)
I can't thank you in person so an email will have to suffice :-)
Last June your product removed cancerous growth on my brother's torso. Due to the location he couldn't see it so I did the applications. Each stage was just as you described. To date, he is cured and fully healed. It was a rather large area.
Fast forward to June 2019. I had an odd spot on my forearm that looked like it needed to be monitored, even after no reaction to the salve in June 2018. Last week in the shower I noticed the area had more flush red color under the skin and then last Saturday morning it hurt a little bit as if I accidentily hit my forearm with a hammer.
I immediately initiated Operation Black Salve. It sure was cancer. The applications are complete as a cavity and the eschar has formed. Also, the surrounding area had growth under the skin layers, probably explains the flushed red area.
You have saved two lives.
My father, who went through the cut-burn-poison medical mafia route, had malignant melanoma and died a horribly painful death.
Thank you so much.
Tim B.
Rec'd : June 14, 2019

Case #062619: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancer

[Editor: This submission is from the same customer as immediately above -- #061409, "Tim B." It covers a different issue.]
To the GREAT Cathryn & Greg,
As advertised (I never had any doubts) your product is terrific. The final phase is complete. This past week I browsed your website (index page) and I never knew ya'll were raided and your lives turned upside down. It's terrible and sad and I commend you for sticking to the truth. Courageous people, indeed.
I started my awakening to things back in 2007 while in the Coast Guard. Name any rabbit hole topic and I was probably in it.
With Fukushima slowly spreading eastward in the northern hemisphere, I will be looking at the tonic next. Thanks again!

Tim B.
Rec'd : June 26, 2019

Case #070319: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancer

[Editor: A couple of important points here: Cansema®, in any of its names or varieties, does not need refrigeration.]
My husband and I would like to thank you so much for Black Salve, which we obtained approximately 5 years ago. We have kept the product refrigerated after opening and using it for small skin cancers on my husband.
Last year, my husband used it yet again, this product does not disappoint, we wanted to attack the skin cancer once more, this time spreading over a wider area on my husband's right shoulder (as here in Australia the sun is very harsh in the summertime & the steering wheel of our cars are on the right hand side.....thus using black salve on my husband's right shoulder).
I'm a great believer in natural herbal medication, and have a health science background. My friend Robert McEwan is a N.D. Long story short, there have been episodes in my life where General Practitioners could not help me any further and my friend Robert did his best to get me better.... within a week, he did, where GP's have exhausted all avenues of treatment.
This was my experience, from sickness to health..... and I have encouraged Greg, my husband,to do the same ... this time with his right shoulder.
Many thank you's for a great product.
Warmest regards,
Margaret G.
Rec'd : July 3, 2019

Case #073119: Cansema® & Unspecified Cancer (Neck)

I have tried your Salves with such amazing results. Even though there were some negative comments I knew it would work. My grandparents had a health food store in San Diego near the navy base. I was taught to trust in herbs at a very young age.
I found an odd growth on my neck and applied the black salve. It worked just as it should. I call it the Smart Salve! It knows just what to do. I also applied it to healthy skin and there was not a single sign of activity.

Isabella D.
California (USA)
Rec'd : July 31, 2019

Case #081119: Cansema® Tonic III & Colon Cancer

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We want to say with grateful hearts how happy we are that my wife, Kim's, 10 cm tumor in her lower bowel has now completely gone. No sign of cancer anywhere in her body. Can't thank you enough. Thank you for producing this wonderful product. Please keep up the fine work. God bless you, Alan.

"Alan and Kim"
Rec'd : August 11, 2019

Case #081219: Cansema® & / BCC's
Hi, I'm a 64 y/o white German male. I've treated about ten basal cell cancers on myself with Cansema® Black Salve. The last one took a few weeks to come out finally. It was on my right shoulder (it seemed to be really deep inside). As I was so happy that it came out I made 2 pictures. I had some difficulty in buying this product in Germany. I'm very happy that I managed to get it. The problem was not really buying it but having it delivered to Germany as the customs would not clear it. The EU is getting very restrictive. I would look a fine mess if I had not gotten Black Salve. They would have carved me up no end. Thank you very much for your commitment to a really good cause.

Adrian von H.
Rec'd : August 12, 2019

Case #082019: Cansema® & / Unidentified Malignant Growth
[Editor: "The list you offer at the end" which is referenced in the corresponce below is here.]
Hello and Thank you for all the Greatness you offer. You are amazing! We just watched the "google" blocked video and cannot locate the list you offer at the end. Would you please email me a copy of it? My husband used the Black topical salve on a growth on his neck (that the medical idiots couldn't figure out). Happy to say the growth is gone and hasn't returned.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Debbie C.
United States
Rec'd : August 20, 2019

Case #091919: Cansema® & / Unidentified Malignant Growths
[Editor: Short and to the point.]
I have removed well over 100 tumors with Black Salve, mainly on my face and arms, I am retired now but I was a house painter for 45 years or so, and all that time spent in the Australian sun without proper protection is taking it's toll now. I'm thankful I have the means to remove the tumors when I become aware of them. Keep up the good work.

Keith M.
Rec'd : September 19, 2019

Case #092319: Cansema® & / Unidentified Malignant Growth on Temple
[Editor: This case worked out quite well. Nonetheless, we state emphatically that it is always preferred, if possible, to work with a practitioner when treating the temple, to avoid the potential for bleeding.]
Hi Cathryn, in the interest of helping your data/research, experience, I am pleased to tell you that it worked out perfectly on my temple, and I'm once again very happy with the results. The spot is still discolored, but before I treated it it was oozing, slightly blackish, etc. It's healed now, I had no temple bleeding problems at all.

Jack B.
Rec'd : September 23, 2019

Case #092619: Tonic III & / Prostate Cancer
[Editor This was submitted by a customer in reference to her husband. Sometimes the lab report speaks for itself.]

Janet C.
Rec'd : September 26, 2019

Case #092919: Cansema® / Unspecified Cancer on Nose
I just wanted to let you know of my success with Cansema. Several years back I, for some reason, had the sudden fear that this spot on my nose was cancer. It had been there for maybe 3 years, was rough and was slightly irritating. I began a search for natural cures and found Cansema. I applied it every few months, would be somewhat better, but still would get worse in time. Then about 6 months ago, I decided to keep applying as soon as the scab came off. After 3 continuous applications it is gone completely. Now just a small clear cavication on my nose and that seems to be filling in. I also cleared a cancer on my forehead about 3 years ago, after one application it was gone. I have put in on other areas of my body and get no reaction, so I use it to test for any other spots that I suspect may be cancer, no reaction, no cancer. Hard to tell people and they listen about Cansema, they would rather go to a doctor and get pieces cut out of the face?!?
I read about your experience with Dr. Oz. We used to watch him all the time, but one day his program changed. He used to talk about natural cures in a positive light, then suddenly his program changed. I had heard he was going to lose his position at the hospital he worked at (maybe also threatened by the network?) if he did not quit talking about these things. One day he said Messola Corn Oil was very healthy and gave every one in the studio audience a bottle to take home (Messola was a sponser). That was the last day we ever watched the program.
Thanks for a great product and the work you do!

Randy B.
United States
Rec'd : November 27, 2019

Case #101619: Cansema® / Unspecified Cancer on Nose
I have been plagued with simple skin cancers my whole life. When my husband had one on on his cheek and one on his neck, the dermatologist said that it needed surgery and it would be $3,000 for both of them.
I heard about Cansema from Ty Bolinger's book about healing cancer naturally, so I ordered the product. Both of my husband's cancers healed without a trace. Since then, I have used it on no less than 30 people, and it has always acted the same way. It is very predictable. I had one friend with diagnosed melanoma, and it completely healed it on the top of her ear. Another woman had a small spot on the front of her leg, and the doctors had said it was nothing for 5 years. We used the black salve to diagnose it, and oh turned out to be HUGE. I treated it five times (I never go more than once or twice), because it was rough and it took a while to penetrate. Her leg swelled, her ankle swelled, but in the end, it healed completely and is a thing of the past. Imagine if we hadn't diagnosed it!
I cannot say enough about the Amazon Black Salve. I have numerous skin cancers much of the time, and usually one time application and they are gone.
I recommend it to everyone with skin cancers. Just remember that it is VERY powerful, and usually one and no more than two applications are normally enough. Also, I learned to only do one at a time. I did 3 cancer spots at the same time once, and they took a LOT longer to heal.
THANK YOU for making this wonderful product available!

United States
Rec'd : October 16, 2019

Case #110419: Cansema® / Melanoma & Bone Cancer
[Editor: Few customers ever take it upon themselves to construct a pictorial of their Black Salve experiences that are as thoroughly as this one. The final stages of the removal of this bone cancer are not included, just the first few cycles and then the final result at the end of the final file below. Nonetheless, it is an extraordinary pictorial presentation of the process. We begin with the narrative below, emailed at the start of the pictorial transmissions. What follows are the links to those pictorial files.]
"Finally I have managed to compile the photos and the story with a bit of help from my husband. as there are 100 or so photos we will send them in 4 emails. I hope my small contribution will help the cause. Thank you once again for all your generous support through what was quite a challenging time for myself and my family. I wish you and your support team all the best in your extraordinary contribution to bringing Black Salve to the attention of those who need it. if there are any changes or additions you think may make it more useful don't hesitate to let me know. in love and gratitude, Annie Durie."
  1. "Black Salve Testimonial Diary" -- This is the verbal narrative of this customer's experiences.
  2. Pictorial of Bone Cancer Removal, Pt. 1 -- Oct. 15, 2018 to Nov. 4, 2018 (30 pgs.)
  3. Pictorial of Bone Cancer Removal, Pt. 2 -- Nov. 5, 2018 to Dec. 21, 2018 (30 pgs.)
  4. Pictorial of Bone Cancer Removal, Pt. 3 -- Dec. 5, 2018 to Nov. 4, 2019 (14 pgs.: includes final photo after complete cancer-free heal over.)
Annie Durie
Rec'd : November 4, 2019

Case #110919: Cansema® / Unspecified Skin Cancer
My Father has been greatly helped by your products, and I have ordered some which I will be using. I also shared the info from my Dad with close friends today, including pictures of his skin cancer treatment with your products.

Beth P.
Rec'd : November 9, 2019

Case #111019: Cansema® / Unspecified Skin Cancer
I want to report that my Mom's arm cancer finally resolved after 7 months. It took her body this long to heal the site but she is very satisfied. She has had about 23 skin cancers cut out with her doctor and about 7 she has cured with Cansema. I think I am going to order her some internal tonic soon. She has gotten a lot of sun in her life but also she has had lingering sinus problems and has taken multiple antibiotics. I would say that she has a very compromised immune system although her commitment to healthy food and continual exercise has kept her off any long term drugs. . .
I am using your Cansema on a spot on my arm right now. I am so grateful for your mission to spread this knowledge to others and I pray for you often. Thank you and God bless you.

Christiana P.
Rec'd : November 9, 2019

Case #111119: Cansema® / Unspecified Skin Cancer (Face)
I want thank you. Fyi, I had a tumor on my face and two other skin cancers also on my face. Removed it all with your salve and saved having radical face surgery, and I mean radical. Thank you. The scars are very minimal and much much less than surgery would have caused. Thank you.
Lance F.
Rec'd : November 11, 2019

Case #111519: European Black Salve / Skin Cancer on Back
[Editor: All the testimonials on this site concern our products -- primarily Cansema® and our other escharotic preparations. I'm breaking precedent with tradition on this one occasion, because someone in Europe sent us their very nicely done photo diary of their use of a Black Salve similar to our own in Europe (purchased in the Czech Republic) used to get rid of a sizeable skin cancer on the back. Note that there are two links below --- the first one is the pictorial testimonial in German and the second is the same testimonial translated into English.]
  1. Black Salve Dairy, André Gigaud (German)
  2. Black Salve Dairy, André Gigaud (English)
André Gigaud
Rec'd : November 15, 2019

Case #112719: Cansema®, Tonic III / Melanoma & Other Skin Cancers
[Editor: This testimonial / pictorial incorporates a nine page document, entitled, Battling Cancer with Alternatives, which the customer made public. We're presenting this "as is" with no attempt to correct any typos. (One notable error: The "Atomic III" mentioned is actually our "Tonic III.) It's a powerful testament that speak for itself. There are a few points worth noting, first -- and most obviously -- this is a document that describes the journey, not the destination. The customer is still treating his numerous cancer issues. However, for someone with extensive cancers, this story can be instructive. Lastly, there are no 100% success rates. A relative -- a child (girl) named Montana, who had terminal brain cancer, passed. At a terminal stage, success is more difficult because all natural remedies take time to work. It takes time to "get" cancer, and it takes time to eliminate it.]

Stephen Hillis
Western Australia
Rec'd : November 27, 2019

Case #121619: Tonic III / Bloodroot Capsules / Mashua
Prostate Cancer, Mets to Lung

After about 7 weeks on the tonic, bloodroot caps and mashua, the good news is:
  • After some very severe herxing, lower back aches, chills, even vertigo, I have almost completely stopped the urine leakage and genital pain. I am taking aspirin maybe only two days out of the week as opposed to 5/6 days a week before I started this regimen.
  • The other news is more complex. Apparently, the "the more you look, the more you find", is happening. As I upped the tonic dose, I could feel it working in one lung and the adjacent upper spine, in addition to my bowel/prostate area.
Thanks in advance and a Happy Solstice!

Ray H.
Rec'd : December 16, 2019